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[A blessed fellowship my soul has found] (Ackley)

Composer: Rev. A. H. AckleyAppears in 2 hymnalsTune Key: B Flat MajorUsed With Text: When I'm With Him

[A blessed thought comes to my soul]

Composer: J. H. HallAppears in 1 hymnalUsed With Text: Homeland of the Soul

[A blessing for you--will you take it?]

Composer: William Howard Doane, 1832-1915Appears in 3 hymnalsTune Key: E Flat MajorIncipit: 554332135671555Used With Text: Choose Ye Today

[A Boy was born in Bethlehem]

Composer: J. S. BachAppears in 2 hymnalsTune Sources: German, 16th centuryTune Key: a minorIncipit: 111223217734323Used With Text: A Boy Was Born in Bethlehem

[A bright constellation illumines the sky]

Composer: J. Howard EntwisleAppears in 1 hymnalUsed With Text: Our Nation

[A brighter day is drawing near]

Composer: M. A. S.Appears in 1 hymnalUsed With Text: The dark shall be made light

[A broken, contrite heart, oh Lord]

Composer: D. S. HakesAppears in 2 hymnalsUsed With Text: A Broken Contrite Heart

[A brother of all the world am I]

Composer: Carl F. PriceAppears in 1 hymnalUsed With Text: A Brother of All the World Am I

[A bugle note of triumph]

Composer: Wm. J. KirkpatrickAppears in 2 hymnalsUsed With Text: Victory is Near

[A butterfly]

Composer: Carey Landry; Norman WarrenAppears in 1 hymnalTune Key: G MajorUsed With Text: A butterfly, an Easter egg (Signs of new life)