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A better land, dear Lord for this

Author: Imogene HumphreyAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: A better land, dear Lord for this

A Better Life I Mean to Live

Author: C. W. W.Appears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: I'm satisfied with Christ aloneRefrain First Line: A better life I mean to liveUsed With Tune: [I'm satisfied with Christ alone]

A better place for me

Appears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: How sweet 'tis to knowRefrain First Line: A better place for me

A better time is coming

Author: John B. VaughanAppears in 3 hymnalsFirst Line: Soon we'll lay our burdens downRefrain First Line: A better time is comingUsed With Tune: [Soon we'll lay our burdens down]

A better time's coming

Author: Jane E. HallAppears in 2 hymnalsFirst Line: The moments are flying, the daylightRefrain First Line: Toil on ere day be gone

A Better Way

Author: C. W. NaylorAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: Are you sinning day by dayRefrain First Line: There is a better way you should liveLyrics: 1 Are you sinning day by day, More or less upon your way, Wrong in word, in tho’t and deed? Still the name of Christ you plead. Refrain: There is a better way you should live; Christ his abundant grace will give, Make you holy and keep you so, Help you conquer every foe. 2 Do you leave undone the good, Do those things no Christian should?\ For forgiveness must you pray At the close of every day? [Refrain] 3 Does a foe within your breast Bring you sorrow and unrest, Hinder, trouble, and annoy, Blight your peace and mar your joy? [Refrain] 4 Do you trust and feel secure, Soon to doubt and not be sure? Now a victor, now oppressed, Now rejoicing, now distressed? [Refrain]Topics: ExhortationUsed With Tune: [Are you sinning day by day]

A better world

Author: Clara ColeAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: There is another, better world

A better world than this

Author: J. V. RiddleAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: When the Lord comes in a cloud that morningRefrain First Line: Now friends

A Bible band

Author: Harold DealAppears in 1 hymnalFirst Line: We are a Bible band of boysRefrain First Line: O blessed Bible

A bird, a lovely butterfly

Author: Florence Pedigo JanssonMeter: in 3 hymnalsFirst Line: A bird, a lovely butterfly