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The glorious light of Zion

Hymnal: The Southern Harmony, and Musical Companion (New ed. thoroughly rev. and much enl.) #270 (1854) Meter: 7.6 Lyrics: 1. The glorious light of Zion Is spreading all around, And sinners now are hearkening Unto the gospel sound: 2. The standard of King Jesus Triumphant doth arise, And mourners crowd around it, With bitter groans and cries. 3. The suffering, bleeding Savior, Who died on Calvary, Is now proclaimed to sinners To set the guilty free; 4. And while the glorious message Was circulating round, Some souls, exposed to ruin, Redeeming love have found. 5. And of that favored number, I hope that I am one; And Christ, I trust, will finish The work he has begun; 6. He'll perfect it in righteousness, And I shall ever be A monument of mercy, To all eternity. 7. I am but a young convert, Who lately did enlist A soldier under Jesus, My Prophet, King, and Priest; 8. I have received my bounty, Likewise my martial dress, A ring of love and favor, A robe of righteousness. 9. Now down into the water Will we young converts go; There went our Lord and Master When he was here below; 10. We lay our sinful bodies Beneath the yielding wave, An emblem of the Savior, When he lay in the grave. 11. Poor sinners, think what Jesus Has done for you and me: Behold his mangled body Hung tortured on the tree! 12. His hands, his feet, his bleeding side To you he doth display;— Oh! tell me, brother sinner, How can you stay away? 13. Come, all you elder brethren Ye soldiers of the cross; Who, for the sake of Jesus, Have counted all things loss. 14. Come pray for us, young converts That we may travel on, And meet you all in glory Where our Redeemer's gone. To see the saints in glory, And the angels stand inviting The angels stand inviting, To welcome pilgrims home. Languages: English Tune Title: ZION'S LIGHT

The Glorious Light of Zion (Burk)

Hymnal: The Sacred Harp #92 (2012) First Line: The glorious light of Zion Tune Title: THE GLORIOUS LIGHT OF ZION (BURK)

The glor’ous light of Zion

Author: B. F. White Hymnal: The Sacred Harp #92 (1991) Languages: English Tune Title: BURK
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To see the saints in glory

Author: B. F. W. Hymnal: Union Harp and History of Songs #9 (1909) First Line: The glorious light of Zion is spreading far and wide Languages: English Tune Title: BURK


Hymnal: The Social Harp #126 (1973) First Line: The glorious light of Zion Tune Title: BURK

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