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Lord, thou has searched and seen me through

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: The Hymnal #106a (1921) Meter: Hymnal Title: The Hymnal Topics: God All-seeing; God Omniscient; God Searcher of hearts; Praise To God the Father In His Majesty Scripture: Psalm 139 Languages: English Tune Title: HUMILITY
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All things are thine: no gift have we

Author: John G. Whittier Hymnal: The Hymnal of Praise #377 (1913) Hymnal Title: The Hymnal of Praise Topics: The Church Buildings Tune Title: HUMILITY
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Lord, thou hast searched, and seen me thro'

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: The New Laudes Domini #265 (1892) Hymnal Title: The New Laudes Domini Topics: God the Father Languages: English Tune Title: HUMILITY

O Love Divine, that stooped to share

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Hymnal: The Praise Hymnal #76 (1896) Hymnal Title: The Praise Hymnal Languages: English Tune Title: HUMILITY
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The Blessedness of Obedience

Hymnal: The Psalter #321 (1912) Meter: Hymnal Title: The Psalter First Line: How blest the perfect in the way Lyrics: 1 How blest the perfect in the way Who from God's law do not depart, Who, holding fast the word of truth, Seek Him with undivided heart. 2 Yea, they are kept from paths of sin Who walk in God's appointed way; Thy precepts Thou hast given us That we should faithfully obey. 3 My wav'ring heart is now resolved Thy holy statutes to fulfill; No more shall I be brought to shame When I regard Thy holy will. 4 To Thee my praise sincere shall rise When I Thy righteous judgments learn; Forsake me not, but be my guide, And from Thy truth I will not turn. Topics: Aspirations For Holiness; Bible A Guide; Christians Blessedness of; Faith Walking by; God Our Guide; God Hearer of Prayer; Gospel Fulness of ; Gospel Sanctifying and Saving; Heart Good, Perfect, Pure and Upright; Holiness Of Christians; Spiritual Illumination; Law of God; Obedience; Perseverance; Prayer Importunity in ; Royalty of Christ Guarantee of Salvation; Seeking God; Sin Salvation from; Sincerity; Temptation; Truth; Truth; Walking with God; Wandering from God Scripture: Psalm 119 Languages: English Tune Title: HUMILITY


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