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Scripture:Psalm 30

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Crown After Cross

Author: Frances R. Havergal; Unknown Meter: Appears in 96 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30:5 First Line: Light after darkness, gain after loss Refrain First Line: Now comes the weeping, then the glad reaping Lyrics: 1 Light after darkness, gain after loss, Strength after weakness, crown after cross; Sweet after bitter, hope after fears, Home after wandering, praise after tears. Refrain: Now comes the weeping, then the glad reaping; Now comes the labor hard, then the reward. 2 Sheaves after sowing, sun after rain, Sight after mystery, peace after pain; Joy after sorrow, calm after blast, Rest after weariness, sweet rest at last. [Refrain] 3 Near after distant, gleam after gloom, Love after loneliness, life after tomb; After long agony rapture of bliss— Right was the pathway leading to this. [Refrain] Used With Tune: CROWN AFTER CROSS Text Sources: Timeless Truths (http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/Crown_After_Cross); Faith Publishing House, Evening Light Songs, 1949, edited 1987 (322); The Gospel Trumpet Company, Select Hymns, 1911 (602)
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Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God

Author: John Morison Meter: Appears in 96 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30:5 Lyrics: 1 Come, let us to the Lord our God With contrite hearts return; Our God is gracious, nor will leave The desolate to mourn. 2 His voice commands the tempest forth And stills the stormy wave; And though His arm be strong to smite, 'Tis also strong to save. 3 Long hath the night of sorrow reigned; The dawn shall bring us light; God shall appear, and we shall rise With gladness in His sight. 4 Our hearts, if God we seek to know, Shall know Him, and rejoice; His coming like the morn shall be, Like morning songs His voice. 5 As dew upon the tender herb, Diffusing fragrance round, As showers that usher in the spring, And cheer the thirsty ground, 6 So shall His presence bless our souls, And shed a joyful light; That hallowed morn shall chase away The sorrows of the night. Amen. Topics: Christ Second Coming; God Presence; Redemption; God the Father His Presence Used With Tune: KILMARNOCK Text Sources: Scottish Paraphrases. 1781
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I Look to Thee in Every Need

Author: Samuel Longfellow Meter: Appears in 94 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30:5 Lyrics: 1 I look to Thee in every need, And never look in vain; I feel Thy strong and tender love, And all is well again: The thought of Thee is mightier far Than sin and pain and sorrow are. 2 Discouraged in the work of life, Disheartened by its load, Shamed by its failures or its fears, I sink beside the road; But let me only think of Thee And then new heart springs up in me. 3 Thy calmness bends serene above, My restlessness to still; Around me flows Thy quickening life, To nerve my faltering will: Thy presence fills my solitude; Thy providence turns all to good. 4 Enfolded deep in Thy dear love, Held in Thy law, I stand; Thy hand in all things I behold, And all things in Thy hand; Thou leadest me by unsought ways, And turnest my mourning into praise. Amen. Topics: God Guide; God Presence; God Strength and Refuge; Trust; God the Father His Presence Used With Tune: O JESU
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Blessing for mourners

Author: William C. Bryant Meter: Appears in 87 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30:5 First Line: Deem not that they are blest alone Topics: Christians Sufferings of; Christians Triumph of; Comfort for mourners

Out of the depths of woe

Author: James Montgomery Meter: Appears in 68 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30 Lyrics: Out of the depths of woe, To Thee, O Lord! I cry; Darkness surrounds me, but I know That Thou art ever nigh. Then hearken to my voice, Give ear to my complaint; Thou bidst the mourning soul rejoice, Thou comfortest the faint. I cast my hope on Thee, Thou canst, Thou wilt forgive; Wert Thou to mark iniquity, Who in thy sight could live? Humbly on Thee I wait, Confessing all my sin; Lord, I am knocking at thy gate, Open and take me in. Like them, whose longing eyes Watch till the morning-star, (Though late and seen through tempests) rise, Heaven's portals to unbar:-- Like them I watch and pray, And though it tarry long, 87 Catch the first gleam of welcome day, Then burst into a song, Glory to God above! The waters soon will cease, For lo! the swift-returning dove Brings home the sign of peace. Though storms his face obscure, And dangers threaten loud, Jehovah's covenant is sure; His bow is in the cloud.
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Rejoice Today with One Accord

Author: Henry Williams Baker (1821-1877) Meter: Appears in 55 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30 Lyrics: 1 Rejoice today with one accord, sing out with exultation; rejoice and praise our mighty Lord, whose arm hath brought salvation. His works of love proclaim the greatness of his name; for he is God alone, who hath his mercy shown: let all his saints adore him! 2 When in distress to him we cried he heard our sad complaining; O trust in him. what'er betide, his love is all-sustaining. Triumphant songs of praise to him our hearts shall raise: now every voice shall say, "O praise our God alway"; let all his saints adore him! Topics: Adoration; Faith/Trust; Praise of God; Trinity Used With Tune: EIN' FESTE BURG
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King of Glory, King of Peace

Author: George Herbert (1593-1633) Meter: D Appears in 52 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30 Lyrics: 1 King of glory, King of peace, I will love thee; and that love may never cease, I will move thee. Thou hast granted my request, thou hast heard me; thou didst note my working breast, thou hast spared me. 2 Wherefore with my utmost art I will sing thee, and the cream of all my heart I will bring thee. Though my sins against me cried, thou didst clear me; and alone, when they replied, thou didst hear me. 3 Seven whole days, not one in seven, I will praise thee; in my heart, though not in heaven, I can raise thee. Small it is, in this poor sort to enroll thee; e'en eternity's too short to extol thee. Topics: Forgiveness; Praise of God; Prayer; Reign of Christ Used With Tune: GWALCHMAI

Dance then, wherever you may be

Author: Sydney Carter, 1915- Meter: Irregular Appears in 50 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30 First Line: I danced in the morning when the world was begun Topics: Christ's Sacrifice; Suffering; Resurrection; Passion Sunday; New Life in Christ; Joy; Jesus Christ Resurrection; Jesus Christ Redeemer; Jesus Christ Lordship; Jesus Christ Earthly life; Hymns Specially Suitable for Liturgical Dance; Hymns Specially Suitable for Children; Good Friday; Worship Processional Entrance Used With Tune: LORD OF THE DANCE

How shall I sing that majesty

Author: John Mason, c. 1645-1694 Meter: D Appears in 34 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30:8-12 Topics: The Adoration of God Used With Tune: SOLL 'S SEIN

Give Thanks

Author: Henry Smith, 1952- Appears in 33 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 30:12 First Line: Give thanks with a grateful heart Used With Tune: [Give thanks with a grateful heart]


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