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Thy Word, O Lord, like gentle dews

Author: Charles Bernard Garve; Miss Winkworth Appears in 47 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Thy Word, O Lord, like gentle dews, Falls soft on hearts that pine; Lord, to Thy garden ne'er refuse This heavenly balm of Thine. Watered by Thee, let every tree Forth blossom to Thy praise, By grace of Thine bear fruit divine, Through all the coming days. 2 Thy Word is like a flaming sword, A wedge that cleaveth stone; Keen as a fire, so burns Thy Word, And pierceth flesh and bone. Let it go forth o'er all the earth, To cleanse our hearts within, To show Thy power in Satan's hour And break the might of sin. 3 Thy Word, a wondrous guiding star, On pilgrim hearts doth rise, Leads those to God who dwell afar, And makes the simple wise. Let not its light e'er sink in night; In every spirit shine, That none may miss heaven's final bliss, Led by Thy light divine. Topics: The Means of Grace The Word of God; Sexagesima Sunday Used With Tune: OLD 132D PSALM
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O God, unseen, yet ever near

Author: Edward Osler (1798-1863) Appears in 134 hymnals Used With Tune: OLD 132ND
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Memento Dom.

Author: M. Appears in 2 hymnals First Line: Remember Davids troubles Lord Lyrics: 1 Remember Davids troubles Lord 2 how to the Lord he swore: And vow'd a vow to Jacobs God, to keepe for evermore. 3 I will not come within my house nor climb up to my bed: 4 Nor let my Temples take their rest nor the eyes in my head. 5 Till I have found out for the Lord, a place to sit thereon: An house for Jacobs God to be an habitation. 6 We heard of it at Ephrata, theredid we heare this sound: and in the fields and forests there, these voices first were found. 7 We will assay and go in now his Tabernacle there: Before his foot-stool to fall down, and worship him in feare. 8 Arise, O Lord, arise, I say, into thy resting place: Both thou and the Arke of thy strength, the presence of thy grace. 9 Let all thy priests be clothed, Lord, with truth and righteousnesse: Let all thy Saints and holy men sing all with joyfullnesse. 10 And for thy servant Davids sake refuse not, Lord, I say. The face of thine annointed Lord not turn thy face away. The second Part: 11 The Lord to David swore in truth and will not shrink from it: Saying the fruit of thy body upon thy seat shall sit. 12 And if thy sonnes my covenant keep, that I shall learne each one: Then shall their sonnes for ever sit upon thy princely throne. 13 The Lord himselfe hath chose Sion, and loves therein to dwellL Saying this is my resting place, I love and like it well. 14 And I will blesse with great increase her victuals every where: And I will satisfie with bread the needy that be there. 15 Yes I will deck and clothe her Priests with my salvation! And all her Saints shall sing for joy of my protection. 16 There will I surely make the horne of David for to bud: For there I have ordain'd for mine a lanterne bright and good. 17 As for his enemies,, I will clothe with shame for evermore: But I will cause his crown to shine more fresh than heretofore. Scripture: Psalm 132 Used With Tune: [Remember Davids troubles Lord]

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