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Scripture:john 15:26-27
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Come, Thou Almighty King

Author: Anonymous Meter: Appears in 1,615 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26 Lyrics: 1 Come, thou almighty King, help us thy name to sing; help us to praise. Father all-glorious, o'er all victorious, come and reign over us, Ancient of Days. 2 Come, thou incarnate Word, gird on thy mighty sword; scatter thy foes. Let thine almighty aid our sure defense be made, our souls on thee be stayed; thy wonders show. 3 Come, holy Comforter, thy sacred witness bear in this glad hour. Thou who almighty art, rule now in every heart, and ne'er from us depart, Spirit of power. 4 To thee, great One in Three, eternal praises be hence evermore! Thy sovereign majesty may we in glory see, and to eternity love and adore. Topics: Doxologies; Trinity; Refuge; Preaching; Opening of Worship; King, God/Christ as; Holy Spirit; Doxologies; Opening of Worship; Preaching; King, God/Christ as; Word of God Used With Tune: ITAILAN HYMN

I Love to Tell the Story

Author: A. Catherine Hankey Meter: D with refrain Appears in 1,076 hymnals Scripture: John 15:27 Lyrics: 1 I love to tell the story of unseen things above, of Jesus and his glory, of Jesus and his love. I love to tell the story because I know 'tis true; it satisfies my longings as nothing else can do. Refrain: I love to tell the story; 'twill be my theme in glory to tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love. 2 I love to tell the story; 'tis pleasant to repeat what seems, each time I tell it, more wonderfully sweet. I love to tell the story, for some have never heard the message of salvation from God's own holy Word. Refrain 3 I love to tell the story, for those who know it best seem hungering and thirsting to hear it, like the rest. And when, in scenes of glory, I sing the new, new song, 'twill be the old, old story that I have loved so long. Refrain Topics: Church and Mission; Missions Used With Tune: HANKEY

Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathed

Author: Harriett Auber Meter: Appears in 490 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26 Topics: God: His Attributes, Works and Word The Holy Spirit Used With Tune: ST. CUTHBERT

Come Down, O Love Divine

Author: Bianco da Siena (d. 1434); Richard Frederick Littledale (1833-1890) Meter: 6.6.11 D Appears in 89 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26 Lyrics: 1 Come down, O Love Divine, seek out this soul of mine, and visit it with your own ardour glowing; O Comforter, draw near, within my heart appear, and kindle it, your holy flame bestowing. 2 O let it freely burn, till earthly passions turn to dust and ashes, in its heat consuming; and let your glorious light shine ever on my sight, and clothe me round, the while my path illuming. 3 Let holy charity my outward vesture be, and lowliness becomes my inner clothing; true lowliness of heart, which takes the humbler part, and o'er its own shortcomings weeps with loathing. 4 And so the yearning strong, with which the soul will long, shall far outpass the power of human telling; we cannot guess its grace, till he become the place wherein the Holy Spirit makes a dwelling. Topics: Longing; Humility; Holy Spirit as Comforter; The Holy Spirit The Coming of the Spirit; Our Response to Christ In Penitence; Purity Of Heart Used With Tune: DOWN AMPNEY

O Holy Spirit, by Whose Breath

Author: John W. Grant Meter: Appears in 19 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26 Topics: Doxologies; Trinity; Peace; Holy Spirit; Doxologies; Commitment & Dedication; Pentecost and Holy Spirit; Commitment & Dedication; Word of God Used With Tune: DAS NEUGEBORNE KINDELEIN Text Sources: Latin hymn, Veni Creator Spiritus, 9th cent.

Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove

Author: Simon Browne (1680-1732) Meter: Appears in 552 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26 Lyrics: 1 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, with light and comfort from above; come, be our Guardian, be our Guide, o'er every thought and step preside. 2 The light of truth to us display, and make us know and choose your way; plant holy fear in every heart, that we from God may ne'er depart. 3 Lead us to Christ, the living Way, nor let us from his pastures stray; lead us to holiness, the road that we must take to dwell with God. 4 Lead us to heav'n, that we may share fullness of joy for ever there; lead us to God, our final rest, to be with him for ever blest. Topics: The Holy Spirit The Coming of the Spirit; Christian Year Pentecost; Guidance; Heaven; Holy Spirit illunination of Used With Tune: VERBUM SUPERNUM

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest

Author: Rhabanus Maurus, 776-856; Edward Caswell, 1814-1878 Appears in 253 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26 Topics: Doxologies and Glorias; God Presence; Ordination; Pentecost Holy Spirit Used With Tune: LAMBILLOTTE

Lord God, the Spirit blest

Author: James Montgomery, 1771-1854 Meter: Appears in 246 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26-27 Lyrics: 1 Lord God, the Spirit blest, in this accepted hour, as on the day of Pentecost, descend with all your power; we meet with one accord in this your holy place, and wait the promise of our Lord, the Spirit of all grace. 3 Like mighty rushing wind upon the waves beneath, move with one impulse every mind, one soul, one feeling breathe: the young, the old inspire with wisdom from above; and give us hearts and tongues of fire to pray, and praise, and love. 5 Spirit of light! explore, and chase our gloom away, with lustre shining more and more towards the perfect day: Spirit of truth! alone in life and death our guide; come, Spirit of adoption! now may we be sanctified. Topics: Anniversary of a Church; Sanctification; Saints Days and Holy Days Evangelists; Saints Days and Holy Days Apostles; People of God; Light; Holy Spirit; Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Divine Inspiration; Confirmation Service; Commissioning Service; Baptism; Worship Gathering Used With Tune: VENICE

Holy Spirit, Truth Divine

Author: Samuel Longfellow Meter: Appears in 233 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26 Lyrics: 1 Holy Spirit, truth divine, dawn upon this soul of mine. Voice of God and inward light, wake my spirit, clear my sight. 2 Holy Spirit, love divine, glow within this heart of mine. Kindle every high desire, purify me with your fire. 3 Holy Spirit, power divine, fill and nerve this will of mine. Boldly may I always live, bravely serve, and gladly give. 4 Holy Spirit, law divine, reign within this soul of mine. Be my law, and I shall be firmly bound, forever free. 5 Holy Spirit, peace divine, still this restless heart of mine. Speak to calm this tossing sea, grant me your tranquility. 6 Holy Spirit, joy divine, gladden now this heart of mine. In the desert ways I sing spring, O Living Water, spring! Topics: Peace; Ministry & Service; Law of God; Joy; Illumination; Holy Spirit; Pentecost and Holy Spirit; Will of God; Law of God; Illumination; Will of God Used With Tune: SONG 13

Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire

Author: John Cosin, 1594-1672 Appears in 211 hymnals Scripture: John 15:26 - 16:15 Topics: Ordination; Pentecost; The Holy Spirit Used With Tune: VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS (1)


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