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Scripture:acts 11:1-18
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Spirit of the Living God

Author: Daniel Iverson Meter: Irregular Appears in 71 hymnals Scripture: Acts 11:15 Used With Tune: LIVING GOD (Iverson)

Teach me, my God and King

Author: Rev. George Herbert (1593-1632) Appears in 231 hymnals Scripture: Acts 11:9 Topics: The Christian Life

Praise and Thanksgiving

Author: Albert F. Bayly Meter: D Appears in 28 hymnals Scripture: Acts 11:16 Topics: In The Beginning The Earth is the Lord's Used With Tune: BUNESSAN

Praise and Thanksgiving Be to God

Author: H. Francis Yardley, 1911-1990 Meter: Appears in 9 hymnals Scripture: Acts 11:16 First Line: Praise and thanksgiving be to God our maker Used With Tune: CHRISTE SANCTORUM

Good Friends, Rejoice, Be Glad and Sing

Author: Mary Nelson Keithahn Meter: 8.8.8 with alleluias Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Acts 11:17-18 First Line: Good friends, rejoice, be glad and sing! Lyrics: Good friends, rejoice, be glad and sing!Lift up your hearts, let voices ring!Christ Jesus has changed everything!Alleluia! Alleluia! Lines drawn between us, hard and fast,divisions that we thought would last,have all been banished to the past!Alleluia! Alleluia! No longer blind, we now can seeGod has created us to beone open, loving family.Alleluia! Alleluia! Praise God, Creator, Spirit, Son,that, out of many, we are one!New life in love has now begun!Alleluia! Alleluia! Topics: Church Year-Eastertide Reconciliation; Church Year: Pentecost Reconciliation Used With Tune: PETER AND CORNELIUS Text Sources: The Song Lingers On

They Walked with God

Author: James Montgomery, 1771-1854 Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Acts 11:1-18 First Line: They walked with God in peace and love Lyrics: 1 They walked with God in peace and love but failed with one another; while sternly for the faith they strove, they fell out with each other. But he in whom they put their trust, who knew their frames, that they were dust, with pity healed their weakness. 2 He found them in his house of prayer with one accord assembled, and so revealed his presence there; they wept for joy and trembled. One cup they drank, one bread they broke, on baptism shared, one language spoke, forgiving and forgiven. 3 Then forth they went, with tongues of flame in one blessed theme delighting; the love of Jesus, and his name, God's children all uniting. That love our theme and watchword still; the law of love may we fulfill - give love as love we're given. Topics: Festival: Renewal of the Unitas Fratrum; Conversion; Forgiveness; Holy Spirit--Presence of; Love for Others; Lovefeast; Moravian festivals--August 14; Reconciliation; Sin Used With Tune: SPERATUS

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