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A Collection of Choral Hymns for the ... Hanson Place Methodist Episcopal Congregation

Publication Date: 1874Publisher: Jewett, St. John & Co.Publication Place: New York, N.Y.Editors: Emory J. Haynes; Jewett, St. John & Co.

A Collection of Divine Hymns from Various Authors

Publication Date: 1814Publisher: J. TennyPublication Place: Sangerfield, N.Y.Editors: George Elliot; J. Tenny

A Collection of Divine Hymns or Spiritual Songs for the Use of Religious Assemblies, and Private Christians

Publication Date: 1816Publisher: Seth RichardsPublication Place: Middletown, Conn.Editors: Seth Richards

A Collection of Evangelical Hymns

Publication Date: 1793Publisher: Thomas & James SwordsPublication Place: New York, N.Y.Editors: John Stanford; Thomas & James Swords

A Collection of Evangelical Hymns; made from Different Authors and Collections for the English Lutheran Church in New York

Publication Date: 1797Publisher: John TieboutPublication Place: New York, N.Y.Editors: George Strebeck; John Tiebout

A Collection of Evergreen Hymns, for All the People. New ed.

Publication Date: 1881Publisher: Rogers & Co.Publication Place: Memphis, Tenn.Editors: Sylvanus Landrum; M. P. Lowrey; Rogers & Co.

A Collection of Familiar and Original Hymns and Tunes

Publication Date: 1899Publisher: Ursula Gestefeld, Central Music HallPublication Place: Chicago, Ill.Editors: Ursula N. Gestefeld; Ursula Gestefeld, Central Music Hall
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A Collection of Familiar and Original Hymns with New Meanings. 2nd ed.

Publication Date: 1891Publisher: Ursula N. GestefeldPublication Place: New York, N.Y.Editors: Hannah More Kohaus; Ursula N. Gestefeld

A Collection of Gospel, Temperance, and Prohibition Songs, What's the News

Publication Date: 1888Publisher: The AuthorsPublication Place: Brockwayville, Penn.Editors: J. G. Dailey
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A Collection of Hymn Tunes from the most modern and approved authors

Publication Date: 1783Publisher: Wm LawPublication Place: Cheshire, Conn.