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Franz Abt

1819 - 1885Composer of "THE TEMPERANCE CALL" in The New Canadian HymnalFranz Abt, born Dec. 21, 1819 at Eilenburg in the Prussian provinces of Saxony. His father was a musician and clergyman of the Lutheran Church. Franz studied music at Leipsic, and became known as a song-writer in 1838. In September, 1841, he married, and was leader of the orchesta at the Zuric theatre; became a teacher in 1842, but was litle known until his song "When the Swallows Homeward fly" carried his name to all parts of the civilized world. In 1865 was concert-master at Brunswick, and conducted the great festival at Dresden. He came to the United States in 1872, and was present at teh Peace Jubilee, Boston, where he directed the performance of some of his own music, arriving in New York May w, wher a testimonial concert was given for his benefit at Steinway Hall, May 18. He was received at Philadelphia by the German societies, with torch-light processions and cannonade, May 15, 1872. A Dictionary of Musical Information by John W. Moore, Boston: Oliver, Ditson & Company, 1876

Academy Book Room

Publisher of "" in Liturgy and Hymnal for the Use of the General Church of the New JerusalemBryn Athyn, PA

Samuel Acedo

Translator of "La semilla" in Mil Voces para Celebrar

W. Acfield

Author of "With thy benediction falling on our ear"

C. Achard

Author of "Welch' ein Heil, Welch' ein Heil"

David Achón

Translator (del portugués) of "El culto terminó" in Mil Voces para Celebrar

Antti Achrenius

1745 - 1810Author of "Arise, my soul, new light receiving"

Joseph Achron

1886 - 1943Composer of "[O God, the Rock of Ages]" in Union Hymnal, Songs and Prayers for Jewish Worship. 3rd ed. Revised and enlarged.

A. L. Acker

Author of "No more goodbyes"

Carl Ackerman

Author of "Come, Jesus, and bless me"