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[Nearer, our God, to Thee, ever we long to be]

Composer: Joe L. Arterbury; Thos. J. FarrisAppears in 1 hymnalUsed With Text: Nearer, Our God, to Thee

[As I travel on t'ward the setting sun]

Composer: G. T. SpeerAppears in 1 hymnalUsed With Text: There's a Hand Guiding Me

[Lead them, O God, to Thee]

Composer: Thoro HarrisAppears in 1 hymnalUsed With Text: Lead them to Thee

[There is hope, O troubled soul, despairing]

Composer: Robert HarknessAppears in 2 hymnalsUsed With Text: Jesus Paid Your Ransom

[Lord, have mercy]

Appears in 2 hymnalsTune Key: G MajorUsed With Text: Lord, have mercy

[Wake the song, wake the song]

Composer: E. O. ExcellAppears in 6 hymnalsUsed With Text: Wake the Song

[A crimson stream of precious blood]

Composer: R. B. MahaffeyAppears in 1 hymnalUsed With Text: The cleansing blood