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Marie Zitterberg

Author of "The Lord love thee and keep thee"

Rudolf Zöbeley

1901 - 1991 Composer of "[Er weckt mich alle Morgen]" in Glaubenslieder

C. Zoller

Author of "Was nahe ist und ferne"

John E. Zoller

Author of "A mighty revival is coming this way"

George D. Zollers

Author of "The tide is rolling in"

Georg Joachim Zollikofer

1730 - 1788 Author of "Dank, ewig Dank sei deiner Liebe"

Carl Zöllner

Composer of "[Lobt den Herrn! Er ist die Liebe]" in Jugendharfe

Zondervan Publishing House

Person Name: Zondervan Publisher of "" in Action No.4 Grand Rapids, Mich.

Robert Lee Zondervan

Author of "All praise to thee, O God of all"

John R. Zook

1857 - 1919 Author of "Rise and shine, his light is thine" John R. Zook was born in Whiteside County, Illinois. He attended Valpraiso College. In 1896 he entered the ministry of the Brethren in Christ Church and became bishop in 1904. He served as chairman of the Hymnal Committee which published the 1906 Spiritual Hymns and contributed a number of hymns. Dianne Shapiro from PhD dissertation "A Historical Study of The Function of Music Among The Brethren In Christ" by Herbert Royce Saltzman, University of Southern California, 1964


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