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Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Author: Gerard Moultrie, 1829-85 Meter: Appears in 164 hymnals Lyrics: ... Let all mortal flesh keep silence And with fear and trembling ... Topics: The Lord's Supper Scripture: Acts 1:10-11 Used With Tune: PICARDY Text Sources: Liturgy of St. James, 5th cent.

Silence! Frenzied, Unclean Spirit

Author: Thomas H. Troeger Meter: D Appears in 13 hymnals First Line: "Silence! Frenzied unclean spirit" Lyrics: "Silence! Frenzied, unclean ... Topics: Christian Year Baptism of Jesus; Christian Year Transfiguration; Jesus Christ Life; Healing; Personal Peace Scripture: Mark 1:21-28 Used With Tune: EBENEZER

Now the Silence

Author: Jaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919 Appears in 29 hymnals First Line: Now the silence, Now the peace Lyrics: Now the silence Now the peace Now the ... Topics: Beginning of Service Scripture: Revelation 19:7-9 Used With Tune: NOW


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Composer: Christian Strover Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Tune Key: C Major Used With Text: In Silence My Soul Is Waiting
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Meter: Appears in 215 hymnals Tune Sources: Traditional French carol Tune Key: d minor Incipit: 12345 54555 567 Used With Text: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence


Composer: James E. Clemens Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Tune Key: b minor Used With Text: While I Keep Silence


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Published text-tune combinations (hymns) from specific hymnals

God Is Waiting In the Silence

Author: Oswald J. Smith Hymnal: Oswald Smith's Best Songs #1 (1958) Lyrics: is waiting in the silence, For a heart that ... Languages: English Tune Title: [God is waiting in the silence]

In the Valley of Silence

Author: Jessie Brown Pounds Hymnal: Hymns for Today #209 (1920) First Line: In the Valley of Silence I walk with my God Refrain First Line: O Valley of Silence! Lyrics: 1 In the Valley of Silence I walk with my God, ... own. Refrain: O valley of Silence! O valley of Rest, Where ... . 2 In the Valley of Silence I think of my sin ... ] 3 In the Valley of Silence is never a fear, For ... Languages: English Tune Title: [In the Valley of Silence I walk with my God]

Silence Me, O God

Author: Frances Short Hymnal: Inspiring Gospel Solos and Duets No. 1 #27 (1943) First Line: Silence my heart, blessed Lord Refrain First Line: Silence my heart, blessed Lord Lyrics: Silence my heart, blessed ... Languages: English Tune Title: [Silence my heart, blessed Lord]


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Authors, composers, editors, etc.

John Rippon

1751 - 1836 Author of "As when in silence vernal showers" in The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book Rippon, John, D.D., was born at Tiverton, Devon, April 29, 1751, and was educated for the ministry at the Baptist College, Bristol. In 1773 he became Pastor of the Baptist church in Carter Lane, Tooley Street (afterwards removed to New Park Street), London, and over this church he continued to preside until his death, on Dec. 17, 1836. The degree of D.D. was conferred on him in 1792 by the Baptist College, Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Rippon was one of the most popular and influential Dissenting ministers of his time. From 1790 to 1802 he issued the Baptist Annual Register, a periodical containing an account of the most important events in the history of the Baptist Denomination in Great Britain and America during that period, and very valuable now as a book of reference. But his most famous work is his Selection of hymns for public worship, which appeared in 1787. The full title of the first edition is A selection of Hymns from the best authors, intended as an Appendix to Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns. In 1791 he published a Selection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes from the Best Authors, adapted to Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns, and to his own Selection, and from that time the names of tunes were prefixed to the hymns in the successive editions of his hymn-book. In 1800 he published the 10th ed. of his Selections, containing more than sixty additional hymns. In 1827 it was still further enlarged, and in 1844, after his death, appeared The Comprehensive Edition, commonly known as The Comprehensive Rippon, containing most of the additional hymns, with about 400 then first added, making in all upwards of 1170, in 100 metres. A rival to the Comprehensive was also afterwards published under the old title, somewhat enlarged. In the preparation of the original book, and its subsequent improvement, Dr. Rippon performed an important service to Baptist Hymnody, and also, it is said, gained for himself "an estate" through its immense sale. In the preface to the tenth edition lie claims for himself the authorship of some of the hymns, but as he refrained from affixing his name to any of the hymns it is impossible now to say with certainty which ought to be ascribed to him. There can, however, be no reasonable doubt that hymn 535, 3rd part, "The day has dawned, Jehovah comes" (q.v.), is one of his compositions. Other hymns, probably by him, are, "Amid the splendours of Thy state" (Love of God), 1800; and "There is joy in heaven, and joy on earth" (Joy over the Repenting Sinner), 1787. He also altered the texts of and made additions to several of the older hymns. Some of these altered texts are still in common use. In 1830 the additions given in the 27th ed., 1827, of Rippon's Selections were reprinted, with notes by Dr. Slater, as:— Hymns Original and Selected; interspersed in the Twenty-seventh edition of the Selection, with Numerous Doxologies, in the Usual, the Peculiar, and in the less Common metres. By John Rippon, D.D. A second edition of this pamphlet of 82 hymns and doxologies appeared in 1832. [Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Richard Proulx

1937 - 2010 Person Name: Richard Proulx, b. 1937 Harmonizer of "PICARDY" in Gather Comprehensive Richard Proulx (b. St. Paul, MN, April 3, 1937; d. Chicago, IL, February 18, 2010). A composer, conductor, and teacher, Proulx was director of music at the Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois (1980-1997); before that he was organist and choirmaster at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church in Seattle, Washington. He contributed his expertise to the Roman Catholic Worship III (1986), The Episcopal Hymnal 1982, The United Methodist Hymnal (1989), and the ecumenical A New Hymnal for Colleges and Schools (1992). He was educated at the University of Minnesota, MacPhail College of Music in Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, and the Royal School of Church Music in England. He composed more than 250 works. Bert Polman

Carl P. Daw Jr.

b. 1944 Person Name: Carl P Daw Author of "For God Alone My Soul in Silence Waits" in Scripture Song Database Carl P. Daw, Jr. (b. Louisville, KY, 1944) is the son of a Baptist minister. He holds a PhD degree in English (University of Virginia) and taught English from 1970-1979 at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia. As an Episcopal priest (MDiv, 1981, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennesee) he served several congregations in Virginia, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. From 1996-2009 he served as the Executive Director of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada. Carl Daw began to write hymns as a consultant member of the Text committee for The Hymnal 1982, and his many texts often appeared first in several small collections, including A Year of Grace: Hymns for the Church Year (1990); To Sing God’s Praise (1992), New Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1996), Gathered for Worship (2006). Other publications include A Hymntune Psalter (2 volumes, 1988-1989) and Breaking the Word: Essays on the Liturgical Dimensions of Preaching (1994, for which he served as editor and contributed two essays. In 2002 a collection of 25 of his hymns in Japanese was published by the United Church of Christ in Japan. He wrote Glory to God: A Companion (2016) for the 2013 hymnal of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Emily Brink


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