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Scripture:luke 2:15-20
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On This Day Earth Shall Ring

Author: Jane Marion Joseph Meter: with refrain Appears in 23 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2 Refrain First Line: Ideo-o-o Lyrics: 1 On this day earth shall ring With the song children sing To the Lord, Christ our King, Born on earth to save us; Him the Father gave us. Refrain: Ideo-o-o, Ideo-o-o, Ideo gloria in excelsis Deo! 2 His the doom, ours the mirth; When He came down to earth Bethlehem saw His birth; Ox and ass beside Him From the cold would hide Him. 3 God's bright star, o'er His head, Wise men three to Him led, Kneeling low by His bed, Lay their gifts before Him, Praise Him and adore Him. 4 On this day angels sing; With their song earth shall ring, Praising Christ, heaven's King, Born on earth to save us; Peace and love He gave us. Topics: Jesus Christ Kingship Used With Tune: PERSONENT HODIE Text Sources: Piae Cantiones, 1582

I Wonder As I Wander

Author: John Jacob Niles, 1892-1980 Appears in 16 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:1-21 First Line: I wonder as I wander, out under the sky Lyrics: 1 I wonder as I wander, out under the sky, how Jesus the Savior did come for to die for poor ord'n'ry people like you and like I. I wonder as I wander, out under the sky. 2 When Mary birthed Jesus, all in a cow's stall, came wise men and farmers and shepherds and all, and high from the heavens a star's light did fall; the promise of ages it then did recall. 3 If Jesus had wanted for any wee thing, a star in the sky or a bird on the wing, or all of God's angels in heav'n for to sing, he surely could have had it, 'cause he was the king. 4 I wonder as I wander, out under the sky, how Jesus the Savior did come for to die for poor ord'n'ry people like you and like I. I wonder as I wander, out under the sky. Topics: Christmas Used With Tune: I WONDER Text Sources: Appalachian carol

Who would think that what was needed

Author: Graham Maule (b. 1958); John L. Bell (b. 1949) Meter: D Appears in 11 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:1-16 Topics: Life in Christ Christ Incarnate - Christmas and Epiphany Used With Tune: WHITE ROSETTES
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The Nativity of Christ

Appears in 121 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:10-19 First Line: Behold, the Grace appears Lyrics: 1 Behold, the Grace appears! The Promise is fulfill'd; Mary, the Wond'rous Virgin, bears, And Jesus is the Child. [2 The Lord, the Highest God, Calls him his only Son; He bids him rule the Lands abroad, And gives him David's throne. 3 O'er Jacob shall he reign With a peculiar Sway; The Nations shall his Grace obtain, His Kingdom ne'er decay.] 4 To bring the glorious News A heav'nly Form appears; He tells the Shepherds of their joys, And banishes their Fears. 5 "Go, humble Swains, said he, To David's city fly; The Promis'd Infant born To Day Doth in a Manger lie. 6 With Looks and Hearts serene, Go visit Christ your King; And strait a flaming Troop was seen: The Shepherds heard them sing: 7 "Glory to God on high, And heav'nly Peace on Earth; Good Will to Men, to Angels joy, At the Redeemer's Birth. [8 In Worship so divine, Let Saints employ their Tongues; With the Celestial Host we Join, And loud repeat their Songs. 9 Glory to God on High, And heav'nly Peace on Earth; Good Will to Men, to Angels Joy, At our Redeemer's Birth.] Topics: Nativity of Christ

Glory to God

Appears in 106 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:1-20 First Line: Glory to God in the highest Lyrics: Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth. Lord God, heavenly King, almighty God and Father, we worship you, we give you thanks, we praise you for your glory. Lord Jesus Christ, only Son of the Father, Lord God, Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world: have mercy on us; you are seated at the right hand of the Father: receive our prayer. For you alone are the Holy One, for you alone are the Lord, you alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit, in the glory of God the Father. Amen. Topics: Eucharistic Celebration (Mass) Glory to God Used With Tune: [Glory to God in the highest]
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Gentle Mary Laid Her Child

Author: Joseph S. Cook Meter: D Appears in 44 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:16 Lyrics: 1 Gentle Mary laid her Child lowly in a manger; there he lay, the undefiled, to the world a stranger: Such a Babe in such a place, can he be the Savior? Ask the saved of every race who have found his favor. 2 Angels sang about his birth; Wise Men sought and found him; heaven’s star shone brightly forth, glory all around him: Shepherds saw the wondrous sight, heard the angels singing; all the plains were lit that night, all the hills were ringing. 3 Gentle Mary laid her Child lowly in a manger; he is still the undefiled, but no more a stranger: Son of God, of humble birth, beautiful the story; praise his name in all the earth, hail the King of glory! Used With Tune: TEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUM

Behold, the great creator makes

Author: Thomas Pestel (1585-1659) Meter: Appears in 17 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:8-16 Lyrics: 1 Behold, the great Creator makes himself a house of clay, in human flesh, our form he takes which he will bear alway. 2 Hark, how the wise eternal Word as a weak infant cries! In form of servant is the Lord, and God in cradle lies. 3 This wonder all the world amazed, it shook the starry frame; the hosts of heaven stood to gaze, and bless the Saviour's name. 4 Glad shepherds ran to view this sight; a choir of angels sings, and eastern sages with delight adore this King of kings. 5 Join then, all hearts that are not stone, to sing with choirs above and celebrate this Holy One, the God of peace and love. Topics: Life in Christ Christ Incarnate - Christmas and Epiphany; Christian Year Season of Epiphany Used With Tune: DUNLAP'S CREEK

Come and join the celebration

Author: Valerie Collison (b. 1933) Meter: 11.14 with refrain Appears in 8 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:15-18 First Line: See the shepherds hurry down to Bethlehem Topics: Christ Incarnate Christmas and Epiphany; Children Used With Tune: CELEBRATIONS

I come from hevin [heich] to tell

Author: Martin Luther (1483-1546); Kenneth Elliott (b. 1929); John Wedderburn (fl. 1540); Robert Wedderburn (fl. 1540) Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:1-16 Lyrics: 1 I come from hevin [heich] to tell the best nowells that e'er befell. To you thir tythings trew I bring and I will of them say and sing. 2 This day to you is born ane Child of Marie meik and Virgin mild. That blissit bairn bening and kind, bening and kind, sall you rejoyce baith hart and mind. 3 Lat us rejoyis now and be blyth and with the Hyrdis go full swyth and see what Godis grace hes done throu Christ to bring us to his throne. 4 My saull and life stand up and see wha lyis in ane cribbe of tree. What Babe is that, sa gude and fair? sa gude and fair? It is Christ, Godis Son and Air. 5 The silk and sandell thee to eis ar hay and sempill sweilling clais wharin thou gloris greitest King as thou in hev'n war in thy ring. 6 And war the warld ten times sa wide cled ouer with gold and stanes of pride unworthie yit it were to thee, yit it were to thee, under they feet ane stule to be. 7 O my deir hart, yung Jesus sweit prepair thy creddill in my spreit! And I sall rock thee in my hart and never mair fra thee depart. 8 Bot I sall praise thee evermoir with sangis sweit unto thy gloir. The kneis of my hart sall I bow, my hart sall I bow and sing that rycht Balulalow. Topics: Life in Christ Christ Incarnate - Christmas and Epiphany; Christ Incarnate Christmas and Epiphany Used With Tune: BALULALOW Text Sources: The Gude and Godlie Ballatis, 1578
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Of the Father's love begotten

Author: Henry Williams Baker (1821-1877); Prudentius (348-c. 413); John Mason Neale (1818-1866) Meter: Appears in 200 hymnals Scripture: Luke 2:1-20 Lyrics: 1 Of the Father's love begotten, ere the worlds began to be, he is Alpha and Omega, he the source, the ending he, of the things that are, that have been, and that future years shall see, evermore and evermore. 2 By his word was all created; he commanded; it was done: heaven and earth and depths of ocean, universe of three in one; all that sees the moon's soft shining, all that breathes beneath the sun, evermore and evermore. 3 O that birth for ever blessèd, when the Virgin, full of grace, by the Spirit's power conceiving, bore the Saviour of our race; and the Babe, the world's Redeemer, first revealed his sacred face, evermore and evermore. 4 This is he whom seers and sages sang of old with one accord, whom the voices of the prophets promised in their faithful word; now he shines, the long-expected; let creation praise its Lord, evermore and evermore. 5 All the heights of heaven adore him; angel hosts, his praises sing; powers, dominions bow before him, and extol our God and King; let no tongue on earth be silent, every voice in concert ring, evermore and evermore. 6 Christ, to thee with God the Father, and, O Holy Ghost, to thee, hymn and chant and high thanksgiving, and unwearied praises be; honour, glory and dominion, and eternal victory, evermore and evermore. Topics: Life in Christ Christ Incarnate - Christmas and Epiphany; Jesus Word of God Used With Tune: CORDE NATUS (DIVINUM MYSTERIUM)


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