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Scripture:genesis 15:17-18
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How Firm a Foundation

Author: John Rippon, 1751-1836 Meter: Appears in 1,871 hymnals Scripture: Genesis 15:1-18 First Line: How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord Topics: Pilgrimage; Scripture; Trust Used With Tune: FOUNDATION Text Sources: Called "K" in A Selection of Hymns,, 1787

The God of Abraham Praise

Author: Thomas Olivers (1725-1799); Daniel ben Judah Meter: D Appears in 406 hymnals Scripture: Genesis 15:1-18 Lyrics: 1 The God of Abraham praise, who reigns enthroned above; Ancient of everlasting days, and God of love; Jehovah, great I AM! by earth and heaven confessed: I bow and bless the sacred Name forever blest. 2 The great I AM has sworn; I on this oath depend. I shall, on eagles' wings upborne, to heaven ascend. I shall behold God's face; I shall God's power adore, and sing the wonders of God's grace forevermore. 3 The goodly land I see with peace and plenty blest; a land of sacred liberty, and endless rest. There milk and honey flow, and oil and wine abound, and trees of life forever grow with mercy crowned. 4 Triumphant hosts on high give thanks eternally and "Holy, holy, holy” cry, "great Trinity!" Hail Abraham’s God and ours! One mighty hymn we raise: all power and majesty be yours and endless praise! Topics: Abraham and Sarah; Exodus; Gathering of the Community; Moses; Praise of God; Trinity Used With Tune: LEONI Text Sources: The Yigdal; st. 4, rev. Hymns for Today's Church

Be Thou My Vision

Author: Mary Elizabeth Byrne, 1800-1931; Eleanor H. Hull, 1860-1935 Meter: Appears in 131 hymnals Scripture: Genesis 15:1-18 First Line: Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart Topics: Discipleship; Prayer; Trust; Images of God Used With Tune: SLANE Text Sources: Irish hymn (8th cent.)

I Will Be Your God

Author: Judith A. Fetter Meter: D Appears in 6 hymnals Scripture: Genesis 15 First Line: To Abraham and Sarah Topics: Biblical Names and Places Abraham; Biblical Names and Places Sarah; Covenant Faithfulness Used With Tune: NYLAND

La ténèbre n'est point ténèbre

Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Genesis 15:1-18 First Line: La ténèbre n'est ténèbre devant toi (Our darkness is never darkness in your sight) Topics: Jesus Christ, Light; Jesus Christ, Light; Light; Light; Meditation; Meditation; Trust Used With Tune: LA TÉNÈBRE Text Sources: Fr. and Eng. paras. Taizé Community(France)

O Raise Your Eyes on High

Author: Ralph Wright, OSB, b. 1938 Meter: Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Genesis 15:4-21 First Line: O raise your eyes on high and see Topics: Christ the King; Lent; Transfiguration of the Lord Used With Tune: MORNING SONG

In a Deep, Unbounded Darkness

Author: Mary Louise Bringle Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Genesis 15 Topics: Biblical Names and Places Abraham; Jesus Christ Incarnation; Jesus Christ I Am; Jesus Christ Friend; Election; Covenant Faithfulness; Change; Biblical Names and Places Sarah; Biblical Names and Places Pillar of Cloud/Pillar of Fire; Biblical Names and Places Moses; Biblical Names and Places Miriam; Biblical Names and Places Hagar; Jesus Christ Savior Used With Tune: DIVINUM MYSTERIUM Text Sources: Anonymous Chinese poem

Abraham, Sarah Too

Author: Brian Wren Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Genesis 15 First Line: [Abraham, Sarah Too] Text Sources: Christ Our Hope (Hope Publishing Company, 2004)

Father Abraham

Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Genesis 15 First Line: Father Abraham had many kids Lyrics: 1 Father Abraham had many kids, many kids had Father Abraham. I am one of them, and so are you, so let's all praise the Lord. *right arm! (clench fist, bend and extend right arm upward repeatedly throughout song) Repeat song, adding motions : 2 ... left arm (add left arm in same motion as right) 3 ... right foot! (add right foot stepping up and down) 4 ... left foot! (add left foot stepping up and down) 5 ... chin up! (start a continuous chin-bobbing motion) 6 ... turn around! (add turning in place while continuing other motions) 7 ... sit down! (sit down) Topics: Know Old Testament Songs; Songs with Signing or Motions Used With Tune: [Father Abraham had many kids] Text Sources: Traditional

Yahweh Is Calling

Author: Susan Mulder Langeland Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Genesis 15 First Line: "Abram!" Yahweh is calling Topics: Know Old Testament Songs Used With Tune: JACQUI'S SONG


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