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Messiah, Prince of Peace

Author: Charles Wesley Appears in 7 hymnals

Jesus Messiah

Author: Chris Tomlin; Daniel Carson; Ed Cash; Jesse Reeves Appears in 8 hymnals First Line: He became sin, who knew no sin Refrain First Line: Jesus Messiah, name above all names Topics: Messiah Used With Tune: [He became sin, who knew no sin]
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Take My Life, and Let It Be

Author: Frances R. Havergal Meter: D Appears in 1,164 hymnals Lyrics: 1. Take my life, and let it be consecrated, Lord, to thee. Take my moments and my days; let them flow in ceaseless praise. Take my hands, and let them move at the impulse of thy love. Take my feet, and let them be swift and beautiful for thee. 2. Take my ... Topics: Sanctifiying and Perfecting Grace Personal Holiness; Commitment; Installation Services; Jesus Christ Love For; Stewardship; Testimony and Witness Scripture: Romans 12:1 Used With Tune: MESSIAH


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Composer: Louis J. F. Hérold; George Kingsley Meter: D Appears in 87 hymnals Tune Key: F Major Incipit: 32114 32566 53123 Used With Text: Take My Life, and Let It Be


Composer: Nolan Williams, Jr. b. 1969 Meter: 5.4.6 D with refrain Appears in 2 hymnals Tune Key: E Flat Major Incipit: 12323 65235 43221 Used With Text: Messiah Now Has Come
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Meter: Appears in 144 hymnals Tune Key: E Flat Major Incipit: 51321 65434 35 Used With Text: Behold the Saviour of mankind


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Messiah Is Come

Author: Laura E. Newell Hymnal: Crown of Gold #21 (1892) First Line: Messiah is come to redeem us Languages: English Tune Title: [Messiah is come to redeem us]

The Desolate Messiah Dies

Author: Gareth Hill Hymnal: Discipleship Ministries Collection #60 Lyrics: The Desolate Messiah dies spread eagled ... Topics: Lent/Holy Week Languages: English Tune Title: [The Desolate Messiah dies]
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The Messiah of the Nations

Author: E. R. Latta Hymnal: The Revival No. 6 #18 (1910) First Line: The Messiah of the nations He shall come Refrain First Line: Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise Him Languages: English Tune Title: [The Messiah of the nations He shall come]


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George Frideric Handel

1685 - 1759 Person Name: Handel Composer of "CHRISTMAS" in Song-Hymnal of Praise and Joy George Frideric Handel (b. Halle, Germany, 1685; d. London, England, 1759) became a musician and composer despite objections from his father, who wanted him to become a lawyer. Handel studied music with Zachau, organist at the Halle Cathedral, and became an accomplished violinist and keyboard performer. He traveled and studied in Italy for some time and then settled permanently in England in 1713. Although he wrote a large number of instrumental works, he is known mainly for his Italian operas, oratorios (including Messiah, 1741), various anthems for church and royal festivities, and organ concertos, which he interpolated into his oratorio performances. He composed only three hymn tunes, one of which (GOPSAL) still appears in some modern hymnals. A number of hymnal editors, including Lowell Mason, took themes from some of Handel's oratorios and turned them into hymn tunes; ANTIOCH is one example, long associated with “Joy to the World.” Bert Polman

Henry Thomas Smart

1813 - 1879 Person Name: Henry Smart Composer of "REGENT SQUARE" in The Hymnary for use in Baptist churches Henry Smart (b. Marylebone, London, England, 1813; d. Hampstead, London, 1879), a capable composer of church music who wrote some very fine hymn tunes (REGENT SQUARE, 354, is the best-known). Smart gave up a career in the legal profession for one in music. Although largely self taught, he became proficient in organ playing and composition, and he was a music teacher and critic. Organist in a number of London churches, including St. Luke's, Old Street (1844-1864), and St. Pancras (1864-1869), Smart was famous for his extemporiza­tions and for his accompaniment of congregational singing. He became completely blind at the age of fifty-two, but his remarkable memory enabled him to continue playing the organ. Fascinated by organs as a youth, Smart designed organs for impor­tant places such as St. Andrew Hall in Glasgow and the Town Hall in Leeds. He composed an opera, oratorios, part-songs, some instrumental music, and many hymn tunes, as well as a large number of works for organ and choir. He edited the Choralebook (1858), the English Presbyterian Psalms and Hymns for Divine Worship (1867), and the Scottish Presbyterian Hymnal (1875). Some of his hymn tunes were first published in Hymns Ancient and Modern (1861). Bert Polman

William B. Bradbury

1816 - 1868 Composer of "OLIVE'S BROW" in The United Methodist Hymnal William Bachelder Bradbury USA 1816-1868. Born at York, ME, he was raised on his father's farm, with rainy days spent in a shoe-shop, the custom in those days. He loved music and spent spare hours practicing any music he could find. In 1830 the family moved to Boston, where he first saw and heard an organ and piano, and other instruments. He became an organist at 15. He attended Dr. Lowell Mason's singing classes, and later sang in the Bowdoin Street church choir. Dr. Mason became a good friend. He made $100/yr playing the organ, and was still in Dr. Mason's choir. Dr. Mason gave him a chance to teach singing in Machias, ME, which he accepted. He returned to Boston the following year to marry Adra Esther Fessenden in 1838, then relocated to St. Johns, New Bruswick. Where his efforts were not much appreciated, so he returned to Boston. He was offered charge of music and organ at the First Baptist Church of Brooklyn. That led to similar work at the Baptist Tabernacle, New York City, where he also started a singing class. That started singing schools in various parts of the city, and eventually resulted in music festivals, held at the Broadway Tabernacle, a prominent city event. He conducted a 1000 children choir there, which resulted in music being taught as regular study in public schools of the city. He began writing music and publishing it. In 1847 he went with his wife to Europe to study with some of the music masters in London and also Germany. He attended Mendelssohn funeral while there. He went to Switzerland before returning to the states, and upon returning, commenced teaching, conducting conventions, composing, and editing music books. In 1851, with his brother, Edward, he began manufacturring Bradbury pianos, which became popular. Also, he had a small office in one of his warehouses in New York and often went there to spend time in private devotions. As a professor, he edited 59 books of sacred and secular music, much of which he wrote. He attended the Presbyterian church in Bloomfield, NJ, for many years later in life. He contracted tuberculosis the last two years of his life. John Perry


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Small Church Music

Editors: Charles Wesley Description: The SmallChurchMusic site was launched in 2006, growing out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings. Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions. All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month. The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs. Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact Home/Music( List SongsAlphabetically List Songsby Meter List Songs byTune Name About  

Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary

Publication Date: 2007 Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library


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