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Scripture:psalm 9:9
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Jesus, Lover of my Soul

Author: Rev. Charles Wesley (1708-1788) Appears in 2,772 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9:9-10 Topics: Afflictions Refuge in; Hope Aspirations of; Faith Aspiration of; Darkness, Spiritual; Christians Conflicts of; Christ Refuge; Christ Hiding-Place; Christ Fullness of; Aspirations For Christ; Love For Christ Used With Tune: HOLLINGSIDE

O Lord Most High, with All My Heart

Meter: Appears in 11 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9:1-11 Lyrics: 1 O Lord Most High, with all my heart your wondrous works I will proclaim; I will be glad and give you thanks and sing the praises of your name. 2 The Lord, the everlasting King, is seated on his judgment throne; the righteous Judge of all the world will make His perfect justice known. 3 Jehovah will a refuge prove, a refuge strong for all oppressed, a safe retreat, where weary souls in troubled times may surely rest. 4 All they, O Lord, that know your name their confidence in you will place, for you have ne’er forsaken them who earnestly have sought your face. 5 Sing praises to the Lord Most High, to him who does in Zion dwell; declare his mighty deeds abroad, his deeds among the nations tell. Topics: God His Justice; God Praise of; God Works of Used With Tune: ROCKINGHAM OLD Text Sources: The Psalter, 1912; alt. 1990, mod.

Psalm 9 Part 1

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 64 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9:1-11 First Line: With my whole heart I'll raise my song Lyrics: With my whole heart I'll raise my song, Thy wonders I'll proclaim; Thou, sovereign Judge of right and wrong, Wilt put my foes to shame. I'll sing thy majesty and grace; My God prepares his throne To judge the world in righteousness, And make his vengeance known. Then shall the Lord a refuge prove For all the poor oppressed; To save the people of his love, And give the weary rest. The men that know thy name will trust In thy abundant grace; For thou hast ne'er forsook the just, Who humbly seek thy face. Sing praises to the righteous Lord, Who dwells on Zion's hill, Who executes his threatening word, And doth his grace fulfil. Topics: Equity and wisdom of Providence; Wisdom and equity of Providence; Providence its wisdom and equity; Persecutors deliverance from them; Mercies and judgment; Justice of Providence; Judgment seat of God; Judgment and mercy; God the judge; Wrath and mercy from the judgment-seat

Wholehearted Thanksgiving to You I Will Bring

Meter: Appears in 5 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9 Lyrics: 1 Wholehearted thanksgiving to you I will bring; in praise of your marvelous works I will sing. For joy I will shout and exultingly cry in praise of your name, LORD my God, O Most High. 2 My foes were turned backward in utter despair; they stumbled and perished because you were there. For you have defended my right and my cause; you sat in just judgment, upholding your laws. 3 You chided the nations, the wicked destroyed; their names you erased and forever made void. The foe is consumed and completely disgraced, their cities uprooted, their memory erased. 4 The LORD will eternally sit on his throne, establishing it for his judgment alone. He righteously judges the world with his might; all peoples will know that his judgment is right. 5 The LORD is a stronghold, a bulwark, a tower, for all the oppressed in their dark troubled hour. Those knowing your name, LORD, trust you for your grace; you have not forsaken those seeking your face. 6 Sing praise to the LORD, who in Zion does dwell; among all the peoples his mighty deeds tell. The cry of the poor never fades from his ear; their blood he avenges; he always will hear. 7 LORD, see what I suffer from malice and hate. Have mercy! O lift me away from death's gate, that I with the Daughter of Zion may voice your praises, and in your salvation rejoice. 8 The nations are sunk in the pit they prepared; their feet in the net which they hid are ensnared. The LORD by his judgment has made himself known, and by their own works are the wicked o'erthrown. 9 The wicked shall perish in death's dark abode, with all of the lands who are heedless of God. No longer forget the just cause of the weak, nor banish forever the hope of the meek. 10 Arise, LORD, let sinners not think themselves strong; let peoples be judged in your presence for wrong. Strike terror within them, O LORD; make them see that nations, though pompous, must still bend the knee. Topics: Enemies & Persecution; Laments; Enemies & Persecution; Grace; Laments; Poverty Used With Tune: WALTHER Text Sources: The Book of Psalms for Singing, 1975, alt.

The Lord for ever sits as King

Meter: Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9:7-11 Used With Tune: STROUDWATER Text Sources: Scottish Psalter, 1650, alt.

To celebrate thy Praise, O Lord

Appears in 40 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9 Lyrics: 1 To celebrate thy Praise, O Lord, I will my Heart prepare; To all the list'ning World thy Works, thy wond'rous Works, declare. 2 The Thought of them shall to my Soul exalted Pleasure bring; Whilst to thy Name, O thou most High, triumphant Praise I sing. 3 Thou mad'st my haughty Foes to turn their Backs in shameful Flight: Struck with thy Presence, down they fell; they perish'd at thy Sight. 4 Against insulting Foes advanc'd, thou didst my Cause maintain; My Right asserting from thy Throne, where Truth and Justice reign. 5 The Insolence of Heathen pride thou hast reduc'd to Shame; Their wicked offspring quite destroy'd, and blotted out their Name. 6 Mistaken Foes, your haughty Threats are to a period come: Our City stands, which you design'd to make our common Tomb. 7, 8 The Lord for ever lives, who has his righteous Throne prepar'd; Impartial Justice to dispense, to punish or reward. 9 God is a constant sure Defence against oppressing Rage; As Troubles rise, his needful Aids in our Behalf engage. 10 All those who have his Goodness prov'd, will in his Truth confide; Whose Mercy ne'er forsook the Man that on his Help rely'd. 11 Sing Praises therefore to the Lord, from Sion his Abode; Proclaim his Deeds, till all the world confess no other God. Part II 12 When he Inquiry makes for Blood, he calls the poor to Mind; The injur'd humble Man's Complaint, redress from him shall find. 13 Take Pity on my Troubles, Lord, which spiteful Foes create, Thou that hast rescu'd me so oft from Death's devouring Gate. 14 In Sion then I'll sing thy Praise, to all that love thy Name; And with loud Shouts of grateful Joy thy saving Pow'r proclaim. 15 Deep in the Pit they digg'd for me the Heathen Pride is laid; Their guilty Feet to their own Snare insensibly betray'd. 16 Thus, by the just Returns he makes, the mighty Lord is known; While wicked Men by their own Plots are shamefully o'erthrown. 17 No single Sinner shall escape by Privacy obscur'd; Nor Nation, from his just Revenge, by Numbers be secru'd. 18 His suff'ring Saints, when most distress'd, he ne'er forgets to aid; Their Expectations shall be crown'd, tho' for a time delay'd. 19 Arise, O Lord, assert thy Pow'r, and let not man o'ercome; Descend to Judgment, and pronounce the guilty Heathens Doom. 20 Strike Terror thro' the Nations round, till, by consenting Fear, They to each other, and themselves, but mortal Men appear.

You Are Mine

Author: David Haas, b. 1957 Appears in 12 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9:9 First Line: I will come to you in the silence Refrain First Line: Do not be afraid, I am with you Used With Tune: [I will come to you in the silence]

The Lord for ever doth endure

Meter: Appears in 8 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9 Used With Tune: STROUDWATER Text Sources: Scottish Psalter, 1650

Now thank we all our God

Author: Martin Rinkart, 1586-1649; Catherine Winkworth, 1827-78 Meter: Appears in 597 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9:1-14 Lyrics: 1 Now thank we all our God with heart and hands and voices, who wondrous things has done, in whom the world rejoices; who from our mothers' arms has blessed us on our way with countless gifts of love, and still is ours today. 2 O may this bounteous God through all our life be near us, with ever joyful hearts and blessèd peace to cheer us. Lord, keep us in your grace, and guide us when perplexed, and free us from all ills in this world in the next. 3 All praise and thanks to God who reigns in highest heaven, to Father and to Son and Spirit now be given: the one eternal God, whom heaven and earth adore, who ever was, is now, and shall be ever more. Topics: Adoration and Praise; Anniversary of a Church; Funerals; Marriage; Providence; Thanksgiving; Worship Recessional Used With Tune: NUN DANKET ALLE GOTT (1)

Eternal Father, Strong to Save

Author: William Whiting Meter: Appears in 358 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 9:9 Lyrics: 1 Eternal Father, strong to save, whose arm hath bound the restless wave, who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep: O hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the sea. [Copyrighted verses 2 & 3 have been omitted] 4 O Trinity of love and power, thy children shield in danger's hour; from rock and tempest, fire and foe, protect them wheresoe'er they go; thus evermore shall rise to thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea. Topics: God in Creation God's Work in Nature; Travel Used With Tune: MELITA Text Sources: A Missionary Service Book, 1937, stanzas 2-3


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