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W. K. Bassford

1839 - 1902 Person Name: W. K. Basswood Meter: Composer of "THANKSGIVING (BASSWOOD)" in Trinity Hymnal (Rev. ed.) Bassford, William Kipp was born on April 23, 1839, in New York City. He first studied harmony and composition under Samuel Jackson, who was for some time organist at St. Bartholomew’s Church in New York. While still young, he traveled extensively with a concert troupe as a pianist. He eventually settled in New York as a teacher, where he was living as of 1885. He wrote a number of secular songs, a mass in E♭, and some other church pieces. He also wrote a two-act opera, Cassilda. He died on December 22, 1902 in New York City. © The Cyber Hymnal™ (

Berthold Tours

1838 - 1897 Meter: Composer of "HOBOKEN"

Joseph Morris

Meter: Author of "“Christ and Him Crucified.”" in Favourite Welsh Hymns

Robert P. Kerr

1850 - 1923 Meter: Composer of "ETERNAL ROCK" Born: 1850, Greensboro, Alabama. Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery , Nashville, Tennessee. Kerr, Robert P., D.D., b. at Greensborough, Alabama, graduated at Union Theological Seminary, Va., 1873, and was ordained by the Presbytery of Lafayette, 1874. His Hymns of the Ages, a collection on conservative Evangelical lines which hardly justified its title, was published in N.Y., 1891. In it appeared his hymn,"Blessed country, home of Jesus," 1891, A later hymn, "Galilean King and Prophet," is dated 1901. [Rev. L. F. Benson, D.D.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

William Edwin Entzminger

1859 - 1930 Meter: Translator of "Rocha Eterna" William Edwin Entzminger was born in South Carolina in 1859. He earned a B.S. from Furman University in South Carolina and then went to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY for a Doctor of Theology degree. He married Maggie Grace Griffith, and together they became Baptist missionaries in Brazil in 1891. He wrote and translated many hymns. ================= Born: December 25, 1859, South Carolina. Died: January 11, 1930, Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Buried: Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Entzminger studied at Furman University and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. In 1891, he and his wife went to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where he worked as a missionary the rest of his life. He translated over 73 hymns into Portuguese, and wrote original Portuguese lyrics, as well.

Frederic W. Root

1846 - 1916 Meter: Author of "Rock of Ages, Truth divine" in Christian Science Hymnal (Rev. and enl.) Frederic Woodman Root was the son of George F. Root and Mary Woodman, born 13 June 1846 in Boston, died 8 November 1916 in Chicago.

W. E. Gladstone

1809 - 1898 Person Name: William E. Gladstone Meter: Translator of "Jesus, Pro Me Perforatus" in The Cyber Hymnal Born: December 29, 1809, Liverpool, England. Died: May 19, 1898, Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales. Buried: Westminster Abbey, London, England. Gladstone, William Ewart, was born at Liverpool, Dec. 29, 1809, died at Hawarden, May 19, 1898, and was buried May 28, 1898, at Westminster Abbey. For the details of his career see his Life by John Morley, 3 vols., 1903. His connexion with Hymnody is slight. Two translations into Latin are noted at pp.632, ii., 972,i., and one into Italian, p. 488, ii. Mrs. Gladstone in 1898 contributed to Good Words, p. 483, a poem on the Holy Communion, beginning, "Lord, as Thy temple's portals close," in ten stanzas, dated May 1836. It gives a most interesting picture of the period and of the devotional feelings of the author. A cento, consisting of sts. iii., iv., v., beginning, “0 lead my blindness by the hand," is in The English Hymnal 1906, No. 322, but it suffers from the loss of the context. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

R. Menthal

Meter: Composer of "TAXA" in Gloria Deo

Henry Ostrom

1862 - 1941 Meter: Author of "Hallelujah to Thy Name!" in The Cyber Hymnal Pseudonym: George Walker Whitcomb

Christoph Peter

1626 - 1669 Person Name: C. Peter, 1626-69 Meter: Composer of "CHRISTOPHER " in The Methodist Hymn-Book with Tunes Born: 1626 - Weida, Vogtland, Thuringia, Germany Died: December 4, 1669 - Guben Christoph Peter [Petraeus] was a German composer and music editor. His first appointment was as schoolmaster and Kantor at Grossenhain, Saxony. He moved in 1655 to Guben, where he was Kantor until his death. He worked closely there with the poet and civic official Johann Franck. 40 melodies in the latter’s Geistliches Sion (1672), the first part of his Teutsche Gedichte, are by Peter, and he referred to Peter’s skills in the second part, Irdischer Helicon (1674). Peter’s Andachts-Zymbeln is an anthology of chorales by various composers which also contains preliminary instructional matter, a letter of 1524 from Martin Luther to Spalatin, and testimonials to Peter from Franck and others. It may well be significant that he inscribed it to the mayor and corporation of Guben in the year in which he arrived at Guben and that he received rights of citizenship there early the following year. Precationis thuribulum (RISM 16691) consists of masses by Saxon composers based on familiar chorales and set for various combinations of voices and instruments with continuo. The Geistliche Arien includes settings of poems by, among others, Johann Franck, Johann Rist and Paul Gerhardt, and Peter explained that they are for solo voice (with instruments) ‘so that the words can be better understood’. --Bach Cantatas Website


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