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Psalm 81

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 45 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81:1 First Line: Sing to the Lord aloud Lyrics: Sing to the Lord aloud, And make a joyful noise; God is our strength, our Savior God; Let Isr'el hear his voice. "From vile idolatry Preserve my worship clean; I am the Lord, who set thee free From slavery and sin. "Stretch thy desires abroad, And I'll supply them well: But if ye will refuse your God, If Isr'el will rebel; "I'll leave them," saith the Lord, "To their own lusts a prey, And let them run the dang'rous road, 'Tis their own chosen way. "Yet, O! that all my saints Would hearken to my voice! Soon I would ease their sore complaints, And bid their hearts rejoice. "While I destroy their foes, I'd richly feed my flock; And they should taste the stream that flows From their eternal rock." Topics: Punishment and salvation; Promises and threatenings; Spiritual blessings and punishments; Threatenings and promises; Warnings of God to his people

Sing a Psalm of Joy

Author: Marie J. Post Meter: Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81 Topics: Profession of Faith; Music; Judgment; Easter; Deliverance; Covenant; Biblical Names & Places Egypt; Songs for Children Psalms; Profession of Faith; Deliverance; Biblical Names & Places Egypt; Word of God Used With Tune: GENEVAN 81

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

Author: Henry van Dyke Meter: D Appears in 225 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81:1 Topics: God Worship Used With Tune: HYMN TO JOY

Psalm 81

Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81 First Line: Sing with joy to God! Sing to God our help! Used With Tune: [Sing with joy to God! Sing to God our help!]

A Psalm of Asaph

Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81 First Line: O to the mighty God our strength Lyrics: 1 O to the mighty GOD our strength sing with a shouting voice; O to the God of Jacob sing and make a joyful noise. 2 Take up a psalm, the timbrel bring, and with your voices join; The pleasant harp and psaltery, in consort sweet combine. 3 At the new moon, let trumpets blow, and joyful voices raise. To celebrate th' appointed time, the solemn day of praise. 4 For this to Israel of old a sacred precept was, And by the God of Jacob this Did for a statute pass. 5 This witness He in Joseph set, when from th' Egyptian shore They went, and heard a voice and speech, they never heard before. 6 I from the heavy burthens took their shoulders clear away; And I their servile hands set free from lab'ring in the clay. 7 When thou wast in great trouble, thou To Me for aid dist call; With pity your distress I saw, and set you free from all. From thunder clouds I answer'd thee, my secret place on high, And at the streams of Meribah, I thro'ly did thee try. [2 Part] 8 Hear, O my people, and my mind I'll testify to thee; To thee,O Isr'el, if thou wilt, but hearken now to Me: 9 Then know, that a strange God in thee, I never will allow; Never to any other God, shalt thou presume to bow. 10 I am the LORD thy God who thee from land of Egypt led; Open thy mouth, and thou by Me with plenty shalt be fed. 11 My people yet would not give ear, To the kind voice I spake; And Israel would not in me, Their full contentment take. 12 So to the bents of their own hearts, I gave them up a prey; And in their foolish counsels then I let them go astray. 13 O that my people Me had heard, and did my voice obey; That Isr'el had obedient been, and walked in my way; 14 I should within a little time Have pulled down their foes; And should have turn'd my hand upon, Such as against them rose. 15 The haters of the LORD had then submission paid, tho' feign'd; But his own people's happy time should ever have remain'd. 16 Yea with the finest of the wheat Have nourish'd them should He; With honey of the Rock I should Have satisfied thee.

Psalm 81 (A Responsorial Setting)

Author: Omer Westendorf Appears in 34 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81 First Line: You satisfy the hungry heart Refrain First Line: Topics: Biblical Names and Places Egypt; God's Gifts; God's People (flock, sheep); God's Power; God's Promise of Redemption; God's Strength; Judgment; Music and Musicians; Musical Instruments; Rulers; Salvation; Ten Commandments 1st Commandment (worship God alone); Ten Commandments Exodus 20; Year B, Ordinary Time after Epiphany, 9th Sunday; Year B, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, May 29-June 4 (if after Trinity Sunday); God's Wisdom; God's Sovereignty; Biblical Names and Places Exodus; Biblical Names and Places Israel; Biblical Names and Places Jacob; Biblical Names and Places Joseph; Biblical Names and Places Meribah; Church Year Advent; Covenant; Daily Prayer Evening Prayer; Darkness; Elements of Worship Lord's Supper; Faith; Fear; God as Shepherd; God as Judge; Year C, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, August 28-September 3 Used With Tune: BICENTENNIAL (refrain)

My Jesus, my Saviour

Author: Darlene Zschech Appears in 23 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81 Topics: Adoration and Praise; Providence; Proclamation: Witness; Personal Response to Jesus; Our Love to God; Jesus Christ Redeemer; God's Love to Us; Creation; Commitment; Celebration of Faith; Responses Used With Tune: SHOUT TO THE LORD

To God, our never failing strength

Appears in 12 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81 Lyrics: 1 To God, our never-failing Strength, with loud applauses sing; And jointly make a chearful Noise to Jacob's awful King. 2 Compose a Hymn of Praise, and touch your Instruments of Joy: Let Psalteries and pleasant Harps, your grateful Skill employ. 3 Let Trumpets at the great new Moon their joyful Voices raise, To celebrate th' appointed time, the solemn Day of Praise. 4 For this a Statute was of old, which Jacob's God decreed To be with pious Care observ'd by Isr'el's chosen Seed. 5 This He for a Memorial fix'd, when freed from Egypt's Land; Strange Nations barb'rous Speech we heard, but could not understand. 6 Your butthen'd Shoulders I reliev'd, (thus seem'd our God to say) Your servile Hands by me were freed from lab'ring in the Clay. 7 Your Ancestors, with Wrongs oppress'd, to me for Aid did call: With Pity I their Suff'rings saw, and set them free from all. They fought for me, and from the clouds in thunder I reply'd: At Meribah's contentious Stream their Faith and Duty try'd. 8 While I my solemn Will declare, my chosen People, hear: If thou, O Isr'el, to my Words wilt lend thy list'ning Ear; 9 Then shall no God besides myself within thy Coasts be found: Nor shalt thou worship any God of all the nations round. 10 The Lord thy God am I, who thee brought forth from Egypt's Land: 'Tis I that all thy just Desires supply with lib'ral Hand. 11 But they, my chosen Race, refus'd to hearken to my Voice; Nor would rebellious Isr'el's Sons make me their happy Choice. 12 So I provok'd, resign'd them up, to ev'ry Lust a Prey; And in their own perverse Designs permitted them to stray. 13 O that my People wisely would my just Commandments heed! And Isr'el in my righteous Ways with pious Care proceed! 14 Then should my heavy Judgments fall on all that them oppose; And my avenging Hand be turn'd against their num'rous Foes. 15 Their Enemies and mine should all before my Footstool bend: But as for them, their happy State should never know an End. 16 All Parts with Plenty should abound; with finest Wheat their Field: The barren Rocks, to please their Taste, should richest Honey yield.

Psalm 81: Sing loud to God our strength; with joy

Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81 First Line: Sing loud to God our strength; with joy Lyrics: 1Sing loud to God our strength; with joy to Jacob’s God do sing. 2Take up a psalm, the pleasant harp, timbrel and psalt’ry bring. 3Blow trumpets at new-moon, what day our feast appointed is: 4For charge to Isr’el, and a law of Jacob’s God was this. 5To Joseph this a testimony he made, when Egypt land He travell’d through, where speech I heard I did not understand. 6His shoulder I from burdens took, his hands from pots did free. 7Thou didst in trouble on me call, and I deliver’d thee: In secret place of thundering I did thee answer make; And at the streams of Meribah of thee a proof did take. 8O thou, my people, give an ear, I’ll testify to thee; To thee, O Isr’el, if thou wilt but hearken unto me. 9In midst of thee there shall not be any strange god at all; Nor unto any god unknown thou bowing down shalt fall. 10I am the Lord thy God, which did from Egypt land thee guide; I’ll fill thy mouth abundantly, do thou it open wide. 11But yet my people to my voice would not attentive be; And ev’n my chosen Israel he would have none of me. 12So to the lust of their own hearts I them delivered; And then in counsels of their own they vainly wandered. 13O that my people had me heard, Isr’el my ways had chose! 14I had their en’mies soon subdu’d, my hand turn’d on their foes. 15The haters of the Lord to him submission should have feign’d; But as for them, their time should have for evermore remain’d. 16He should have also fed them with the finest of the wheat; Of honey from the rock thy fill I should have made thee eat.

Now to God, Our Strength and Saviour

Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 81 First Line: Now to God, our Strength and Savior Topics: Disobedience; Idolatry; Image Worship; Longing, Spiritual; Worship Used With Tune: STOCKWELL


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