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Lucy Ackermann

Author of "Praise ye the Lord, O sing"

Harry A. Ackers

Author of "Questions—Still Unresolved!" in Shaping Sanctuary

A. E. Ackley

Author of "Everybody likes a jolly fellow"

Alfred H. Ackley

1887 - 1960Author of "I Serve a Risen Savior" in Psalter Hymnal (Gray)Alfred Henry Ackley was born 21 January 1887 in Spring Hill, Pennsylvania. He was the youngest son of Stanley Frank Ackley and the younger brother of B. D. Ackley. His father taught him music and he also studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary in Maryland and was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1914. He served churches in Pennsylvania and California. He also worked with the Billy Sunday and Homer Rodeheaver evangelist team and for Homer Rodeheaver's publishing company. He wrote around 1500 hymns. He died 3 July 1960 in Los Angeles. Dianne Shapiro (from by Ed Ackley and Allen C. Ackley)

B. D. Ackley

1872 - 1958Author of "He will carry you through"Bentley DeForrest Ackley was born 27 September 1872 in Spring Hill, Pennsylvania. He was the oldest son of Stanley Frank Ackley and the brother of A. H. Ackley. In his early years, he traveled with his father and his father's band. He learned to play several musical instruments. By the age of 16, after the family had moved to New York, he began to play the organ for churches. He married Bessie Hill Morley on 20 December 1893. In 1907 he joined the Billy Sunday and Homer Rodeheaver evangelist team as secretary/pianist. He worked for and traveled with the Billy Sunday organization for 8 years. He also worked as an editor for the Homer Rodeheaver publishing company. He composed more than 3000 tunes. He died 3 September 1958 in Winona Hills, Indiana at the age of 85 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw, Indiana, near his friend Homer Rodeheaver. Dianne Shapiro (from by Ed Ackley and Allen C. Ackley)

Chas. C. Ackley

1872 - 1962Author of "O heavenly Father, Hear we entreat"Given name Isaac Hickman Meredith. Used Pseudonym Chas. C. Ackley. See also Meredith, I. H.

Rev. S. F. Ackley

1852 - 1924Author of "Will You Be Found Up There?" in Great Revival Hymns No.2Stanley Frank Ackley was born April 1, 1852 in Spring Hill, PA. His father was a farmer. He married Ophelia A. Cogswell, November 1, 1871. She lived in the same county. For a time, he was a vocal music teacher and he had a band that he traveled with. In 1898, he became a minister in the Methodist Protestant Church. He served churches in Berwick, PA, Inwood, NY, Daleville, PA, White Plains, NY, Tarrytown, NY and Paterson NJ. He died June 3, 1924 in Elmhurst, PA. He was the father of B. D. Ackley (hymn writer), George Kilmer Ackley (minister) and A. H. Ackley (hymn writer). Dianne Shapiro (from Archives of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church -;; ackleygenealogy.ocm (by Ed Ackley and Allen C. Ackley)

Arthur H. D. Troyte

1811 - 1857Composer of "TROYTE" in The HymnalArthur Henry Dyke Acland changed his last name to Troyte in 1852 when he succeeded to the estates of Rev. Edward Berkeley Troyte. A part of the requirement for this succession was that he change his last name to Troyte. Therefore he is also known as A. H. D. Troyte, however, Acland is his authority name.


Author of "El Sabado"

Rev. P. J. Acton

Transcriber of "ROCKEY" in Hymns from the Four Winds