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We Bless the Lord, the Just, the Good

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 68 hymnals Lyrics: 1. We bless the Lord, the just, the good, Who fills our hearts with joy and food: Who pours His blessings from the skies, And loads our days with rich supplies. 2. He sends the sun his circuit round, To cheer the fruits, to warm the ground; He bids the clouds with plenteous rain Refresh the thirsty earth again. 3. ’Tis to His care we owe our breath, And all our near escapes with death; Safety and health to God belong; He heals the weak, and guards the strong. 4. He makes the saint and sinner prove The common blessings of His love; But the wide difference that remains, Is endless joy, or endless pains. 5. The Lord, that bruised the serpent’s head, On all the serpent’s seed shall tread; The stubborn sinner’s hope confound, And smite him with a lasting wound. 6. But His right hand His saints shall raise From the deep earth, or deeper seas, And bring them to His courts above; There shall they taste His special love. Used With Tune: MARCHFIELD Text Sources: The Psalms of David, 1719

Great Source Of Being

Author: Philip Doddridge, 1702-1751 Meter: Appears in 42 hymnals First Line: Great source of being and of love Lyrics: Great source of being and of love, Thou waterest all the worlds above, And all the joys we mortals know From Thine exhaustless fountain flow. A sacred spring at Thy command From Zion’s mount, in Canaan’s land, Beside Thy temple, cleaves the ground, And pours its limpid stream around. The limpid stream with sudden force Swells to a river in its course; Through desert realms its windings play, And scatter blessings all the way. Close by its banks in order fair The blooming trees of life appear; Their blossoms fragrant odors give, And on their fruit the nations live. To the dead sea the waters flow, And carry healing as they go; Its poisonous dregs their power confess, And all its shores the fountain bless. Flow, wondrous stream with glory crowned, Flow on to earth’s remotest bound; And bear us on thy gentle wave To Him, who all thy virtues gave. Used With Tune: MARCHFIELD Text Sources: Published posthumously in Hymns Founded on Various Texts in the Holy Scriptures, by Job Orton (J. Eddowes and J. Cotton, 1755)

Great God, Thy Glories Shall Employ

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 14 hymnals First Line: Great God! Thy glories shall employ Lyrics: 1 Great God! Thy glories shall employ My holy fear, my humble joy; My lips in songs of honor bring Their tribute to th’eternal King. 2 Earth, and the stars, and worlds unknown, Depend precarious on His throne; All nature hangs upon His word, And grace and glory own their Lord. 3 His sovereign power, what mortal knows? If He command, who dares oppose? With strength He girds Himself around, And treads the rebels to the ground. 4 Who shall pretend to teach Him skill, Or guide the counsels of His will? His wisdom, like a sea divine, Flows deep and high beyond our line. 5 His name is holy, and His eye Burns with immortal jealousy; He hates the sons of pride, and sheds His fiery vengeance on their heads. 6 The beamings of His piercing sight Bring dark hypocrisy to light; Death and destruction naked lie, And hell uncovered to His eye. 7 Th’eternal law before Him stands; His justice, with impartial hands, Divides to all their due reward, Or by the scepter or the sword. 8 His mercy, like a boundless sea, Washes our load of guilt away; While His own Son came down and died T’engage His justice on our side. 9 Each of His words demands my faith; My soul can rest on all He saith; His truth inviolably keeps The largest promise of His lips. 10 O tell me, with a gentle voice, Thou art my God, and I’ll rejoice! Filled with Thy love I dare proclaim The brightest honors of Thy name. Used With Tune: MARCHFIELD Text Sources: Hymns and Spiritual Songs 1707-09, Book II
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Illumination and Testimony

Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals First Line: Thou, Who didst make and fashion me Lyrics: 1 Thou, Who didst make and fashion me, O make me wise, Thy law to learn; Then they that fear Thee shall be glad When they my hope in God discern. 2 Thou, Lord, art just in all Thy ways, And faithful Thou chastenest me; I pray Thee, let Thy promised grace Thy servant's help and comfort be. 3 Show mercy, Lord, that I may live, For in thy law is all my joy; while those who wrong me are rebuked, Thy precepts shall my thought employ. 4 Let those that fear Thee turn to me, Thy truth to them will I proclaim; Instruct my heart to keep Thy law, That I may not be put to shame. Topics: Afflictions Prayer in; Aspirations For Grace; Aspirations For Holiness; Christians Christ the Life of; Godly Fear Described; God Creator of All; God Hearer of Prayer; Gospel Fulness of ; Grace Restoring; Hope; Spiritual Illumination; Law of God; Mercy of God Prayer for; Obedience; Prayer Pleas in; Salvation Prayers for; Truth Scripture: Psalm 119 Used With Tune: MARCHFIELD

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