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Short Name: Eugene H. Whitt
Full Name: Whitt, Eugene H. does not have biographical information about this person.

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[God's only Son came from above]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[Have you been redeemed by love divine]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[I am on the upward road, going to the blest abode]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[I have a glorious Savior]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[If you have drifted far from Jesus, out in the cold]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[I'm happy as I onward go]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[Jesus is coming back to this old earth again]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[Old Judas made some easy money, betraying Christ the Lord]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[The Lord of light and love left heaven's throne above]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[The love of God has meant so much to me]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)2
[We are on a journey to a better place]Eugene H. Whitt (Composer)3