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My Song Is Love Unknown

Author: Samuel Crossman Meter: Appears in 101 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:31 Lyrics: 1 My song is love unknown, my Savior’s love to me, love to the loveless shown that they might lovely be. O who am I, that for my sake my Lord should take frail flesh, and die? 2 He came from his blest throne all made strange, and none the longed-for Christ would know. But, O, my Friend, my fFiend indeed, who at my need his life did spend! 3 Sometimes they strew his way, and his strong praises sing, resounding all the way Hosannas to their King. Then “Crucify!” is all their breath, and for his death they thirst and cry. 4 Why, what hath my Lord done? What makes this rage and spite? He made the lame to run, he gave the blind their sight. Sweet injuries! Ye they at these themselves displease, and 'gainst him rise. 5 They rise, and needs will have my dear Lord made away; a murderer they save, the Prince of life they slay. Yet cheerful he to suff'ring goes, that he his foes from thence might free. 6 In life, no house, no home my Lord on earth might have; in death, no friendly tomb but what a stranger gave. What may I say? Heaven was his home, but mine the tomb wherein he lay. 7 Here might I stay and sing, no story so divine: never was love, dear King, never was grief like thine. This is my Friend, in whose sweet praise I all my days could gladly spend. Topics: Jesus Christ Passion and Cross Used With Tune: LOVE UNKNOWN

The evil Heart

Meter: Appears in 77 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:19 First Line: Astonish'd and distress'd Lyrics: 1 Astonish'd and distress'd, I turn mine eyes within; My heart with loads of guilt oprest, The seat of every sin. 2 What croads of evil thoughts, What vile affections there! Distrust, presumption, artful guile, Pride, envy, slavish fear. 3 Almighty King of saints These tyrant lusts subdue; Expel the darkness of my mind, And all my powers renew. 4 This done, my cheerful voice Shall loud hosannas raise; My soul shall glow with gratitude, My lips proclaim thy praise. Topics: Heart Evil; Heart Evil

O Christ, the Healer, We Have Come

Author: Fred Pratt Green, 1903-2000 Meter: Appears in 28 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:30 Lyrics: 1 O Christ, the healer, we have come to pray for health, to plead for friends. How can we fail to be restored when reached by love that never ends? 2 From every ailment flesh endures our bodies clamor to be freed: yet in our hearts we would confess that wholeness is our deepest need. 3 In conflicts that destroy our health we recognize the world's disease: our common life declares our ills. Is there no cure, O Christ, for these? 4 Grant that we all, made one in faith, in your community may find the wholeness that, enriching us, shall reach the whole of humankind. Used With Tune: CANONBURY

Break Thou the Bread of Life

Author: Mary A. Lathbury; Alexander Groves Meter: D Appears in 634 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:29-38 Lyrics: 1 Break now the bread of life, dear Lord, to me, as thou didst breaj the loaves beside the sea; beyond the sacred page I seek thee, Lord, my spirit pants for thee, O living Word. 2 Bless thou the truth, dear Lord, to me, to me, as thou didst bless the bread by Galilee; then shall all bondage cease, all fetters fall; and I shall find my peace, my All in all. 3 Thou art the bread of life, O Lord, to me, thy holy Word the truth that saveth me; give me to eat and live with thee above; teach me to love thy truth, for thou are love. 4 O send thy Spirit,Lord, now unto me, that he may touch my eyes and make me see: show me the truth concealed within thy Word, and in thy book revealed I see thee, Lord. Used With Tune: BREAD OF LIFE

Lord, Have Mercy

Author: Steve Merkel Meter: 4.4.6 D Appears in 137 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:22 Topics: Responses To Confession; Elements of Worship Confession Used With Tune: LORD, HAVE MERCY

O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing

Author: Charles Wesley (1707-1788) Meter: Appears in 1,543 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:29-39 Lyrics: 1 O for a thousand tongues to sing my great Redeemer's praise, the glories of my God and King, the triumphs of his grace. 2 Jesus! the name that charms our fears and bids our sorrows cease; 'tis music in the sinner's ears, 'tis life, and health, and peace. 3 He speaks; and, listening to his voice, new life the dead receive; the mournful, broken hearts rejoice, the humble poor believe. 4 Hear him, ye deaf, ye voiceless ones, your loosened tongues employ; ye blind, behold your Saviour come, and leap, ye lame, for joy! 5 My gracious Master and my God, assist me to proclaim, to spread through all the earth abroad the honours of thy name. Topics: Healing; Jesus, Name of; Praise of God; Name of Jesus Used With Tune: RICHMOND

Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life

Author: Frank Mason North Meter: Appears in 335 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:32 Used With Tune: GERMANY

In Christ there is no east or west

Author: John Oxenham, pseud., 1852-1941 Meter: Appears in 286 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:21-28 Topics: Life and Unity in the Church Used With Tune: KILMARNOCK

Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old

Author: Edward Hayes Plumptre (1821-1891) Meter: D Appears in 147 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:21-28 Lyrics: 1 Your hands, O Lord, in days of old were strong to heal and save; they triumphed over pain and death, o'er darkness and the grave. To you they went, the blind, the mute, the palsied and the lame, the leper set apart and shunned, the sick with fevered frame. 2 And then your touch brought life and health, gave speech and strength and sight; and youth renewed, with health restored, claimed you, the Lord of light. And so, O Lord, be near to bless, almighty now as then, in every street, in every home, in every troubled friend. 3 O be our mighty healer still, O Lord of life and death; restore and strengthen, soothe and bless with your almighty breath. On hands that work and eyes that see, your healing wisdom pour, that whole and sick and weak and strong may praise you evermore. Topics: Healing; Epiphany (season) Used With Tune: ST. MICHAEL'S


Author: R. Morris, D.D., LL.D Appears in 132 hymnals Scripture: Matthew 15:29 First Line: Each cooing dove and sighing bough Refrain First Line: O Galilee, sweet Galilee Lyrics: 1 Each cooing dove and sighing bough, That makes the eve so blest to me, Has something far diviner now; It bears me back to Galilee. Refrain: O Galilee, sweet Galilee, Where Jesus loved so much to be; O Galilee, blue Galilee, Come, sing thy song again to me. 2 Each flowery glen and mossy dell, Where happy birds in song agree, Through sunny morn the praises tell Of sights and sounds in Galilee. [Refrain] 3 And when I read the thrilling love Of him who walked upon the sea, I long, O how I long once more To follow him in Galilee. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [Each cooing dove and sighing bough] (McIntosh)


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