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A. H.

Author of "Die Liebe Jesu führet" in Frohe Lieder

A. Hutchinson and Co.

Publisher of "" in The Little Hymn Book Worcester, Mass.

A. J. F.

Author of "Oh, we love, love to sing" in The Shining River

A. J. Rowland

Publisher of "" in Songs Tried and Proved Philadelphia

A. J. Showalter Co.

Publisher of "" in Coronation Songs Dalton, GA

A. K. S.

Translator of "Come, Holy Ghost, teach us in faith"

A. K. W.

Author of "The Children's Day" in Spicy Breezes

A. Lovell & Co.

Publisher of "" in Hymns of Salvation Toronto

A.M.E. Book Concern

Publisher of "" in Hymnal Adapted to the Doctrines and Usages of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Revised Edition

A.M.E. Z. Book Concern

Publisher of "" in New Hymn and Tune Book New York