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Scripture:mark 12:38-44
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Take my life, Lord, let it be

Author: Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879) Meter: Appears in 1,056 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:41-44 Lyrics: 1 Take my life, Lord, let it be consecrated, glad, and free; take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise. 2 Take my hands, and let them move at the impulse of your love; take my feet, that I may run bearing news of Christ your Son. 3 Take my voice, and let me sing always, only, for my King; take my intellect and use every power as you shall choose. 4 Take my will -- your will be done, may my will and yours be one; take my heart -- it is your own, it shall be your royal throne. 5 Take my love -- my Lord, I pour at your feet its treasure-store; take myself, and I will be all for you, eternally. Topics: Our Response to Christ In Dedication; Offering of self Used With Tune: NOTTINGHAM

The Temple Rang with Golden Coins

Author: Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., b. 1923 Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:41-44 Used With Tune: ST. FLAVIAN

Brightest and Best

Author: Reginald Heber (1783-1826) Meter: Appears in 822 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:41-44 First Line: Brightest and best of the stars of the morning Lyrics: 1 Brightest and best of the stars of the morning, dawn on our darkness, and lend us thine aid: gem of the East, the horizon adorning, guide where our infant Redeemer is laid. 2 Cold on his cradle the dewdrops are shining, low lies his head with the beasts of the stall; angels adore him in slumber reclining, Maker and Monarch and Saviour of all. 3 Say, shall we yield him, in costly devotion odours of Edom and offerings divine, gems of the mountain and pearls of the ocean, myrrh from the forest and gold from the mine? 4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation, vainly with gifts would his favour secure; richer by far is the heart’s adoration, dearer to God are the prayers of the poor. 5 Brightest and best of the stars of the morning, dawn on our darkness and lend us thine aid; gem of the East, the horizon adorning, guide where our infant Redeemer is laid. Topics: Epiphany (feast); Christmas Used With Tune: STELLA ORIENTIS

Hark! the voice of Jesus crying

Author: Daniel March Meter: D Appears in 447 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:42-44 Used With Tune: AUTUMN

We Give You But Your Own

Author: William W. How Meter: Appears in 408 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:41-44 Lyrics: 1 We give you but your own, in any gifts we bring; all that we have is yours alone, a trust from you, our King. 2 May we your bounties thus as stewards true receive, and gladly, Lord, as you bless us, to you our first-fruits give. 3 To comfort and to bless, to find a balm for woe, to tend those lost in loneliness is angels' work below. 4 The captive to release, the lost to God to bring, to teach the way of life and peace - it is a Christ-like thing. 5 And we believe your word, though dim our faith may be. Whate'er we do for you, O Lord, we do it gratefully. Topics: Stewardship and Service; Following Christ; Service music--Offering responses; Stewardship; Stewardship Used With Tune: SCHUMANN

O God, what offering shall I give

Author: Joachim Lange, 1670-1744; John Wesley, 1703-1791 Meter: Appears in 49 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:42-44 Topics: Covenant, Commitment and Dedication Used With Tune: PATER OMNIUM

How Shall I Sing That Majesty

Author: John Mason (1645?-1694) Meter: D Appears in 32 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:41-44 Lyrics: 1 How shall I sing that majesty which angels do admire? Let dust in dust and silence lie; sing, sing, ye heavenly choir! Thousands of thousands stand around thy throne, O God most high; ten thousand times ten thousand sound thy praise; but who am I? 2 Thy brightness unto them appears, whilst I thy footsteps trace; a sound of God comes to my ears, but they behold thy face. They sing because thou art their sun; Lord, send a beam on me; for where heaven is but once begun, there hallelujahs be. 3 Enlighten with faith's light my heart, inflame it with love's fire; then shall I sing and bear a part with that celestial choir. I shall, I fear, be dark and cold, with all my fire and light; yet when thou dost accept their gold, Lord, treasure up my mite. 4 How great a being Lord, is thine, which doth all beings keep! Thy knowledge is the only line to sound so vast a deep: thou art a sea without a shore, a sun without a sphere; thy time is now and evermore, thy place is everywhere. Topics: Angels; Arts and Music; Communion of Saints; Praise of God Used With Tune: HURRLE

Where Charity and Love Prevail

Author: Omer Westendorf Meter: Appears in 29 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:38-44 Topics: Christian Year Maundy Thursday; The Church; Community in Christ; Ecumenical; Forgiveness; Love for Others; Love of God for Us Used With Tune: TWENTY-FOURTH Text Sources: Latin, 8th cent.

When the Poor Ones (Cuando el pobre)

Author: Miguel Manzano; José Antonio Olivar; George Lockwood Meter: 12.11.12 with refrain Appears in 11 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:38-44 First Line: When the poor ones who have nothing (Cuando el pobre anad tiene) Refrain First Line: then we know that God still goes the road with us (va Dios mismo en nuestro mismo caminar) Topics: Hope; Joy; Justice and Reconciliation; Love for Others; Trusting in the Promises of God Used With Tune: EL CAMINO

Send out the gospel! Let it sound

Author: Henry E. Fox (1841-1926) Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals Scripture: Mark 12:41-44 Lyrics: 1 Send out the gospel! Let it sound northward and southward, east and west; tell all the world Christ died and lives- he gives us pardon, life and rest. 2 Send out the gospel, mighty Lord! Out of this chaos bring to birth your own creation's promised hope: the coming days of heaven on earth. 3 Send out your gospel, gracious Lord! Yours was the blood for sinners shed; your voice still pleads in human hearts- let all the world to you be led. 4 Send out your gospel, holy Lord! Kindle in us love's sacred flame; love giving all with heart and mind, for Jesus' sake, in Jesus' name. 5 Send out the gospel! Make it known! Christians, obey your master's call; sing out his praise! he comes to reign, the King of Kings and Lord of all. Topics: The Church Celebrates Ordination; Our Response to God in mission and service; Church Ministry; Gospel Call; Witness Used With Tune: OLD CLARENDONIAN Text Sources: adapted Hymns for Today's Church, 1982


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