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Samuel Acedo

Translator of "La semilla" in Mil Voces para Celebrar

W. Acfield

Author of "With thy benediction falling on our ear"

C. Achard

Author of "Welch' ein Heil, Welch' ein Heil"

David Achón

Translator (del portugués) of "El culto terminó" in Mil Voces para Celebrar

Antti Achrenius

1745 - 1810Author of "Arise, my soul, new light receiving"

Joseph Achron

1886 - 1943Composer of "[O God, the Rock of Ages]" in Union Hymnal, Songs and Prayers for Jewish Worship. 3rd ed. Revised and enlarged.

A. L. Acker

Author of "No more goodbyes"

Carl Ackerman

Author of "Come, Jesus, and bless me"

G. E. Ackerman

Author of "Stand for the right, ye called of God"

J. W. Ackerman

Author of "Jesus Will Always Love You"