Annie Wittenmyer

Annie Wittenmyer
Short Name: Annie Wittenmyer
Full Name: Wittenmyer, Annie, 1827-1900
Birth Year: 1827
Death Year: 1900

Sarah Ann Turner; b. 8/26/1827; d. 2/2/1900; Wittenmyer, Annie (Turner) 1827-1900; usage: Annie Wittenmyer

Texts by Annie Wittenmyer (15)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
When the curtains are lifted, O what shall I see?Mrs. Annie Wittenmeyer (Author)English28
We're climbing the mountain of blessingAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)English6
There's a love that is sweeter than earth's sweetest thingAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)English6
The Lord is my refuge and strengthAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)English3
The burdens of life may be manySarah Annie Wittenmyer (Author)English12
So bin ich nun gekommen ins selige TalAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)German1
O ich wandle im Tale der Wonne so süßAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)German2
My sister, the Master is calling for youAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)English7
My sins far outnumbered the sands of the seaMrs. Annie Wittenmeyer (Author)English2
Jesus died upon the tree, That from sin we might be freeAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)English10
Jag har hunnit välsignelsens ljufligadalMiss Annie Wittenmyer (Author)2
I have entered the valley of blessing so sweetA. Wittenmeyer (Author)English79
All glory to Jesus be given, that life and salvation are freeSarah Ann Wittenmyer (1827-1900) (Author)English40
Al 're til Jesus at livAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)2
A wonderful joy and salvationAnnie Wittenmeyer (Author)English2

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