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W. Yerbury

Author of "Thy name we love, Lord Jesus"Yerbury, W. His Hymns and Poems for Believers, were published posthumously (so the Preface) but without date. One or two hymns therefrom are in the hymnals of the Plymouth Brethren, including the first, "Thy Name we love, Lord Jesus." (The Name of Jesus). --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Katherine I. Yerrinton

Author of "Happiness in every heart abound"


Author of "Whither, Jesus, goest thou"

I. T. Yesusahayam

Author of "Living by Prayer" in E. A. C. C. Hymnal

H. Y.

Author of "My Saviour" in The Gospel Message Choir

Geonyong Lee, b. 1947

b. 1947Author of "Ososo (Come Now, O Prince of Peace)" in Sing! A New CreationKōn-yong Yi (Geon-yong Lee) (이건용)

Dong Hoon Lee

Composer of "BAI" in Presbyterian Hymnal

Su Yin-Lan

Composer of "SHENG EN" in The United Methodist Hymnal

John C. Ylvisaker

1937 - 2017Author of "Two By Two" in Scripture Song Database

Y.M.C.A. Press

Publisher of "" in Association Hymn Book