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Scripture:Proverbs 8:22-31

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Come and Seek the Ways of Wisdom

Author: Ruth Duck Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8 Topics: Gathering, Centring, and Invocation; Trinity; Transformation; Spiritual Growth; Service Music Prayer For Illumination / Scripture Response; Service Music Gathering; Light; Justice; Healing; Discernment; Creation; Covenanting; Christian Year Epiphany; Baptism; Wisdom Used With Tune: MADELEINE

Proverbs 8:22-36: Keep silence, all ye sons of men

Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:22-36 First Line: Keep silence, all ye sons of men Lyrics: Keep silence, all ye sons of men, and hear with rev’rence due; Eternal Wisdom from above thus lifts her voice to you: I was th’ Almighty’s chief delight from everlasting days, Ere yet his arm was stretched forth the heav’ns and earth to raise. Before the sea began to flow, and leave the solid land, Before the hills and mountains rose, I dwelt at his right hand. When first he reared the arch of heav’n, and spread the clouds on air, When first the fountains of the deep he opened, I was there. 128 There I was with him, when he stretched his compass o’er the deep, And charged the ocean’s swelling waves within their bounds to keep. With joy I saw th’ abode prepared which men were soon to fill: Them from the first of days I loved, unchanged, I love them still. Now therefore hearken to my words, ye children, and be wise: Happy the man that keeps my ways; the man that shuns them dies. Where dubious paths perplex the mind, direction I afford; Life shall be his that follows me and favour from the Lord. But he who scorns my sacred laws shall deeply wound his heart, He courts destruction who contemns the counsel I impart.
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O God, our help in ages past

Author: Isaac Watts, 1674-1748 Meter: Appears in 1,150 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:25 Topics: New Year; Remembrance Sunday; Funerals, Commemoration, Remembrance and All Souls; National Used With Tune: ST ANNE
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All Beautiful the March of Days

Author: Frances Whitmarsh Wile Meter: D Appears in 82 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:30-31 Lyrics: 1 All beautiful the march of days, As seasons come and go; The Hand that shaped the rose hath wrought The crystal of the snow; Hath sent the hoary frost of heaven, The flowing waters sealed, And laid a silent loveliness On hill and wood and field. 2 O'er white expanses sparkling pure The radiant morns unfold; The solemn splendors of the night Burn brighter through the cold; Life mounts in every throbbing vein, Love deepens round the hearth, And clearer sounds the angel hymn, "Good will to men on earth." 3 O Thou from whose unfathomed law The year in beauty flows, Thyself the vision passing by In crystal and in rose, Day unto day doth utter speech, And night to night proclaim, In ever-changing words of light, The wonder of Thy name. Amen. Topics: God Creator; God Nature, in; Nature; New Year, The; God the Father in Nature Used With Tune: FOREST GREEN
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Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem

Author: J. Hupton, 1762-1849; J. M. Neale, 1818-1866 Meter: Appears in 69 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:25 Topics: Proper 10 Year B; Second Sunday Before Advent Year B Used With Tune: NEANDER


Author: Robert C. Trupia; Kiko Argüello Appears in 9 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:24 First Line: La muerte ¿dónde está la muerte? (And death now, vanished is the fear now) Refrain First Line: Resucitó, resucitó Topics: Eternal Life; Journey; Kingdom / Reign of God; Life; Praise; Thanksgiving Used With Tune: [La muerte ¿dónde está la muerte?]

To us the voice of Wisdom cries

Author: James Montgomery Meter: Appears in 7 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8 Lyrics: To us the voice of Wisdom cries, Hearken, ye children, and be wise; Better than gold the fruit I bear, Rubies to me may not compare, Happy the man who daily waits To hear me, watching at my gates; Wretched is he who scorns my voice, Death and destruction are his choice. To them that love me I am kind; And those who seek me early find; My Son, give me thine heart,--and learn Wisdom from folly to discern. 28 The Lord possess'd me, ere of old, His hand the firmament unroll'd; Before He bade the mountains stand, Or pour'd the ocean round the land. Rejoicing then before his throne, From everlasting I was known; Rejoicing still, as in His sight, With men on earth is my delight. Mark, the beginning of my law, --Fear ye the Lord with sacred awe; Mark the fulfilment of the whole, Love ye the Lord with all your soul. We hear, we learn; may we obey; Jesus, the life, the truth, the way, Wisdom and righteousness, we see, Grace and salvation all in Thee.

Who Comes from God

Author: Patrick Michaels (1954-) Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:19-31 First Line: Who comes from God, as Word and Breath? Lyrics: 1 Who comes from God, as Word and Breath? Holy Wisdom. Who holds the keys of life and death? Mighty Wisdom: Crafter and Creator too, eldest, she makes all things new; she completes what God would do,. Wisest one, radiant one, welcome, holy Wisdom! 2 Who lifts her voice for all to hear? Joyful Wisdom. Who shapes a thought and makes it clear? Truthful Wisdom: Teacher, drawing out our best, magnifies what we invest, names our truth, directs our quest. Wisest one, radiant one, welcome, holy Wisdom! 3 Whom should we seek with all our heart? Loving Wisdom. Who, once revealed, will not depart? Faithful Wisdom. Partner, Counselor, Comforter, love has found none lovelier, life is gladness lived with her. Wisest one, radiant one, welcome, holy Wisdom! Topics: Praise of God; The Holy Spirit; Wisdom Used With Tune: SALVE REGINA COELITUM

Savior of the Nations, Come (Ven, de pueblos Redentor)

Author: St. Ambrose of Milan, 340-397; Calvin Seerveld, b. 1930; J. A. Seggin; R. Ribeiro; Costanza Bongarrá Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:24 Topics: Año Cristiano Adviento; Christian Year Advent; Jesucristo Intercesor; Jesus Christ Intercessor; Victory; Victoria Used With Tune: NUN KOMM DER HEIDEN HEILAND
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Hail! high, exalted, righteous Man

Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Proverbs 8:23 Lyrics: 1 Hail! high, exalted, righteous Man, First of the Ways of God! Whose Work of Love in thee began, As wintess'd by thy Blood. 2 Before the Sons of God declar'd With Shouts, their solemn Joy; Or Songs of Morning Stars were heard, As pure without Alloy: 3 Thy early Day, proclaim'd Thee then, The First-born Child of Grace; Great Representative of Men, Before the Father's Face. 4 The great Invisible we see, In Thee, and Thee alone: To Men, and Angels out of Thee, The Godhead is unknown. 5 God's noble Works shine in thy Face, Thou his infinite Thought; Creation, Providence, and Grace, In Thee decreed and wrought.


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