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Scripture:psalm 40:1-11
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Psalm 40: I waited for the Lord my God

Meter: Appears in 56 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40 First Line: I waited for the Lord my God Lyrics: 1I waited for the Lord my God, and patiently did bear; At length to me he did incline my voice and cry to hear. 2He took me from a fearful pit, and from the miry clay, And on a rock he set my feet, establishing my way. 3He put a new song in my mouth, our God to magnify: Many shall see it, and shall fear, and on the Lord rely. 4O blessed is the man whose trust upon the Lord relies; Respecting not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies. 5O Lord my God, full many are the wonders thou hast done; Thy gracious thoughts to us-ward far above all thoughts are gone: In order none can reckon them to thee: if them declare, And speak of them I would, they more than can be number’d are. 6No sacrifice nor offering didst thou at all desire; Mine ears thou bor’d: sin-off ‘ring thou and burnt didst not require: 7Then to the Lord these were my words, I come, behold and see; Within the volume of the book it written is of me: 8To do thy will I take delight, O thou my God that art; Yea, that most holy law of thine I have within my heart. 9Within the congregation great I righteousness did preach: Lo, thou dost know, O Lord, that I refrained not my speech. 10I never did within my heart conceal thy righteousness; I thy salvation have declar’d, and shown thy faithfulness: Thy kindness, which most loving is, concealed have not I, Nor from the congregation great have hid thy verity. 11Thy tender mercies, Lord, from me O do thou not restrain; Thy loving-kindness, and thy truth, let them me still maintain. 12For ills past reck’ning compass me, and mine iniquities Such hold upon me taken have, I cannot lift mine eyes: They more than hairs are on mine head, thence is my heart dismay’d. 13Be pleased, Lord, to rescue me; Lord, hasten to mine aid. 14Sham’d and confounded be they all that seek my soul to kill; Yea, let them backward driven be, and sham’d, that wish me ill. 15For a reward of this their shame confounded let them be. That in this manner scoffing say, Aha, aha! to me. 16In thee let all be glad, and joy, who seeking thee abide; Who thy salvation love, say still, The Lord be magnify’d. 17I’m poor and needy, yet the Lord of me a care doth take: Thou art my help and saviour, my God, no tarrying make.

Psalm 40 Part 1

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 105 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40:5 First Line: I waited patient for the Lord Lyrics: I waited patient for the Lord, He bowed to hear my cry; He saw me resting on his word, And brought salvation nigh. He raised me from a horrid pit, Where mourning long I lay, And from my bonds released my feet, Deep bonds of miry clay. Firm on a rock he made me stand, And taught my cheerful tongue To praise the wonders of his hand, In a new thankful song. I'll spread his works of grace abroad; The saints with joy shall hear, And sinners learn to make my God Their only hope and fear. How many are thy thoughts of love! Thy mercies, Lord, how great! We have not words nor hours enough, Their numbers to repeat. When I 'm afflicted, poor, and low, And light and peace depart, My God beholds my heavy woe, And bears me on his heart. Topics: Deliverance by prayer; Deliverance from deep distress; Christ his incarnation and sacrifice; Incarnation and sacrifice of Christ; Sacrifice incarnation of Christ; Sacrifice; Surety and sacrifice Christ

Psalm 40 Part 2

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 40 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40:6-9 First Line: Thus saith the Lord, Your work is vain Lyrics: Thus saith the Lord, "Your work is vain Give your burnt-offerings o'er; In dying goats, and bullocks slain, My soul delights no more." Then spake the Savior, "Lo, I'm here, My God, to do thy will; Whate'er thy sacred books declare, Thy servant shall fulfil. "Thy law is ever in my sight, I keep it near my heart; Mine ears are opened with delight To what thy lips impart." And see, the blest Redeemer comes, Th' eternal Son appears, And at th' appointed time assumes The body God prepares. Much he revealed his Father's grace, And much his truth he showed, And preached the way of righteousness Where great assemblies stood. His Father's honor touched his heart, He pitied sinners' cries, And, to fulfil a Savior's part, Was made a sacrifice. No blood of beasts on altars shed Could wash the conscience clean; But the rich sacrifice he paid Atones for all our sin. Then was the great salvation spread, And Satan's kingdom shook; Thus by the woman's promised seed The serpent's head was broke. Topics: Deliverance by prayer; Deliverance from deep distress; Christ his incarnation and sacrifice; Incarnation and sacrifice of Christ; Sacrifice incarnation of Christ; Sacrifice; Surety and sacrifice Christ

Psalm 40

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 34 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40:5-10 First Line: The wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought Lyrics: The wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought, Exceed our praise, surmount our thought; Should I attempt the long detail, My speech would faint, my numbers fail, No blood of beasts on altars spilt Can cleanse the souls of men from guilt; But thou hast set before our eyes An all-sufficient sacrifice. Lo! thine eternal Son appears, To thy designs he bows his ears, Assumes a body well prepared, And well performs a work so hard. "Behold, I come," the Savior cries, With love and duty in his eyes, "I come to bear the heavy load Of sins, and do thy will, my God. "'Tis written in thy great decree, 'Tis in thy book foretold of me, I must fulfil the Savior's part; And lo! thy law is in my heart! "I'll magnify thy holy law, And rebels to obedience draw, When on my cross I'm lifted high, Or to my crown above the sky. "The Spirit shall descend and show What thou hast done, and what I do The wond'ring world shall learn thy grace, Thy wisdom, and thy righteousness." Topics: Deliverance by prayer; Deliverance from deep distress; Christ his incarnation and sacrifice; Incarnation and sacrifice of Christ; Sacrifice incarnation of Christ; Sacrifice; Surety and sacrifice Christ

Psalm 40: Here I Am

Author: Rory Cooney Appears in 11 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40:2-11 First Line: Long was I waiting for God Refrain First Line: Here I am, Lord Topics: Ordinary Time Twentieth Sunday; Ordinary Time Second Sunday; Ordinary Time Second Sunday Used With Tune: [Long was I waiting for God]

Aquí estoy, Señor para hacer to voluntad (Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will)

Appears in 11 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40 Topics: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time AB; 2º Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario AB Used With Tune: [Aquí estoy, Señor, para hacer tu voluntad]

He Brought Me Out

Author: Henry J. Zelley; H. L. G. Meter: with refrain Appears in 75 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40:2 First Line: My heart was distressed 'neath Jehovah's dread frown Refrain First Line: He brought me out of the miry clay Lyrics: 1 My heart was distressed ’neath Jehovah’s dread frown, And low in the pit where my sins dragged me down; I cried to the Lord from the deep miry clay, Who tenderly brought me out to golden day. Refrain: He brought me out of the miry clay, He set my feet on the Rock to stay; He puts a song in my soul today, A song of praise, hallelujah! 2 He placed me upon the strong Rock by His side, My steps were established and here I’ll abide; No danger of falling while here I remain, But stand by His grace until the crown I gain. [Refrain] 3 He gave me a song, ’twas a new song of praise; By day and by night its sweet notes I will raise; My heart’s overflowing, I’m happy and free; I’ll praise my Redeemer, Who has rescued me. [Refrain] 4 I’ll sing of His wonderful mercy to me, I’ll praise Him till all men His goodness shall see; I’ll sing of salvation at home and abroad, Till many shall hear the truth and trust in God. [Refrain] Topics: Experience Used With Tune: [My heart was distressed 'neath Jehovah's dread frown] Text Sources: Timeless Truths (http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/He_Brought_Me_Out); The Cyber Hymnal (http://www.hymntime.com/tch/htm/h/e/b/hebrmout.htm); Gospel Publishing House, Full Gospel Songs (47)
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He Lifted Me

Author: Charles H. Gabriel Meter: with refrain Appears in 160 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40:2 First Line: In loving kindness Jesus came Refrain First Line: From sinking sand he lifted me Lyrics: 1 In loving-kindness Jesus came my soul in mercy to reclaim, and from the depths of sin and shame thro' grace he lifted me. Refrain: From sinking sand he lifted me, with tender hand he lifted me, from shades of night to plains of light, oh, praise his name, he lifted me! 2 He called me long before I heard, before my sinful heart was stirred, but when I took him at his word, forgiv'n he lifted me. [Refrain] 3 His brow was pierced with many a thorn, his hands by cruel nails were torn, when from my guilt and grief, forlorn, in love he lifted me. [Refrain] 4 Now on a higher plane I dwell, and with my soul I know 'tis well; yet how or why, I cannot tell, he should have lifted me. [Refrain] Topics: The Christian Life Love for Christ; Calling; Christ Love and Grace of Used With Tune: HE LIFTED ME
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Lord Jesus, think on me

Author: Synesius of Cyrene (c. 365-414); Allen William Chatfield (1808-1896) Meter: Appears in 114 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40:11-17 Lyrics: 1 Lord Jesus, think on me, and purge away my sin; from earthborn passions set me free, and make me pure within. 2 Lord Jesus, think on me, with care and woe oppressed; let me thy loving servant be, and taste thy promised rest. 3 Lord Jesus, think on me, amid the battle's strife; in all my pain and misery be thou my health and life. 4 Lord Jesus, think on me, nor let me go astray; through darkness and perplexity point thou the heavenly way. 5 Lord Jesus, think on me, when flows the tempest high: when on doth rush the enemy O Saviour, be thou nigh. 6 Lord Jesus, think on me, that when the flood is past, I may the eternal brightness see, and share thy joy at last. Topics: Our Response to Christ In Penitence; Conflict; Despair and Trouble; Heaven Used With Tune: SOUTHWELL

I Waited Patiently for God

Author: Iona Community Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 40 Topics: Ten Commandments 2nd Commandment (do not make graven emages); Occasional Services Dedication to Discipleship; Occasional Services Ordination and/or Installation; Offering of Sacrifice; Patience; People of God / Church Serving; Prayer; Remnant of Isarel; Seeking God; Suffering; Temptation And Trial; New Creation; Ten Commandments 4th Commandment (remember the Sabbath); The Annunciation; The Fall; The Needy; Trust; Witness; Worship; Year A, B, C, Annunciation of the Lord, March 25; Year A, Ordinary Time after Epiphany, 2nd Sunday; God's Will; Church Year Advent; Church Year Lent; Commitment; Elements of Worship Lord's Supper; Elements of Worship Offering; Faith; God Daily Experience of; God Obedience to; God Trust in; God as Refuge; Assurance; God's Word; God's Faithfulness; God's Goodness; God's Love; God's Strength; Gratitude; Idols and Idolatry; Jesus Christ Teacher; Mercy Used With Tune: AMAZING GRACE (NEW BRITAIN)


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