Verna Whinery

Short Name: Verna Whinery
Full Name: Whinery, Verna
Birth Year (est.): 1886
Death Year (est.): 1986 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Verna Whinery (20)sort descendingAsInstances
As a harp that waits a master'sVerna Whinery (Author)2
As men down through the agesVerna Whinery (Author)2
Dear Lord, no priceless gift I holdVerna Whinery (Author)2
Dear Lord, we bring to theeVerna Whinery (Author)2
Hark, a call to youth comes ringingVerna Whinery (Author)1
Here is a joyous messageVerna Whinery (Author)2
I am a child, O LordVerna Whinery (Author)2
I would sing to my KingVerna Whinery (Author)2
If I would walk with JesusVerna Whinery (Author)2
Like the windows of some old cathedralVerna Whinery (Author)2
O we have a friend who will loveVerna Whinery (Author)2
Someone is needed to standVerna Whinery (Author)2
Sun or rain, joy or painVerna Whinery (Author)2
The love of the Savior will never failVerna Whinery (Author)2
There's a call to colorsVerna Whinery (Author)2
There's a way to bring gladness to hearts filled with sadnessVerna Whinery (Author)2
Up the mountainside we climbVerna Whinery (Author)2
We have found a FriendVerna Whinery (Author)2
When the little world of childhood has been shakenVerna Whinery (Author)2
Wrong may win todayVerna Whinery (Author)2
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