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Rev. 5:6-14: Behold the glories of the Lamb

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R65 (1800) Meter: First Line: Behold the glories of the Lamb Lyrics: Behold the glories of the Lamb amidst his Father’s throne; Prepare new honours for his name, and songs before unknown. Lo! elders worship at his feet; the church adores around, With vials full of odours rich, and harps of sweetest sound. These odours are the pray’rs of saints, these sounds the hymns they raise; God bends his ear to their requests, he loves to hear their praise. Who shall the Father’s record search, and hidden things reveal? Behold the Son that record takes, and opens ev’ry seal. Hark how th’ adoring hosts above with songs surround the throne! Ten thousand thousand are their tongues; but all their hearts are one. Worthy the Lamb that died, they cry, to be exalted thus; Worthy the Lamb, let us reply, for he was slain for us. To him be pow’r divine ascribed, and endless blessings paid; Salvation, glory, joy, remain for ever on his head! Thou hast redeemed us with thy blood, and set the pris’ners free; Thou mad’st us kings and priests to God, and we shall reign with thee. From ev’ry kindred, ev’ry tongue, thou brought’st thy chosen race; And distant lands and isles have shared the riches of thy grace. Let all that dwell above the sky, or on the earth below, With fields, and floods, and ocean’s shores, to thee their homage show. To Him who sits upon the throne, the God whom we adore, And to the Lamb that once was slain, be glory evermore. Scripture: Revelation 5:6-14 Languages: English

Rev. 7:13-17: How bright these glorious spirits shine!

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R66 (1800) Meter: First Line: How bright these glorious spirits shine! Lyrics: How bright these glorious spirits shine! whence all their white array? How came they to the blissful seats of everlasting day? Lo! these are they from suff’rings great, who came to realms of light, And in the blood of Christ have washed those robes which shine so bright. Now, with triumphal palms, they stand before the throne on high, And serve the God they love, amidst the glories of the sky. His presence fills each heart with joy, tunes ev’ry mouth to sing: By day, by night, the sacred courts with glad hosannahs ring. 150 Hunger and thirst are felt no more, nor suns with scorching ray; God is their sun, whose cheering beams diffuse eternal day. The Lamb which dwells amidst the throne shall o’er them still preside; Feed them with nourishment divine, and all their footsteps guide. ’Mong pastures green he’ll lead his flock, where living streams appear; And God the Lord from ev’ry eye shall wipe off ev’ry tear. Scripture: Revelation 7:13-17 Languages: English

Rev. 21:1-9: Lo! what a glorious sight appears

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R67 (1800) Meter: First Line: Lo! what a glorious sight appears Lyrics: Lo! what a glorious sight appears to our admiring eyes! The former seas have passed away, the former earth and skies. From heav’n the New Jerus’lem comes, all worthy of its Lord; See all things now at last renewed, and paradise restored! Attending angels shout for joy, and the bright armies sing; Mortals! behold the sacred seat of your descending King! The God of glory down to men removes his bless’d abode; He dwells with men; his people they, and he his people’s God. His gracious hand shall wipe the tears from ev’ry weeping eye: And pains and groans, and griefs and fears, and death itself, shall die. Behold, I change all human things! saith he, whose words are true; Lo! what was old is passed away, and all things are made new! I am the First, and I the Last, through endless years the same; I AM, is my memorial still, and my eternal name. Ho, ye that thirst! to you my grace shall hidden streams disclose, And open full the sacred spring, whence life for ever flows. Bless’d is the man that overcomes; I’ll own him for a son; A rich inheritance rewards the conquests he hath won. But bloody hands and hearts unclean, and all the lying race, The faithless, and the scoffing crew, who spurn at offered grace; They, seized by justice, shall be doomed in dark abyss to lie, And in the fiery burning lake the second death shall die. O may we stand before the Lamb, when earth and seas are fled, And hear the judge pronounce our name, with blessings on our bead! Scripture: Revelation 21:1-9 Languages: English

Behold th' amazing gift of love

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R63 (1800) Meter: Lyrics: Behold th’ amazing gift of love the Father hath bestowed On us, the sinful sons of men, to call us sons of God! Concealed as yet this honour lies, by this dark world unknown, A world that knew not when he came, ev’n God’s eternal Son High is the rank we now possess; but higher we shall rise; Though what we shall hereafter be is hid from mortal eyes: Our souls, we know, when he appears, shall bear his image bright; For all his glory, full disclosed, shall open to our sight. A hope so great, and so divine, may trials well endure; And purge the soul from sense and sin, as Christ himself is pure. Scripture: 1 John 3:1-4 Languages: English

Rev. 1:5-9: To him that loved the souls of men

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R64 (1800) Meter: First Line: To him that loved the souls of men Lyrics: To him that loved the souls of men and washed us in his blood, To royal honours raised our head, and made us priests to God; To him let ev’ry tongue be praise, and ev’ry heart be love! All grateful honours paid on earth, and nobler songs above! 149 Behold, on flying clouds he comes! his saints shall bless the day; While they that pierced him sadly mourn in anguish and dismay, I am the First, and I the Last; time centres all in me; Th’ Almighty God, who was, and is, and evermore shall be. Scripture: Revelation 1:5-9 Languages: English

Romans 6:1-7: And shall we then go on to sin

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R47 (1800) Meter: First Line: And shall we then go on to sin Lyrics: And shall we then go on to sin, that grace may more abound? Great God, forbid that such a thought should in our breast be found! When to the sacred font we came, did not the rite proclaim, That, washed from sin, and all its stains, new creatures we became? With Christ the Lord we died to sin; with him to life we rise, To life, which now begun on earth, is perfect in the skies. Too long enthralled to Satan’s sway, we now are slaves no more; For Christ hath vanquished death and sin, our freedom to restore. Scripture: Romans 6:1-7 Languages: English

Romans 8:31-39: Let Christian faith and hope dispel

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R48 (1800) Meter: First Line: Let Christian faith and hope dispel Lyrics: Let Christian faith and hope dispel the fears of guilt and woe; The Lord Almighty is our friend, and who can prove a foe? He who his Son, most dear and loved, gave up for us to die. Shall he not all things freely give that goodness can supply? Behold the best, the greatest gift, of everlasting love! Behold the pledge of peace below, and perfect bliss above! Where is the judge who can condemn, since God hath justified? Who shall charge those with guilt or crime for whom the Saviour died? 142 The Saviour died, but rose again triumphant from the grave; And pleads our cause at God’s right hand, omnipotent to save. Who then can e’er divide us more from Jesus and his love, Or break the sacred chain that binds the earth to heav’n above? Let troubles rise, and terrors frown, and days of darkness fall; Through him all dangers we’ll defy, and more than conquer all. Nor death nor life, nor earth nor hell, nor time’s destroying sway, Can e’er efface us from his heart, or make his love decay. Each future period that will bless, as it has bless’d the past; He loved us from the first of time, he loves us to the last. Scripture: Romans 8:31-39 Languages: English

Though perfect eloquence adorned

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R49 (1800) Meter: Lyrics: Though perfect eloquence adorned my sweet persuading tongue, Though I could speak in higher strains than ever angel sung; Though prophecy my soul inspired, and made all myst’ries plain: Yet, were I void of Christian love, these gifts were all in vain. Nay, though my faith with boundless pow’r ev’n mountains could remove I still am nothing, if I’m void of charity and love. Although with lib’ral hand I gave my goods the poor to feed, Nay, gave my body to the flames, still fruitless were the deed. Love suffers long; love envies not; but love is ever kind; She never boasteth of herself, nor proudly lifts the mind. Love harbours no suspicious thought, is patient to the bad; Grieved when she hears of sins and crimes, and in the truth is glad. Love no unseemly carriage shows, nor selfishly confined; She glows with social tenderness, and feels for all mankind. Love beareth much, much she believes, and still she hopes the best; Love meekly suffers many a wrong, though sore with hardship pressed. Love still shall hold an endless reign in earth and heav’n above, When tongues shall cease, and prophets fail, and ev’ry gift but love. Here all our gifts imperfect are; but better days draw nigh, When perfect light shall pour its rays, and all those shadows fly. Like children here we speak and think, amused with childish toys; But when our pow’rs their manhood reach, we’ll scorn our present joys. Now dark and dim, as through a glass, are God and truth beheld; Then shall we see as face to face, and God shall be unvailed. Faith, Hope, and Love, now dwell on earth, and earth by them is blest; But Faith and Hope must yield to Love, of all the graces best. 143 Hope shall to full fruition rise, and Faith be sight above: These are the means, but this the end; for saints for ever love. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13 Languages: English

When the last trumpet's awful voice

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R50 (1800) Meter: Lyrics: When the last trumpet’s awful voice this rending earth shall shake, When op’ning graves shall yield their charge, and dust to life awake; Those bodies that corrupted fell shall incorrupted rise, And mortal forms shall spring to life immortal in the skies. Behold what heav’nly prophets sung is now at last fulfilled That Death should yield his ancient reign, and, vanquished, quit the field. Let Faith exalt her joyful voice, and thus begin to sing; O Grave! where is thy triumph now? and where, O Death! thy sting? Thy sting was sin, and conscious guilt, ’twas this that armed thy dart; The law gave sin its strength and force to pierce the sinner’s heart: But God, whose name be ever bless’d! disarms that foe we dread, And makes us conqu’rors when we die, through Christ our living head. Then stedfast let us still remain, though dangers rise around, And in the work prescribed by God yet more and more abound; Assured that though we labour now, we labour not in vain, But, through the grace of heav’n’s great Lord, th’ eternal crown shall gain. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:52-58 Languages: English

Soon shall this earthly frame, dissolved

Hymnal: Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases #R51 (1800) Meter: Lyrics: Soon shall this earthly frame, dissolved, in death and ruins lie; But better mansions wait the just, prepared above the sky. An house eternal, built by God, shall lodge the holy mind, When once those prison-walIs have fall’n by which ‘tis now confined. Hence, burdened with a weight of clay, we groan beneath the load, Waiting the hour which sets us free, and brings us home to God. We know, that when the soul, unclothed, shall from this body fly, ’Twill animate a purer frame with life that cannot die. Such are the hopes that cheer the just; these hopes their God hath giv’n; His Spirit is the earnest now, and seals their souls for heav’n. We walk by faith of joys to come, faith grounded on his word; But while this body is our home, we mourn an absent Lord. What faith rejoices to believe, we long and pant to see; we would be absent from the flesh, and present, Lord! with thee. But still, or here, or going hence, to this our labours tend, That, in his service spent, our life may in his favour end. 144 For, lo! before the Son, as judge, th’ assembled world shall stand, To take the punishment or prize from his unerring hand. Impartial retributions then our diff’rent lives await; Our present actions, good or bad, shall fix our future fate. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:1-11 Languages: English


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