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H. A. Wolfsohn

Editor of "" in Gospel Song-Gems No.1

Wolga Book Co.

Publisher of "" in Wolga Gesangbuch . . . der deutschen evangelischen Kolonien an den Wolga ... Chicago

John Frederick Wolle

1863 - 1933 Person Name: J. Frederick Wolle Composer of "PALMARUM" in Psalter Hymnal (Gray) Born Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1863. Graduated from the Moravian Parochial School in 1879, and began teaching in Bethlehem. Organist of Trinity Church, Philadelphia (1881-84) and a student there under David D. Wood. Studied with Rheinberger in Munich, 1884-85, and after returning to America was organist of the Packer Memorial Church at Lehigh University (1887-1905). Organized the first choral societies in Bethlehem and Easton. With the Bethlehem society, presented the first complete performance of Bach's St. John Passion in 1888, the St. Matthew Passion in 1892, and the B-minor Mass in 1900. In 1905, moved to California, where he taught at the University of California (1905-11) and was organist of the First Congregational Church, Berkeley (1907-9). Returned to Bethlehem in 1911, resumed administration of the Bach Choir, and was organist at the Salem Lutheran Church. He died in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on his seventieth birthday, April 4, 1933. His name was frequently given as J. Frederick Wolle or even J. Fred Wolle. (source: AGO Founders Hymnal, p. 114.)

Peter Wolle

1792 - 1871 Editor of "" in Hymns and Offices of Worship

Theodore F. Wolle

1832 - 1885 Person Name: Theodore F. Wolle, 1832-1885 Composer of "ASLEEP IN JESUS" in Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church

Jacob Wollmann

Author of "Sein Amt t't er verwalten"

Louis Wolsey

Author (stanza 3) of "Hark, the Voice of Children" in Union Hymnal, Songs and Prayers for Jewish Worship. 3rd ed. Revised and enlarged.

E. L. Wolslagel

Composer of "[One moment, the darkness of midnight]" in The Voice of Thanksgiving No. 3

W. Wolstenholme

Composer of "[My soul doth magnify the Lord]" in The Methodist Hymn-Book with Tunes

E. R. Wolters

Author of "Rolled away, rolled away, lo, the stone"


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