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A Better Day Coming

Author: Grace Weiser DavisAppears in 3 hymnalsFirst Line: O, a better day is dawningRefrain First Line: You'll be there, I'll be there

A better day coming on

Author: Eliza E. HewittAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: There's a song of hope like a chime of bellsRefrain First Line: There's a better day coming

A better day is coming

Author: Charles A. TindleyAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: A better day is coming, the morning draweth nighRefrain First Line: 'Tis coming by and by, 'Tis coming by and byLyrics: 1. A better day is coming, the morning draweth nigh,   When girded right with holy might shall overthrow the wrong.   When Christ our Lord shall listen To every plaintive sigh,   And stretch His hand o'er every land in justice by and by.      (Chorus)   'Tis coming by and by, (Yes, by and by) 'Tis coming by and by, (and by)   A better day is coming, the morning draweth night,   'Tis coming by and by, 'Tis coming by and by, (and by)   The welcome dawn is hastening on, Tis coming by and by. (and by)   2. The boast of haughty error no more shall fill the land,   While men enraged, their power engaged, to kill their fellow man,   But God the Lord shall triumph, and Satan's host shall fly,   For wrong must cease and righteousness shall conquer by and by.   (Chorus...)   3. No more will angry nations in deadly conflict meet,   While children cry and parents die in conquest or defeat,   For Jesus Christ the Captain, Will give the battle cry,   The Holy Ghost will lead the host to victory by and by.(Chorus...)   4. No more shall lords and rulers their helpless victims press,   And bar the door against the poor and leave them in distress,   But God, the King of Glory, Who hears the ravens cry,   Will give command that every man have plenty by and by.   (Chorus...)Used With Tune: [A better day is coming]

A better day is dawning

Author: Henry B. HartzlerAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: Through the darkness of gloomRefrain First Line: For the era is dawning

A better day will come

Author: J. D. EllerAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: There soon will come a better dayRefrain First Line: Wonderful day

A Better Home

Author: Charles Albert TindleyAppears in 4 hymnalsFirst Line: Ever since I have been Living in a world of sinRefrain First Line: I have started out to find a better home

A better home

Author: J. RaybornAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: Our home was once a home of joy

A better home

Author: T. C. JonesAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: There is a home, a better home

A better home awaits me there When done with earth and

Author: J. A. LeeAppears in 2 hymnalsFirst Line: A better home awaits me there When done with earth and

A Better Land

Author: R. C. HeathAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: I am going to a homeRefrain First Line: Come along to that fair homeUsed With Tune: [I am going to a home]