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Hymnal, Number:lh1941
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Awake, My Soul, to Joyful Lays

Author: Samuel Medley Hymnal: LH1941 #340 (1941) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 36:7 Lyrics: 1 Awake, my soul, to joyful lays And sing thy great Redeemer’s praise. He justly claims a song from me-- His loving-kindness, oh, how free! 2 He saw me ruined in the Fall, Yet loved me notwithstanding all. He saved me from my lost estate-- His loving-kindness, oh, how great! 3 When I was Satan's easy prey And deep in debt and bondage lay, He paid His life for my discharge-- His loving-kindness, oh, how large! 4 Through mighty hosts of cruel foes, Where earth and hell my way oppose, He safely leads my soul along-- His loving-kindness, oh, how strong! 5 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud, Has gathered thickand thundered loud, He near my soul has always stood-- His loving-kindness, oh, how good! 6 When earthly friends forsake me quite And I have neither skill nor might, He's sure my Helper to appear-- His loving-kindness, oh, how near! 7 Too oft I feel my sinful heart Prone from my Jesus to depart; But though I have Him oft forgot, His loving-kindness changes not. 8 When I shall pass death's gloomy vale And all my mortal power must fail, Oh, may my last expiring breath His loving-kindness sing in death! 9 Then shall I mount and soar away To the bright world of endless day And sing with rapture and surprise His loving-kindness in the skies. Amen. Topics: The Redeemer Languages: English Tune Title: O HEILIGE DREIFALTIGKEIT

Commit Whatever Grieves Thee

Author: Paul Gerhardt Hymnal: LH1941 #520 (1941) Meter: D Scripture: Psalm 37:5 Lyrics: 1 Commit whatever grieves thee Into the gracious hands Of Him who never leaves thee, Who heav’n and earth commands. Who points the clouds their courses, Whom winds and waves obey, He will direct thy footsteps And find for thee a way. 2 On Him place thy reliance If thou wouldst be secure; His work thou must consider If thine is to endure. By anxious sighs and grieving And self-tormenting care God is not moved to giving; All must be gained by prayer. 3 Thy truth and grace, O Father, Most surely see and know Both what is good and evil For mortal man below. According to Thy counsel Thou wilt Thy work pursue; And what Thy wisdom chooseth Thy might will always do. 4 Thy hand is never shortened, All things must serve Thy might; Thine every act is blessing, Thy path is purest light. Thy work no man can hinder, Thy purpose none can stay, Since Thou to bless Thy children Wilt always find a way. 5 Though all the powers of evil The will of God oppose, His purpose will not falter, His pleasure onward goes. Whate’er God’s will resolveth, Whatever He intends, Will always be accomplished True to His aims and ends. 6 Then hope, my feeble spirit, And be thou undismayed; God helps in every trial And makes thee unafraid. Await His time with patience, Then shall thine eyes behold The sun of joy and gladness His brightest beams unfold. 7 Arise, my soul, and banish Thy anguish and thy care. Away with thoughts that sadden And heart and mind ensnare! Thou art not lord and master Of thine own destiny; Enthroned in highest heaven, God rules in equity. 8 Leave all to His direction; In wisdom He doth reign, And in a way most wondrous His course He will maintain. Soon He, His promise keeping, With wonder-working skill Shall put away the sorrows That now thy spirit fill. 9 A while His consolation He may to thee deny, And seem as though in trial He far from thee would fly; A while distress and anguish May compass thee around, Nor to thy supplication An answering voice be found. 10 But if thou perseverest, Thou shalt deliverance find. Behold, all unexpected He will thy soul unbind And from the heavy burden Thy heart will soon set free; And thou wilt see the blessing He had in mind for thee. 11 O faithful child of heaven, How blessèd shalt thou be! With songs of glad thanksgiving A crown awaiteth thee. Into thy hand thy Maker Will give the victor’s palm, And thou to thy Deliverer Shalt sing a joyous psalm 12 Give, Lord, this consummation To all our heart’s distress; Our hands, our feet, e’er strengthen, In death our spirits bless. Thy truth and Thy protection Grant evermore, we pray, And in celestial glory Shall end our destined way. Amen. Topics: Cross and Comfort Languages: English Tune Title: HERZLICH TUT MICH

Alas, My God, My Sins Are Great

Author: Catherine Winkworth; Johann Major Hymnal: LH1941 #317 (1941) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 38:4 Lyrics: 1 Alas, my God, my sins are great, My conscience doth upbraid me; And now I find that at my strait No man hath pow'r to aid me. 2 And fled I hence in my despair In some lone spot to hide me, My griefs would still be with me there And peace still be denied me. 3 Lord, Thee I seek, I merit naught; Yet pity and restore me. Just God, be not; Thy wrath my lot; Thy Son hath suffered for me. 4 If pain and woe must follow sin, Then be my path still rougher. Here spare me not; if heav'n I win, On earth I gladly suffer. 5 But curb my heart, forgive my guilt, Make Thou my patience firmer; For they must miss the good Thou wilt, Who at Thy chastenings murmur. 6 Then deal with me as seems Thee best-- Thy grace will help me bear it If but at last I see Thy rest And with my Savior share it. Amen. Topics: Confession and Absolution Languages: English Tune Title: ACH GOTT UND HERR

O God, Forsake Me Not

Author: August Crull, d. 1923; Salomo Franck Hymnal: LH1941 #402 (1941) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 38:22 First Line: O God, forsake me not! Lyrics: 1 O God, forsake me not! Thy gracious presence lend me; Lead Thou Thy helpless child; Thy Holy Spirit send me That I my course may run. Be Thou my Light, my Lot, My Staff, my Rock, my Shield-- O God, forsake me not! 2 O God, forsake me not! Take not Thy Spirit from me And suffer not the might Of sin to overcome me. Increase my feeble faith, Which Thou Thyself hast wrought. Be Thou my Strength and Pow’r-- O God, forsake me not! 3 O God, forsake me not! Lord, hear my supplication! In ev'ry evil hour Help me o’ercome temptation; And when the Prince of hell My conscience seeks to blot, Be Thou not far from me-- O God, forsake me not! 4 O God, forsake me not! Thy mercy I’m addressing; O Father, God of Love, Grant me Thy heavenly blessing To do when duty calls Whate’er Thou didst allot, To do what pleaseth Thee-- O God, forsake me not! 5 O God, forsake me not! Lord, I am Thine forever. Grant me true faith in Thee; Grant that I leave Thee never. Grant me a blessed end When my good fight is fought; Help me in life and death-- O God, forsake me not! Amen. Topics: Sanctification (The Christian Life) Consecration Languages: English Tune Title: O GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTT

Lord, as Thou Wilt, Deal Thou with Me

Author: Emanuel Cronenwett; Kaspar Bienemann Hymnal: LH1941 #406 (1941) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 40:8 Lyrics: 1 Lord, as Thou wilt, deal Thou with me; No other wish I cherish. In life and death I cling to Thee; Oh, do not let me perish! Let not Thy grace from me depart And grant an ever patient heart To bear what Thou dost send me. 2 Grant honor, truth, and purity, And love Thy Word to ponder; From all false doctrine keep me free. Bestow, both here and yonder, What serves my everlasting bliss; Preserve me from unrighteousness Thro'out my earthly journey. 3 When, at Thy summons, I must leave This vale of sin and sadness, Give me Thy grace, Lord, not to grieve, But to depart with gladness. To Thee my spirit I commend; O Lord, grant me a blessed end Thro' Jesus Christ, my Savior. Amen. Topics: Sanctification (The Christian Life) New Obedience Languages: English Tune Title: HERR, WIE DU WILLST

As Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams

Author: Nicholas Brady; Nahum Tate Hymnal: LH1941 #525 (1941) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 42 Lyrics: 1 As pants the hart for cooling streams When heated in the chase, So longs my soul, O God, for Thee And Thy refreshing grace. 2 For Thee, my God, the living God, My thirsty soul doth pine; Oh, when shall I behold Thy face, Thou majesty Divine? 3 Why restless, why cast down, my soul? Hope still; and thou shalt sing The praise of Him who is thy God, Thy health’s eternal Spring. 4 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The God Whom we adore, Be glory as it was, is now, And shall be evermore. Amen. Topics: Cross and Comfort Languages: English Tune Title: SPOHR

Jerusalem, My Happy Home

Author: F. B. P. Hymnal: LH1941 #618 (1941) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 42:2 Lyrics: 1 Jerusalem, my happy home, Name ever dear to me, When shall my labors have an end? Thy joys when shall I see? 2 When shall these eyes thy heav'n-built walls And pearly gates behold, Thy bulwarks with salvation strong, And streets of shining gold? 3 Oh, when, thou city of my God, Shall I thy courts ascend Where evermore the angels sing, Where Sabbaths have no end? 4 Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there Around my Savior stand; And soon my friends in Christ below Will join the glorious band. 5 Jerusalem, my happy home, When shall I come to thee? When shall my labors have an end? Thy joys when shall I see? 6 O Christ, do Thou my soul prepare For that bright home of love That I may see Thee and adore, With all Thy saints above. Amen. Topics: The Last Things Life Everlasting Languages: English Tune Title: ST. PETER

O God of God, O Light of Light

Author: John Julian Hymnal: LH1941 #132 (1941) Meter: D Scripture: Psalm 43:3 Lyrics: 1 O God of God, O Light of Light, Thou Prince of Peace, Thou King of kings! To Thee where angels know no night The song of praise forever rings. To Him who sits upon the throne, The Lamb once slain for sinful men, Be honor, might, all by Him won, Glory and praise! Amen, Amen. 2 Deep in the prophets' sacred page, Grand in the poets' winged word, Slowly, in type, from age to age, Nations beheld their coming Lord, Till through the deep Judean night Rang out the song "Good will to men!" Hymned by the first-born sons of light, Reechoed now, "Good will!" Amen. 3 That life of truth, those deeds of love, That death of pain, mid hate and scorn, These all are past, and now above He reigns our King, once crowned with thorn. Lift up your heads, ye heav'nly gates; So sang His hosts, unheard by men; Lift up your heads, for you He waits. We lift them up. Amen, Amen. 4 Nations afar, in ign'rance deep, Isles of the sea, where darkness lay, These hear His voice, they wake from sleep, And throng with joy the upward way. They cry with us, "Send forth Thy light, O Lamb, once slain for sinful men; Burst Satan's bonds, O God of might; Set all men free!" Amen, Amen. 5 Sing to the Lord a glorious song; Sing to His name, His love forthtell; Sing on, heav'n's host, His praise prolong; Sing, ye who now on earth do dwell: Worthy the Lamb for sinners slain; From angels praise and thanks from men; Worthy the Lamb, enthroned to reign, Glory and power! Amen, Amen. Amen. Topics: The Church Year Epiphany Languages: English Tune Title: O GROSSER GOTT

Beautiful Savior

Author: Unknown; Joseph A. Seiss Hymnal: LH1941 #657 (1941) Scripture: Psalm 45:2 First Line: Beautiful Savior, King of Creation Lyrics: 1 Beautiful Savior, King of Creation, Son of God and Son of Man! Truly I'd love Thee, Truly I'd serve thee, Light of my soul, my Joy, my Crown. 2 Fair are the meadows, Fair are the woodlands, Robed in flow'rs of blooming spring; Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer; He makes our sorr'wing spirit sing. 3 Fair is the sunshine, Fair is the moonlight, Bright the sparkling stars on high; Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer Than all the angels in the sky. 4 Beautiful Savior, Lord of the nations, Son of God and Son of Man! Glory and honor, Praise, adoration, Now and forevermore be Thine! Amen. Topics: Carols and Spiritual Songs Languages: English Tune Title: SCHÖNSTER HERR JESU

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Author: Martin Luther Hymnal: LH1941 #262 (1941) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 46 Lyrics: 1 A mighty Fortress is our God, A trusty Shield and Weapon; He helps us free from ev'ry need That hath us now o'ertaken. The old bitter Foe Now means deadly woe: Deep guile and great might Are his dread arms in fight; On earth is not his equal. 2 With might of ours can naught be done, Soon were our loss effected; But for us fights the Valiant One, Whom God Himself elected. Ask ye, Who is this?-- Jesus Christ it is, Of Sabaoth, Lord, And there's none other God, He holds the field forever. 3 Tho' devils all the world should fill, All eager to devour us, We tremble not, we fear no ill, They cannot overpow'r us. This world's prince may still Scowl fierce as he will, He can harm us none, He's judged; the deed is done; One little word can fell him. 4 The Word they still shall let remain, Nor any thank have for it;, He's by our side upon the plain With His good gifts and Spirit. And take they our life, Goods, fame, child, and wife, Let these all be gone, They yet have nothing won: The Kingdom ours remaineth. Amen. Topics: The Church Year Reformation Languages: English Tune Title: EIN' FESTE BURG


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