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Many Gifts, One Spirit

Author: Al Carmines Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals First Line: God of change and glory Lyrics: Refrain: Many gifts, one Spirit, one ... God of change and glory, ... Many gifts, one Spirit, one love known in ...
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Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart

Author: George Croly Meter: Appears in 328 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Spirit of God, descend upon my heart; wean it from earth, through all its pulses move; stoop to my weakness, mighty as thou art, and make me love thee as I ought to love. 2 I ask no dream, no prophet ecstasies, no sudden rending of the veil of clay, no ... Topics: The Holy Spirit Gifts of the Spirit; God Present in the Holy Spirit Gifts of the Spirit Used With Tune: MORECAMBE
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Breathe on Me, Breath of God

Author: Edwin Hatch Meter: Appears in 318 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Breathe on me, Breath of God; fill me with life anew, that I may love what thou dost love, and do what thou wouldst do. 2 Breathe on me, Breath of God, until my heart is pure, until with thee I will one will, to do and to endure. 3 Breathe on me, Breath ... Topics: Gift of the Holy Spirit Scripture: Genesis 2:7 Used With Tune: TRENTHAM


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Composer: Ithamar Conkey Meter: Appears in 642 hymnals Tune Key: B Flat Major Incipit: 51317 65155 63234 Used With Text: Oh! My Soul! Bless Thou Jehovah


Composer: Helen Gierke Meter: with refrain Appears in 1 hymnal Tune Key: D Major Incipit: 12356 53212 35765 Used With Text: Gifts of the Spirit


Composer: Martin Luther Meter: Appears in 558 hymnals Tune Sources: Timeless Truths (; The Cyber Hymnal ( Tune Key: C Major Incipit: 11156 71765 17656 Used With Text: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God


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Published text-tune combinations (hymns) from specific hymnals

Gifts of the Spirit

Author: Nancy McNulty Hymnal: Hymns for a Pilgrim People #238 (2007) Meter: with refrain First Line: We are gifted by the Spirit Refrain First Line: The gifts of the Spirit Lyrics: Refrain: The gifts of the Spirit, upon us they do ... Topics: Guidance; Holy Spirit; Service Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:4 Languages: English Tune Title: GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT
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The Gift of the Spirit

Author: Palmer Hartsough Hymnal: Sacred Selections for the Church #500 (1990) First Line: The Father kind above Languages: English Tune Title: [The Father kind above]
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Hymnal: A Collection of Hymns and Anthems #76 (1892) First Line: The beautiful gifts of the spirit Languages: English Tune Title: [The beautiful gifts of the spirit]


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William Croft

1678 - 1727 Person Name: Dr. W. Croft, 1678-1727 Composer of "CROFT'S 148th" in Methodist Hymn and Tune Book William Croft, Mus. Doc. was born in the year 1677 and received his musical education in the Chapel Royal, under Dr. Blow. In 1700 he was admitted a Gentleman Extraordinary of the Chapel Boyd; and in 1707, upon the decease of Jeremiah Clarke, he was appointed joint organist with his mentor, Dr. Blow. In 1709 he was elected organist of Westminster Abbey. This amiable man and excellent musician died in 1727, in the fiftieth year of his age. A very large number of Dr. Croft's compositions remain still in manuscript. Cathedral chants of the XVI, XVII & XVIII centuries, ed. by Edward F. Rimbault, London: D. Almaine & Co., 1844

Felice Giardini

1716 - 1796 Person Name: Felice de Giardini, 1716-1796 Composer of "MOSCOW" in The Hymnal 1982 Felice Giardini, born in Italy. When young, he studied singing, harpsichord, and violin. He became a composer and violin virtuoso. By age 12 he was playing in theatre orchestras. His most instructive lesson: While playing a solo passage during an opera, he decided to show off his skills by improvising several bravura variations that the composer, Jommelli, had not written . Although the audience applauded loudly, Jomelli, who happened to be there, went up and slapped Giardini in the face. He learned a lesson from that. He toured Europe as a violinist, considered one of the greatest musical artists of his time. He served as orchestra leader and director of the Italian Opera in London, giving concerts. He tried to run a theatre in Naples, but encountered adversity. He went to Russia, but had little fortune there, where he died. John Perry

John Stainer

1840 - 1901 Composer of "CHARITY" in The Hymnal


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