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M. E. Abbey

Author of "Life's Railway to Heaven" in The Revival No. 2Abbey was a Baptist minister in Georgia in the 1890s.

Abbey Notre Dame du Tamié

Composer of "[Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel]" in Hymnal

Mepkin Abbey

Translator of "O Joyous Light of Glory " in Lift Up Your Hearts

Jimmie Abbington

Arranger of "SHINE ON ME" in African American Heritage Hymnal

Francis Ellingwood Abbot

1836 - 1903Author of "A Birthday Hymn"Francis Ellingwood Abbot (November 6, 1836 – October 23, 1903) was an American philosopher and theologian who sought to reconstruct theology in accord with scientific method.The lifelong romance between himself and his wife forms the subject of If Ever Two Were One, a collection of his correspondence and diary entries. He had one child named "Nahalum."

A. F. Abbott

Author of "Gentle Shepherd"

Asahel Abbott

1805 - 1899Composer of "PRAYER" in Church Hymnal, Mennonite

D. Abbott

Author of "Sing Hosanna"

D. W. Abbott

Author of "Hurry on and take me home"

Elva Irene Abbott

Author of "Jesus died for me"