S. Parkman Tuckerman

Short Name: S. Parkman Tuckerman
Full Name: Tuckerman, S. Parkman (Samuel Parkman, 1819-1890
Birth Year: 1819
Death Year: 1890

Tuckerman, Samuel Parkman; b. 2/11/1819, Boston; d. 6/30/1890, Newport, R.I.; American organist and composer

Tunes by S. Parkman Tuckerman (12)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
MEDITATION (Tuckerman)Samuel P. Tuckerman (Composer)233212 34555 43623
[Chant] (Tuckerman 11233)Dr. S. P. Tuckerman (Composer)211233 42171
NEWSTEADTuckerman (Composer)256536 25657 65654
[Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me] (Tuckerman)Tuckerman (Composer)231765 71231 23176
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (Tuckerman)S. P. Tuckerman (Composer)234332 43654 35545
[A shepherd band their flocks are keeping] (Tuckerman)S. Parkman Tuckerman (Composer)255665 67172 22222
BRIGHAMS. Parkman Tuckerman (Composer)334566 56653 52334
[Lord, have mercy upon us] (Tuckerman)S. P. Tuckerman (Composer)332117 22143 22254
EASTER DAY (Tuckerman)Dr. S. P. Tuckerman (Composer)334555 17655 12312
TUCKERMANS. P. Tuckerman (Composer)433212 34551 76654
FAITH (Tuckerman)Dr. S. P. Tuckerman (Composer)1433321 43655 32653
HUMILITY (Tuckerman)Samuel P. Tuckerman (Composer)6012354 31235 45653
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