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In His Temple Now Behold Him

Author: Henry J. Pye, 1825-1903 Meter: Appears in 51 hymnals Lyrics: 1 In his temple now behold him, see the ... Topics: Festivals, Commemorations; Festivals, Commemorations Used With Tune: REGENT SQUARE

Where high the heavenly temple stands

Meter: Appears in 195 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Where high the heavenly temple stands, the house of God ... Topics: Christ Risen Reign and Priesthood; Our Response to God in intercession and petition; Christian Year Ascension; Grief; Jesus compassion; Prayer Scripture: Hebrews 4:14-16 Used With Tune: PUER NOBIS NASCITUR Text Sources: Scottish Paraphrases, 1781, Paraphrase 58, alt.

The Lord is in His holy temple

Appears in 71 hymnals Topics: Musical Aids to Worship Scripture: Habakkuk 2:20 Used With Tune: [The Lord is in His holy temple]


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Composer: John Barnard (b. 1948); Sebastian Temple (1928-1997) Appears in 36 hymnals Tune Key: D Major Incipit: 33333 45353 3333 Used With Text: Make me a channel of your peace
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Composer: Edward J. Hopkins Appears in 19 hymnals Incipit: 33433 22165 23334 Used With Text: God, that madest earth and heaven
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Meter: D Appears in 380 hymnals Tune Sources: Gesangbuch der Herzogl. Wirtembergischen Katholischen Hofkapelle, 1784; alt. 1868 Tune Key: B Flat Major Incipit: 51765 13455 67122 Used With Text: Hosanna, Loud Hosanna


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The Lord is in His Holy Temple

Author: W. H. Bagby Hymnal: Choice Hymns No. 1 #5 (1902) Lyrics: ... Lord is in his holy temple, Let earth before him silence ... Lord is in his holy temple, The Lord is in ... his holy temple, Keep silence, keep silence, ... Lord is in his holy temple, Be silent all and ... Lord is in his holy temple, Bow down before his ... Languages: English Tune Title: [The Lord is in his holy temple]
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The Lord is in His Holy Temple

Author: W. H. Bagby Hymnal: Joy and Praise #6 (1908) Lyrics: ... Lord is in His holy temple, Let earth before Him silence ... Lord is in His holy temple, The Lord is in ... His holy temple, Keep silence, keep silence, ... Lord is in His holy temple, Be silent all and ... Lord is in His holy temple, Bow down before His ... Languages: English Tune Title: [The Lord is in his holy temple]
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In His Temple

Author: Josie Wallace Hymnal: The Excelsior Hymnal #111 (1919) First Line: In God’s temple a blessing waits Refrain First Line: Come, then come to His temple Lyrics: 1 In God’s temple a blessing waits, For ... Come, then come to His temple, Leave worldly plans behind, ... , O seek in His temple The gift awaiting there, The ... compare. 2 In His temple a glory shines, More bright ... [Refrain] 3 In His temple we hear the voice, That ... Languages: English Tune Title: [In God’s temple a blessing waits]


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Sebastian Temple

1928 - 1997 Composer of "TEMPLE" in Hymns and Psalms Sebastian Temple (1928-1997) grew up in South Africa and later moved to London, where he worked for the BBC on news broadcasts relating to South Africa. Sebastian converted to Catholicism and spent much of his time composing music for worship. He is best remembered for "The Prayer of St. Francis," which was played at the funeral of Princess Diana. --

Thomas Augustine Arne

1710 - 1778 Person Name: Thomas A. Arne, 1710-1778 Composer of "[O Thou, whose own vast temple stands]" in Christian Hymnal, a Collection of Hymns and Sacred Songs Suitable for Use in Public Worship Dr. Thomas Augustine Arne was born March 12, 1710, in London; becam early celebrated as a composer, and established his reputation by settling Milton's "Comus" to music - light, airy, and original; he composed many songs, and nearly all his attempts were successful; died March 5, 1778, aged 68. A Dictionary of Musical Information by John W. Moore, Boston: Oliver, Ditson & Company, 1876

Ludwig van Beethoven

1770 - 1827 Person Name: Beethoven Composer of "GERMANY" in The Church Hymnal A giant in the history of music, Ludwig van Beethoven (b. Bonn, Germany, 1770; d. Vienna, Austria, 1827) progressed from early musical promise to worldwide, lasting fame. By the age of fourteen he was an accomplished viola and organ player, but he became famous primarily because of his compositions, including nine symphonies, eleven overtures, thirty piano sonatas, sixteen string quartets, the Mass in C, and the Missa Solemnis. He wrote no music for congregational use, but various arrangers adapted some of his musical themes as hymn tunes; the most famous of these is ODE TO JOY from the Ninth Symphony. Although it would appear that the great calamity of Beethoven's life was his loss of hearing, which turned to total deafness during the last decade of his life, he composed his greatest works during this period. Bert Polman


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Small Church Music

Description: The SmallChurchMusic site was commenced in 2006 grew out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings. Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions. All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month. The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs. Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact Home/Music( List SongsAlphabetically List Songsby Meter List Songs byTune Name About  
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Temple Trio

Publication Date: 1886 Publisher: John J. Hood Publication Place: Philadelphia Editors: J. R. Sweney; W. J. Kirkpatrick; John J. Hood

Selected Salvation Songs. Vol. 1

Publication Date: 1887 Publisher: Headquarters Salvation Temple Publication Place: Toronto, Ont. Editors: Thomas B. Coombs; Headquarters Salvation Temple


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