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A beggar poor, at mercy's door

Appears in 5 hymnals

A beggar poor had lost his eyes

Appears in 1 hymnal

A Benediction

Author: PatrickAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: May the strength of God pilot usLyrics: May the strength of God pilot us. May the power of God preserve us. May the wisdom of God instruct us. May the hand of God protect us, this day and evermore.Topics: God's World Consummation; God's World Consummation; Consummation

A better country

Appears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: There is a better world on high, Will you go

A Better Day

Author: Miss Jennie StoutAppears in 3 hymnalsFirst Line: A better day is comingRefrain First Line: A better day, a better dayLyrics: 1 A better day is coming, When truth and right shall reign, When hearts shall know no sorrow, But sing in glad refrain: Refrain: A better day, a better day, A better day is coming on; A better day, a better day, A better day is coming. 2 A better day is coming,— Oh, see the golden beams!— A day of light and glory; Let each heart catch the gleams. [Refrain] 3 A better day is coming, A day of perfect rest,— The long-expected pleasure Of reigning with the blest. [Refrain] 4 Oh, send the tidings over The world from shore to shore; The glorious day is dawning, When sin shall reign no more. [Refrain]Used With Tune: [A better day is coming]

A better day

Author: Frederick M. LehmanAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: Friends we trusted may failRefrain First Line: There's a better day coming

A better day

Appears in 6 hymnalsFirst Line: I am waiting, ever waiting

A better day

Author: James S. WetheringtonAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: Steps unsteady, Growing oldRefrain First Line: Better days are coming