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The Apostles' Creed

Appears in 46 hymnals First Line: [The Apostles' Creed] Topics: Creeds Scripture: John 1:6-9
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The Apostle's Creed

Author: Anonymous Meter: D Appears in 3 hymnals First Line: I believe in God the Father Lyrics: 1 I believe in God the Father, Maker of all heav'n and earth; and in Jesus Christ, our Savior, God's own Son, of matchless worth; by the Spirit was conceived, of the virgin Mary born, he in whom I have believed: God Almighty, Three in One. 2 Suffered under ... Topics: Service Music The Apostles' Creed Scripture: Romans 10:10 Used With Tune: MEAD HOUSE Text Sources: The Apostles' Creed, ca. 2nd cent. , 6th cent.
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Nicene Creed

Meter: Irregular Appears in 24 hymnals First Line: I believe in one God, the Father almighty Lyrics: I believe in one God, the Father almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible. And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all worlds; God of God, Light of Light, very God of ... Topics: Creeds; Creeds Used With Tune: DRAESEL Text Sources: Nicene Creed, 4th cent.


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Composer: Samuel Sebastian Wesley Appears in 567 hymnals Tune Sources: Selection of Psalms and Hymns , by C. Kemble, 1864 Tune Key: E Flat Major Incipit: 33343 32116 54345 Used With Text: The Church's One Foundation


Composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) Meter: Appears in 184 hymnals Tune Sources: French carol melody Tune Key: d minor Incipit: 12345 54555 567 Used With Text: God of freedom, God of justice


Appears in 206 hymnals Tune Sources: From The Parish Choir Tune Key: E Flat Major Incipit: 34517 65123 54323 Used With Text: Christian, Rise and Act Thy Creed


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Christian, Rise and Act Thy Creed

Author: F. A. Russell Hymnal: Songs of Service. Rev. ed. #a53 (1948) First Line: Christian, rise, and act thy creed Languages: English Tune Title: [Christian, rise, and act thy creed]
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Christian, Rise and Act Thy Creed

Author: F. A. Russell Hymnal: Songs of Service #53 (1918) First Line: Christian, rise, and act thy creed Languages: English Tune Title: [Christian, rise, and act thy creed]
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Christian, Rise and Act Your Creed

Author: Francis Albert Rollo Russell Hymnal: The New Century Hymnal #537 (1995) Meter: Lyrics: ... Christian, rise and act thy creed; let your prayer be in ... Topics: Consecration; Discipleship; Gospel Call and Response; Service; Year B Proper 18; Year C Proper 24; Zeal Languages: English Tune Title: INNOCENTS


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George Frideric Handel

1685 - 1759 Person Name: G. F. Handel Composer of "INNOCENTS" in The Abingdon Song Book George Frideric Handel (b. Halle, Germany, 1685; d. London, England, 1759) became a musician and composer despite objections from his father, who wanted him to become a lawyer. Handel studied music with Zachau, organist at the Halle Cathedral, and became an accomplished violinist and keyboard performer. He traveled and studied in Italy for some time and then settled permanently in England in 1713. Although he wrote a large number of instrumental works, he is known mainly for his Italian operas, oratorios (including Messiah, 1741), various anthems for church and royal festivities, and organ concertos, which he interpolated into his oratorio performances. He composed only three hymn tunes, one of which (GOPSAL) still appears in some modern hymnals. A number of hymnal editors, including Lowell Mason, took themes from some of Handel's oratorios and turned them into hymn tunes; ANTIOCH is one example, long associated with “Joy to the World.” Bert Polman

John Bacchus Dykes

1823 - 1876 Composer of "BEATITUDO" in The Beacon Song and Service book As a young child John Bacchus Dykes (b. Kingston-upon-Hull' England, 1823; d. Ticehurst, Sussex, England, 1876) took violin and piano lessons. At the age of ten he became the organist of St. John's in Hull, where his grandfather was vicar. After receiving a classics degree from St. Catherine College, Cambridge, England, he was ordained in the Church of England in 1847. In 1849 he became the precentor and choir director at Durham Cathedral, where he introduced reforms in the choir by insisting on consistent attendance, increasing rehearsals, and initiating music festivals. He served the parish of St. Oswald in Durham from 1862 until the year of his death. To the chagrin of his bishop, Dykes favored the high church practices associated with the Oxford Movement (choir robes, incense, and the like). A number of his three hundred hymn tunes are still respected as durable examples of Victorian hymnody. Most of his tunes were first published in Chope's Congregational Hymn and Tune Book (1857) and in early editions of the famous British hymnal, Hymns Ancient and Modern. Bert Polman

Haldor Lillenas

1885 - 1959 Person Name: H. L. Author of "Up-to-Date Religion" in Millennial Revival Born: No­vem­ber 19, 1885, Stord Is­land (near Ber­gen), Nor­way. Died: Au­gust 18, 1959, As­pen, Co­lo­ra­do. Buried: Flor­al Hills Cem­e­te­ry, Kan­sas Ci­ty, Mis­so­uri. Pseudonyms-- Vir­gin­ia Rose Gold­en Laverne Gray Richard Hainsworth Rev. H. N. Lines Robert Whitmore Ferne Winters Lillenas em­i­grat­ed to Amer­i­ca as a child; his fam­i­ly set­tled first in South Da­ko­ta, then moved to Or­e­gon in 1889. He at­tend­ed Deets Pa­ci­fic Bi­ble Coll­ege in Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia (later re­named to Pa­sa­de­na Coll­ege); stu­died mu­sic at the Sie­gel-My­ers School of Mu­sic in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois; and re­ceived an hon­or­ary Doc­tor of Mu­sic de­gree from Ol­i­vet Na­za­rene Coll­ege. His first pas­tor­ate was in Lom­poc, Cal­i­for­nia, in 1910; he lat­er pas­tored in Redlands, Cal­i­for­nia, and In­dianapolis, In­diana. In 1924, he found­ed the Lil­le­nas Mu­sic Com­pa­ny (bought by the Na­za­rene Pub­lish­ing Com­pa­ny in 1930), and worked as an ed­it­or there un­til his re­tire­ment in 1950. Haldor mar­ried Ber­tha Mae Wil­son, a song­writ­er like him­self. He and Ber­tha were el­ders in the Church of the Na­za­rene. Hal­dor tra­veled as an evan­gel­ist, then pas­tored sev­er­al church­es, 1914-1924. In his life­time, he wrote some 4,000 hymns, and sup­plied songs for ma­ny evan­gel­ists. His works in­clude: Special Sac­red Songs, 1919 New Sac­red Songs Strains of Love Special Sac­red Songs No. 2 Sources: Hustad, p. 273 Schwanz, pp. 69-76


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The Psalms of David

Publication Date: 1767 Publisher: James Parker Publication Place: New York Editors: Francis Hopkinson; James Parker


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