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Scripture:psalm 72:18-19
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O God, in Christ We Meet the King

Author: Joy F. Patterson Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72 First Line: [O God, in Christ We Meet the King] Text Sources: Teach Our Eyes New Ways of Seeing (Selah Publishing Co. Inc, 2005)

God, Give Your Righteousness to the King

Author: David T Koyzis Meter: D Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72 First Line: [God, Give Your Righteousness to the King] Text Sources: David T. Koyzis (http://genevanpsalter.redeemer.ca/index.html)

Santo es el Señor

Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72:17-19 First Line: Santo, santo, santo, poderoso Dios Used With Tune: PRINCE

A King on High Is Reigning

Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith Meter: D Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72 First Line: [A King on High Is Reigning] Text Sources: A House of Praise (Hope Publishing Company,, 2003)

With Humble Justice Clad and Crowned

Author: Brian Wren Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72 First Line: [With Humble Justice Clad and Crowned] Text Sources: New Beginnings (Hope Publishing Company,, 1993)
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Give, Lord, the King, thy clearest Light

Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72 Lyrics: 1. Give, Lord, the King, thy clearest Light; Thy Righteousness give to his Son, 2. That he may judge thy People right, And to the Poor, see Justice done. 3. Then, from the lofty Mounts, shall flow Sweet Peace, and all thy People bless; The little Hills shall like them grow. In happy Fruits of Righteousness. 4. He'll vindicate the injur'd Poor, And save the Off-spring of the Just; But, the Oppressor's haughty Pow'r, Shall break, and crumble into Dust. 5. They shall Thee fear, while Sun and Moon, Perform their Course, thro' Ages all, 6. He'll come, as Rain on Grass new mown, As wat'ring Show'rs on dry Land fall. 7. The Just shall flourish, in his Day; And Peace abound, 'till there's no Moon. 8. From Sea to Sea, shall reach his Sway, From River, to the setting Sun. 9. They who in Deserts, have their Seat, In Homage, bow before him must; His Foes shall, couching at his Feet, In low Prostrations, lick the Dust. 10. The Kings of Tarshish, and the Isles, Shall costly Presents to him bring; Sheba's high Lords shall offer Spoils, And rich Gifts Saba's wealthy King. 11. Before him, all the Kings on Earth Shall fall, and Homage to him pay; All Nations, from the South, to North, As sov'reign Lord, shall him obey. Second Part 11. For, such as want, and helpless are, He'll free; when they his Help implore. 13. The destitute, in Pity, spare; And save the Souls shall of the Poor. 14. From Fraud, and Violence, he will Redeem their Soul, by his great Might; Their Blood, unjustly sought to spill, Shall very dear be in his Sight. 15. And he shall live; and Sbeba's Gold, To Him as Tribute shall be paid; Daily his Name shall be extol'd, While constant Pray'rs are for him made. l6. Corn, sprinkled on the Mountains Top, Like Lebanon, shall shake, and sound, So full the Ears, so thick the Crop; In Cities Men, like Grass, abound. 17. His Name forever shall endure, And be transmitted with the Sun; All Nations Bliss, from him, procure, And him proclaim the blessed One. i8. Bless'd be Jehovah, God most High, The God of fav'rite Isr'el's Seed; From him alone, in Earth, and Sky, The things that wond'rous are proceed. 59. And blessed be his glorious Name Forever; let the whole Earth then Be filled with his glorious Fame. To which we shout, Amen; Amen.
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A Psalm for Solomon

Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72 First Line: O God, thy judgments give the King Lyrics: 1 O God thy judgments give the king; Thy justice likewise to his son. 2 Just judgment he thy folk shall bring, And to thy poor see judgment done. 3 The mountains shall abundantly Unto the people bring forth peace; The little hills acordingly By executing righteousness. 4 Poor of the people judge he shall, And children of the needy save; He shall to pieces break ev'n all, Them that with fraud oppressed have. 5 They shall thee fear while sun and moon Endure, through generations all. 6 Like rain on mown grass he shall come, As show'rs on earth distilling fall. 7 The just shall flourish in his days, And store of peace till no moon be. 8 And from the seas unto the seas, From flood to land-end reign shall be. 9 They that dwell in the wilderness Themselves before him bow they must; And they who are his enemies They verily shall lick the dust. 10 Upon him presents shall bestow Of Tarshish and the isles the kings; Sheba's, and Seba's kings also Shall unto him give offerings. 11 Yea unto him all kings shall fall, And serve him ev'ry nation. 12 For needy crying save he shall, The poor an helper that hath none. 13 The poor and needy spare shall he, The souls shall of the needy save. 14 Their souls from fraud and wrong set free By him shall they redemption have; Their blood shall be in his eyes dear. 15 And he shall live, and Sheba's gold They shall him give; still by him pray'r Shall be, and daily be extoll'd. 16 Of corn an handful shall be there I'th' land the mountains tops upon; Whose fruit in shaking shall appear Like as the trees of Lebanon: And who are of the city they Like grass on earth shall flourish all. 17 His name it shall endure for aye As long as sun continue shall. Ev'n so his name continue shall: And men in him themselves shall bless: And of the world the nations all Shall him the blessed one profess. 18 O let Jehovah blessed be. The God, the God of Israel, For by himself alone doth he Work things that wond'rous are to tell. 19 And blessed be his glorious name For ever, let the earth fill'd be Full with the glory of the same, Amen, also Amen say we. For Common Tunes: And aye be blest his glorious name Let all the earth fill'd be Likewise with glory of the same. Amen, Amen say we.

Cristo Jesus com Poder Reinará

Author: Werner Kaschel; Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72 Used With Tune: DUKE STREET
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Psalm 72

Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72 First Line: Hail to God's own anointed, who rules in equity Topics: Jesus Christ Youth; Water; Vision/Dream; Time; Second Coming; Salvation; Processionals (Opening of Worship); Prisoner(s); Prayer; Oppression; Kingdom Of God; Justice; Biblical Characters David; Jesus Christ Son of God/Man (David); Jesus Christ Second Coming; Jesus Christ Reign; Jesus Christ name; Jesus Christ Love of; Jesus Christ Lord of Life; Jesus Christ Kingship, Conqueror; Jesus Christ Adoration and Praise; God Sovereignty; Covenant; Christian Year Epiphany Used With Tune: [Hail to God's own anointed]

Hail to the Lord's Anointed

Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Psalm 72:19 First Line: Itaŋcaŋ kta sdayapi Topics: Epiphany Used With Tune: HODGES


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