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Philip W. Blycker

1939 - 2023 Person Name: Felipe Blycker J. Composer of "MI LUZ Y SALVACION" in Celebremos Su Gloria See also Felipe Blycker J. ========== Philip W. Blycker (b. 1939) is a song writer from Texas who with his wife served as missionaries in Venezuela. They were a major force behind an outpouring of traditional hymn texts written to Latin American music. He joined Camino Global in 1966 and in 1989 became the Music Editor of the Spanish hymnal, Celebremos Su Gloria. He contributed more than a dozen songs to Mil Voces, the Spanish language hymnal of the United Methodist Church. In 2004 they joined the music faculty of the Rio Grande Bible Institute of Edinburg, Texas, on the Mexican border. Sing! A New Creation Philip Blycker, born on March 22, 1939, died on June 11, 2023. A life member of The Hymn Society, Dr. Blycker composed more than 170 Scripture songs in Spanish and about 100 in English. He was also the music editor of the hymnal Celebremos Su Gloria. He taught music for 25 years at the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala City, for 15 years at the Puebla Bible Seminary in Puebla, Mexico, and 15 years at the Rio Grande Bible Seminary in Edinburg, Texas. The Hymn Society, The Stanza, July 2023

Elise Shoemaker Eslinger

b. 1942 Translator of "Jehová Es Mi Luz (The Lord Is My Light)" in Celebremos II

Roberto Escamilla

b. 1931 Translator of "Jehová Es Mi Luz (The Lord Is My Light)" in Celebremos II

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