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Scripture:luke 3:15-17
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On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry

Author: John Chandler (1806-1876); Charles Coffin (1676-1749) Meter: Appears in 202 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:1-18 Lyrics: 1 On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry announces that the Lord is nigh; awake and hearken for he brings glad tidings of the King of kings. 2 Then cleansed be every heart from sin; make straight the way for God within, prepare we in our hearts a home, where such a mighty Guest may come. 3 For you are our salvation, Lord, our refuge and our great reward; without your grace we waste away, like flowers that wither and decay. 4 Stretch out your hand, to heal our sore, and make us rise to fall no more; once more upon your people shine, and fill the world with love divine. 5 All praise to you, eternal Son, whose advent has our freedom won, whom with the Father we adore, and Holy Spirit, evermore. Topics: Life in Christ Christ Incarnate - Public Ministry; Christian Year Lent; Christian Year Season of Epiphany; Jesus baptism Used With Tune: WINCHESTER NEW (CRASSELIUS)

O thou who camest from above

Author: Charles Wesley (1707-1788) Meter: Appears in 147 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:16 Lyrics: 1 O thou who camest from above the pure celestial fire to impart, kindle a flame of sacred love on the mean altar of my heart. 2 There let it for thy glory burn with inextinguishable blaze, and trembling to its source return, in humble prayer and fervent praise. 3 Jesus, confirm my heart's desire to work and speak and think for thee; still let me guard the holy fire, and still stir up thy gift in me. 4 Ready for all thy perfect will, my acts of faith and love repeat, till death thy endless mercies seal, and make the sacrifice complete. Topics: The Holy Spirit in the Church Enlivening and Renewing the Chruch; The Church Celebrates Confirmation; Confirmation; Devotion Used With Tune: HEREFORD

When John Baptized by Jordan's River

Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith, 1926- Meter: D Appears in 10 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:2-17 Lyrics: 1 When John baptized by Jordan's river in faith and hope the people came, that John and Jordan might deliver their troubled souls from sin and shame. They came to seek a new beginning, the human spirit's ageless quest, repentance and an end of sinning, renouncing every wrong confessed. 2 There as the Lord, baptized and praying, rose from the stream the sinless One, a voice was heard from heaven saying, "This is my own beloved Son." There as the Father's word was spoken, not in the power of wind and flame, but of his love and peace the token, seen as a dove, the Spirit came. 3 O Son of Man, our nature sharing, in whose obedience all are blest, Saviour, our sins and sorrows bearing, hear us and grant us this request: daily to grow, by grace defended, filled with the Spirit from above; in Christ baptized, beloved, befriended, children of God in peace and love. Topics: Jesus Christ Baptism Used With Tune: RENDEZ À DIEU

Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice

Author: Carl P. Daw, Jr. Meter: D Appears in 8 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:1-22 Lyrics: 1 Wild and lone the prophet's voice echoes through the desert still, calling us to make a choice, bidding us to do God's will: "Turn from sin and be baptized; cleanse your heart and mind and soul. Quitting all the sin you prized, yield your life to God's control. 2 "Bear the fruit repentance sows: lives of justice, truth, and love. Trust no other claim than those; set your heart on things above. Soon the Lord will come in power, burning clean the threshing floor: then will flames the chaff devour; wheat alone shall fill God's store." 3 With such preaching stark and bold John proclaimed salvation near, and his timeless warnings hold words of hope to all who hear. So we dare to journey on, led by faith through ways untrod, till we come at last like John - to behold the Lamb of God. Topics: The Grace of Jesus Christ Christ's Promised Coming Used With Tune: LA GRANGE (White)

Spirit Divine! attend our prayers

Author: Andrew Reed Meter: Appears in 340 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:16 Topics: God: His Attributes, Works and Word The Holy Spirit Used With Tune: MILTON

When Jesus Came to Jordan

Author: Fred Pratt Green, b. 1903 Meter: D Appears in 16 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:15-22 Lyrics: 1 When Jesus came to Jordan to be baptized by John, he did not come for pardon. but as the Sinless One. He came to share repentance with all who mourn their sins, to speak the vital sentence with which good news begins. 2 He came to share temptation, our utmost woe and loss, for us and our salvation to die upon the cross. So when the Dove descended on him, the Son of Man, the hidden years had ended, the age of grace began. 3 Come, Holy Spirit, aid us to keep the vows we make; this very day invade us, and ev'ry bondage break. Come, give our lives direction, the gift we covet most: to share the resurrection that leads to Pentecost. Topics: Baptism of Our Lord, The; Epiphany Used With Tune: KING'S LYNN

Wanted Hearts

Author: John Lawley Meter: D with refrain Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:16 First Line: Wanted: hearts baptized with fire Refrain First Line: Hearts to hoist the colors bravely Lyrics: 1 Wanted: hearts baptized with fire, Hearts completely cleansed from sin; Hearts that will go to the mire, Hearts that dare do aught for Him; Hearts that will be firmer, braver, Hearts like heroes gone before; Hearts enjoying God’s full favor, Hearts to love Him more and more. Refrain: Hearts to hoist the colors bravely, Hearts to share the hardest fight; Hearts that know their duty clearly, Hearts to dare and do the right. 2 Wanted: hearts that beat true ever, Hearts that can for others feel; Hearts that prove the traitor never, Hearts that will the wounded heal; Hearts o’erflowing with compassion, Hearts renewed by grace divine; Hearts aglow with full salvation, Hearts to say: “Thy will, not mine!” [Refrain] 3 Wanted: hearts to love the masses, Hearts to help Him seek the lost; Hearts to help Him save all classes, Hearts to help Him save the worst; Hearts to share with Him the weeping, Hearts to bear with Him the cross; Hearts to help Him with the reaping, Hearts to trust through gain or loss. [Refrain] 4 Wanted: hearts like Thine, Lord, holy, Hearts that in Thine image shine; Hearts that turn from sin and folly, Hearts to know no way but Thine; Hearts that unto Thee are given, Hearts possessed with dying love; Hearts on earth but filled with Heaven, Hearts inspired from above. [Refrain] Used With Tune: ENLISTMENT Text Sources: Timeless Truths (http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/Wanted_Hearts); The Salvation Army, Songs and Music, 1922 (304); http://www.isew.org.uk/678_708.html (12 June, 2007); http://www.isew.org.uk/678_708.html (12 June 2007)

Down by the Jordan

Author: Carolyn Winfrey Gillette Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:1-22 First Line: Down by the Jordan, a prophet named John was baptizing Lyrics: Down by the Jordan, a prophet named John was baptizing, Preaching a message the people found bold and surprising: "God will forgive! Show that you'll change how you live! Surely God's new day is rising!" There by the river, the crowd came with great expectation: "Are you God's Chosen One, sent here to rescue our nation?" "No!" John replied. "He who is mightier than I Judges and offers salvation." Jesus, you went to be baptized with all of the others, Taking your place among sinners, God's lost sons and daughters. Then with great love, God's Spirit came as a dove! Your work began in those waters. Here in the Church, we are baptized and filled with God's Spirit. Freed and forgiven, we're welcomed with joy! Can you hear it? This is God's sign! This is how God says, "You're mine!" Let's take the good news and share it! Topics: Baptism; Church Year; Jesus Christ Ministry Used With Tune: LOBE DEN HERREN

Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove

Author: Isaac Watts, 1674-1748 Meter: Appears in 974 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:1-22 Topics: Pentecost; The Holy Spirit Used With Tune: HARESFIELD

O Spirit of the Living God

Author: James Montgomery (1771-1854) Meter: Appears in 345 hymnals Scripture: Luke 3:1-22 Lyrics: 1 O Spirit of the living God, in all the fullness of thy grace, wherever human foot hath trod, descend on our rebellious race. 2 Give tongues of fire and hearts of love to preach the reconciling word; give power and unction from above, whene'er the joyful sound is heard. 3 Be darkness at thy coming light; confusion, order in thy path; souls without strength inspire with might, bid mercy triumph over wrath. 4 O Spirit of the Lord, prepare all the round earth its God to meet; breathe thou abroad like morning air, till hearts of stone begin to beat. 5 Baptize the nations; far and nigh the triumph of the cross record; the name of Jesus glorify, till every kindred call him Lord. Topics: Christian Initiation; Mission; Pentecost; Renewal; Baptism (general) Used With Tune: WAREHAM


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