Willie Willmurth

Short Name: Willie Willmurth
Full Name: Willmurth, Willie
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Texts by Willie Willmurth (13)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
When the sun fades away in the eveningWillie Willmurth (Author)2
When I was a sinner lost in sin, Jesus came along and took me inW. W. (Author)English2
We're a happy band going to that landWillie Willmurth (Author)English2
This world holds nothing for me, I've left its follies behindW. W. (Author)English2
This old world today is dark with shadowsW. W. (Author)English2
There's a bright and shining river where flowers bloom foreverWillie Willmurth (Author)English2
If you have perfect loveWillie Willmurth (Author)English2
I know I have salvationWillie Willmurth (Author)English2
I have heard about a City over on the shining strandWillie Willmurth (Author)English2
I am walking every day, in the bright and shining wayW. W. (Author)English2
I am going to a country out beyond the rolling foamWillie Willmurth (Author)English2
Beyond the clouds of sorrow there's a bright tomorrowW. W. (Author)English2
Bells of glory will be ringingWillie Willmurth (Author)2
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