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Short Name: Don Wyrtzen
Full Name: Wyrtzen, Don, 1942-
Birth Year: 1942

Don Wyrtzen received an early start in music and broadcasting with his father, Dr. Jack Wyrtzen, founder of Word of Life International. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, The King's College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and did graduate study at the University of North Texas.

With over 400 anthems and songs to his name, he received a Dove Award for his 1981 musical, The Love Story. He continues to arrange, orchestrate, and conduct for major artists, churches, universities, and seminaries.

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[Are you waiting and watching, my brother]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[Hear Him knocking, hear Him pleading]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[I found it, and you can find it, too]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[I longed to know what life is all about]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[I thank you, Lord, for Galilee]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[I'll praise Your name, Lord, and sing Your song]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[It was for you the Savior died] (Wyrtzen)Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[Jesus— He's beyond my imagination]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[Like worthless chaff the wind blows away]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[Love was when God became a man]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)6
[The Lord is my shepherd He meets all my needs]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[The shadows flee and night fades away]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[There's a stillness in the air]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)2
[Unbounded grace— it reached to me]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)3
[We bow and worship Him, our Lord and King]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)3
[When engulfed by the terror of tempestuous sea]Don Wyrtzen (Composer)3
WORTHY IS THE LAMB (Wyrtzen)Don Wyrtzen (Composer)12

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