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Lord of the Sabbath

Author: Anon. Meter: Appears in 29 hymnals First Line: Lord of the Sabbath and its light Topics: The Church and Doctrines The Sabbath Used With Tune: PARK STREET
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Don't Forget the Sabbath

Author: Fanny Crosby Appears in 8 hymnals Refrain First Line: Welcome, welcome, ever welcome Lyrics: 1 Don't forget the Sabbath, The Lord our God hath ... : Welcome, welcome, ever welcome, Blessed Sabbath day. Welcome, welcome, ever welcome ... , Blessed Sabbath day. 2 Keep the Sabbath holy, And worship ... Topics: Hymns for Worship Sabbath School; Hymns for Worship Sabbath School Scripture: Exodus 20:8 Used With Tune: [Don't forget the Sabbath]


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Appears in 169 hymnals Incipit: 12334 32712 43211 Used With Text: The Sabbath a Delight
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[We thank Thee, O Lord, for a Sabbath of rest]

Composer: Ira D. Sankey Appears in 4 hymnals Tune Key: B Flat Major Used With Text: Remember the Sabbath
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Composer: A. Williams Appears in 519 hymnals Incipit: 51132 12345 43432 Used With Text: More fair than sons of men


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Sabbath Bells

Author: Jennie Wilson Hymnal: Gospel Herald in Song #101 (1899) First Line: I love to hear the Sabbath bells Refrain First Line: Sabbath bells! Dear Sabbath bells Lyrics: ... love to hear the Sabbath bells Ring out their music ... call repeat. Refrain: Sabbath bells! Dear Sabbath bells! In sweet accord ... their voice blend; Sabbath bells! Dear Sabbath bells! They bid ... 3 The pleading of the Sabbath bells We willingly obey, And ... Topics: Sabbath Scripture: Exodus 20:8 Languages: English Tune Title: [I love to hear the Sabbath bells]
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Blessed Sabbath Home

Author: Jennie Wilson Hymnal: Gospel Herald in Song #162 (1899) First Line: Blessed Sabbath Home, within thy walls Refrain First Line: Blessed Sabbath Home, happy Sabbath home Lyrics: ... bow. Refrain: Blessed Sabbath Home, happy Sabbath home! Here we meet ... in bonds divine; Blessed Sabbath Home; happy Sabbath Home, What a ... peace is thine. 2 Blessed Sabbath Home, how oft our ... be. [Refrain] 3 Blessed Sabbath Home, thy pleasures dear, Are ... Topics: Sabbath Scripture: John 14:1 Languages: English Tune Title: [Blessed Sabbath Home, within thy walls]
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My Sabbath Home

Author: Dr. C. R. Blackwell Hymnal: Christ in Song #608 (1908) First Line: Sweet Sabbath School! more dear to me Refrain First Line: Sabbath home! blessed home! Lyrics: 1 Sweet Sabbath School! more dear ... own dear Sabbath Home. Chorus: Sabbath home! blessed home! Sabbath home! blessed ... thee, My own dear Sabbath Home. 2 Here first ... better part, And gained a Sabbath Home. [Chorus] 3 Here ... , In this dear Sabbath Home. [Chorus] Topics: Hymns for Worship Sabbath School; Hymns for Worship Sabbath School Tune Title: [Sweet Sabbath School! more dear to me]


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Thomas Cotterill

1779 - 1823 Alterer (and others) of "Lord of the Sabbath, Hear Us Pray" in Trinity Hymnal (Rev. ed.) Thomas Cotterill (b. Cannock, Staffordshire, England, 1779; d. Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, 1823) studied at St. John's College, Cambridge, England, and became an Anglican clergyman. A central figure in the dispute about the propriety of singing hymns, Cotterill published a popular collection of hymns (including many of his own as well as alterations of other hymns), Selection of Psalms and Hymns in 1810. But when he tried to introduce a later edition of this book in Sheffield in 1819, his congregation protested. Many believed strongly that the Church of England should maintain its tradition of exclusive psalm singing. In a church court the Archbishop of York and Cotterill reached a compromise: the later edition of Selection was withdrawn, and Cotterill was invited to submit a new edition for the archbishop's approval. The new edition was published in 1820 and approved as the first hymnal for the Anglican church of that region. Cotterill's suppressed book, however, set the pattern for Anglican hymnals for the next generation, and many of its hymns are still found in modern hymnals. Bert Polman =============== Thomas Cotterill was born in 1779; studied at S. John's College, Cambridge, graduating M.A.; ordained in 1806, and enterred upon parochial work at Tutbury; afterwards removed to Lane End, where he remained for nine years among the Potteries; in 1817, became perpetual Curate of S. Paul's, Sheffield. He died in 1823. He was the author of several books; among them, "A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use, adapted to the Services of the Church of England." In the preparation of this collection (the 8th ed., 1819), he had the assistance of Montgomery, who in this work did what he condemned in others, viz., altering and remodeling other authors' hymns. --Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872. ====================== Cotterill, Thomas, M.A., was the son of a woolstapler at Cannock, Staffordshire, where he was born Dec. 4, 1779. After attending the local boarding-school of the Rev. J. Lomax, he proceeded to the Free School, Birmingham. He graduated at St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A. 1801, M.A. 1805), of which he became a Fellow. Taking Holy Orders, he became Curate of Tutbury in June, 1803 (not 1806, as stated by Miller in Singers & Songs of the Church). His subsequent charges were the Incumbency of Lane End, Staffordshire, 1808-17, and the Perpetual Curacy of St. Paul's Sheffield, 1817-23. He died at Sheffield Dec. 29, 1823 (not Jan. 5, 1824, as in the Gentleman’s Magazine), aged 44. His volume of Family Prayers attained to the sixth edi¬tion in 1824. As a hymn-writer, Cotterill is less known than as the compiler of a Selection of Psalms and Hymns which has had a most marked effect on modern hymnals. The first edition of that Selection was published in 1810, and the 9th in 1820. All subsequent issues were reprints of the last. The most important edition is the 8th, 1819. To that Selection Cotterill contributed at various dates 25 original hymns and versions of individual psalms. These, in common with all the hymns in the Selection, are given without author's name. Through the aid, however, of marked copies [in the collections of Brooke and Julian] and of members of Cotterill's family, we are enabled to identify most, if not all, of his original productions. In addition to those which are annotated under their first lines, we have— i. In his Selection of Psalms & Hymns for Public and Private Use, adapted to the Festivals of the Church of England, &c, 1st ed., 1810:— 1. Awake, O sword, the Father cried. Atonement. 2. Before Thy throne of grace, O Lord. Lent. 3. From Sinai's mount, in might array'd. The Law and the Gospel. 4. From Thine all-seeing Spirit, Lord. Ps. 139. 5. In all the ways and works of God. Ps. 145. 6. Out of the deeps, O Lord, we call. Ps. 130. 7. The Lord, who once on Calvary. The Intercessor. This is based on “Where high the heavenly temple stands," q. v. ii. In the Appendix to the 6th ed. of the same Selection, Staffordshire, 1815:— 8. Blessed are they who mourn for sin. Lent. 9. Father of mercies, let our songs [way, ways]. Thanksgiving. 10. I was alive without the law. Lent. 11. Lord of the Sabbath, 'tis Thy day. Sunday. iii. In the 8th edition of the same, 1819 :— 12. Help us, O Lord, Thy yoke to wear. Charity Sermons. This is sometimes given as "Lord, let us learn Thy yoke to wear," as in Kennedy, 1863, &c. 13. I love the Lord, for He hath heard. Ps. 116. 14. Lo in the East a star appears. Epiphany. This in an altered form begins in Kennedy, 1863, No. 188, with stanza ii., "The ancient sages from afar." 15. Lord, cause Thy face on us to shine. For Unity. 16. When Christ, victorious from the grave. Easter. The 9th ed. of the Selection, 1820, was practically a new work. It was compiled by Cotterill, but revised by Dr. Harcourt, the Archbishop of York, and was dedi¬cated to him. It was the outcome of the compromise in the legal proceedings over the 8th ed., 1819. The 8th ed. contained 367 hymns in addition to 128 versions of the Psalms and 6 Doxologies, the 9th only 152. Its full title was A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship, Lond., T. Cadell, 1820. It may be noted that copies of the 8th ed., 1819, are found with two distinct title-pages. One of these, accompanied with the preface, was for the general public, the second, without the preface, for the use of the congregations of St. James's and St. Paul's, Sheffield. Of Cotterill's hymns the most popular are, "O'er the realms of pagan darkness," "Let songs of praises fill the sky," and "Jesus exalted far on high," but these are not distinguished by any striking features of excellence. He was more happy in some of his alterations of older hymns, and in the com¬piling of centos. Many of the readings introduced into the great hymns of the Church first appeared in his Selection. The most notable amongst these are, "Rock of Ages," in 3 stanzas, as in Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1861, the Wesleyan Hymn Book, and other collections; "Lo! He comes with clouds descending;" and “Great God, what do I see and hear." Cotterill's connection with the Uttoxeter Psalms & Hymns, 1805, is given in detail in the article on Staffordshire Hymn-books, and his lawsuit over the 8th ed. of his Selection, 1819, in the article on England Hymnody, Church of. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Joseph Barnby

1838 - 1896 Composer of "ST. ANSELM" in The Cyber Hymnal Joseph Barnby (b. York, England, 1838; d. London, England, 1896) An accomplished and popular choral director in England, Barby showed his musical genius early: he was an organist and choirmaster at the age of twelve. He became organist at St. Andrews, Wells Street, London, where he developed an outstanding choral program (at times nicknamed "the Sunday Opera"). Barnby introduced annual performances of J. S. Bach's St. John Passion in St. Anne's, Soho, and directed the first performance in an English church of the St. Matthew Passion. He was also active in regional music festivals, conducted the Royal Choral Society, and composed and edited music (mainly for Novello and Company). In 1892 he was knighted by Queen Victoria. His compositions include many anthems and service music for the Anglican liturgy, as well as 246 hymn tunes (published posthumously in 1897). He edited four hymnals, including The Hymnary (1872) and The Congregational Sunday School Hymnal (1891), and coedited The Cathedral Psalter (1873). Bert Polman

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette

b. 1961 Author of "O God, You Made the Sabbath Day" in Songs of Grace


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Massachusetts Sabbath School Hymn Book

Publication Date: 1843 Publisher: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society Publication Place: Boston, Mass. Editors: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society
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The Sabbath School Harp

Publication Date: 1837 Publisher: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society Publication Place: Boston Editors: Lowell Mason; Massachusetts Sabbath School Society

Small Church Music

Editors: John Newton Description: The SmallChurchMusic site was commenced in 2006 grew out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings. Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions. All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month. The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs. Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact Home/Music( List SongsAlphabetically List Songsby Meter List Songs byTune Name About  


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