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Scripture:Proverbs 8:1-4

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To us the voice of Wisdom cries

Author: James Montgomery Meter: Appears in 7 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8 Lyrics: To us the voice of Wisdom cries, Hearken, ye children, and be wise; Better than gold the fruit I bear, Rubies to me may not compare, Happy the man who daily waits To hear me, watching at my gates; Wretched is he who scorns my voice, Death and destruction are his choice. To them that love me I am kind; And those who seek me early find; My Son, give me thine heart,--and learn Wisdom from folly to discern. 28 The Lord possess'd me, ere of old, His hand the firmament unroll'd; Before He bade the mountains stand, Or pour'd the ocean round the land. Rejoicing then before his throne, From everlasting I was known; Rejoicing still, as in His sight, With men on earth is my delight. Mark, the beginning of my law, --Fear ye the Lord with sacred awe; Mark the fulfilment of the whole, Love ye the Lord with all your soul. We hear, we learn; may we obey; Jesus, the life, the truth, the way, Wisdom and righteousness, we see, Grace and salvation all in Thee.

Who Comes from God

Author: Patrick Michaels (1954-) Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:1-8 First Line: Who comes from God, as Word and Breath? Lyrics: 1 Who comes from God, as Word and Breath? Holy Wisdom. Who holds the keys of life and death? Mighty Wisdom: Crafter and Creator too, eldest, she makes all things new; she completes what God would do,. Wisest one, radiant one, welcome, holy Wisdom! 2 Who lifts her voice for all to hear? Joyful Wisdom. Who shapes a thought and makes it clear? Truthful Wisdom: Teacher, drawing out our best, magnifies what we invest, names our truth, directs our quest. Wisest one, radiant one, welcome, holy Wisdom! 3 Whom should we seek with all our heart? Loving Wisdom. Who, once revealed, will not depart? Faithful Wisdom. Partner, Counselor, Comforter, love has found none lovelier, life is gladness lived with her. Wisest one, radiant one, welcome, holy Wisdom! Topics: Praise of God; The Holy Spirit; Wisdom Used With Tune: SALVE REGINA COELITUM

Before the Earth Had Yet Begun

Author: Herbert O'Driscoll (1928-) Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:1-8 Topics: Creation; Arts and Music; Creation; Jesus Christ the Word Used With Tune: CRAIGLEITH

Long Before Creation’s Dawning

Author: Patricia B. Clark Meter: D with refrain Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Proverbs 8 Topics: Religious Formation Used With Tune: PROVERBS 8
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Hark, 'tis the Voice of Wisdom cries

Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Proverbs 8 Lyrics: Hark, 'Tis the Voice of Wisdom cries, In ev'ry publick Place; To you, O Sons of Men, I call, Come, taste my heav'nly Grace. Silver, and Gold, and precious Stones; And all thou can'st desire, Bear no Proportion to the Gifts My Votaries acquire. Ere Earth, and Seas, and Heav'ns wide Arch. Their Being did receive, I, with the Lord, his chief Delight, From everlasting live. The habitable Earth, with Joy, Appeared in my Sight: I then beheld the Sons of Men, And in them took Delight. Come then, ye Children, hear my Voice; Be wise, and keep my Ways: He's bless'd that hears, and at my Gates, There daily watching, stays. Who finds me, wins immortal Life, And with the Lord finds Grace; But he that sins, wrongs his own Soul; Who hate me, Death embrace.

Yours the Hand That Made Creation

Author: Elliot Rose (1928-1994) Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Proverbs 8:1-8 Topics: God, maternal images; Trinity; Wisdom Used With Tune: QUEM PASTORES

Oh a Song Must Rise (A Song Must Rise)

Author: Paul B. Svenson Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Proverbs 1-31 First Line: From the mountains to the valleys Refrain First Line: Oh a song must rise Topics: Response; Christian Year Pentecost; Holy Spirit; Interfaith; Justice; Service Music Gathering; Service Music Offering Used With Tune: [From the mountains to the valleys]


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