D. B. Towner

D. B. Towner
Moody Bible Institute
Short Name: D. B. Towner
Full Name: Towner, D. B. (Daniel Brink), 1850-1919
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1919

Towner, Daniel B. (Rome, Pennsylvania, 1850--1919). Attended grade school in Rome, Penn. when P.P. Bliss was teacher. Later majored in music, joined D.L. Moody, and in 1893 became head of the music department at Moody Bible Institute. Author of more than 2,000 songs.

--Paul Milburn, DNAH Archives

Wikipedia Biography

Daniel Brink Towner (March 5, 1850 – October 3, 1919) was an American composer who held a Doctorate of music, and used his abilities to develop the music to several Christian hymns which are still popular today.

Texts by D. B. Towner (20)AsAuthority Languagessort descendingInstances
In Christ is eternal salvationDaniel B. Towner (Author)2
O for a gracious reviving (Towner)Daniel B. Towner (Author)2
Someone to smileDaniel B. Towner (Author)2
Uncounted years may not suffice (Towner)D. B. Towner (Author)1
For air and sunshine pure and sweetDaniel B. Towner (Author)English9
Have I burdens hard to bear?D. B. T. (Author)English2
He knows the bitter, weary wayD. B. T. (Alterer)English5
I weep no more with sadnessD. B. T, (Author)English3
Jesus reigns, Jesus reignsD. B. Towner (Author)English2
Just across the jasper seaD. B. Towner (Author)English2
Light in the eastern sky, Jesus returningDaniel B. Towner (Alterer)English1
Look to Jesus burdened pilgrimD. B. Towner (Author)English2
Lord, Thou hast work for little handsD. B. T. (Arranger)English1
O wanderer, come, Return to thy homeD. B. Towner (Author)English2
There is joy, great joy, we are toldD. B. T. (Author)English2
There's a home that is waiting, is waiting for meD. B. T. (Author)English2
We are out upon an oceanD. B. Towner (Author)English2
When the toils of life are ended, And our hearts are freed from careD. B. Towner (Author)English2
Er kennt dein Herz voll Sorg' und LastD. B. T. (Alterer)German1
Er wieß, wie dornig oft dein PfadD. B. T. (Arranger)German1

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