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Short Name: Lanny Wolfe
Full Name: Wolfe, Lanny
Birth Year: 1842 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[For God so loved the world] (Wolfe)Lanny Wolfe (Composer)534543 43221 11666
GREATER IS HELanny Wolfe (Composer)1033333 34422 22123
[Jesus be the Lord of all]Lanny Wolfe (Composer)333334 44444 54335
[Jesus, Jesus, He means all the world to me]Lanny Wolfe (Composer)2
[Satan's like a roaring lion – roaming to and fro]Lanny Wolfe (Composer)333332 34422 22123
SURELY THE PRESENCELanny Wolfe (Composer)2355555 55555 64234
[We're part of the family that's been born again]Lanny Wolfe (Composer)333213 21334 32222
[Whatever it takes to draw closer to You Lord]Lanny Wolfe (Composer)312332 12321 16511
[When I first fell in love with Jesus]Lanny Wolfe (Composer)212332 34311 23234

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