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Text authorities

I Am a Woman

Author: Claire Cloninger Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: I am a woman Lyrics: I am a woman Called to be a ... Topics: The Living Church Family and Relationships Used With Tune: CRUSADERS' HYMN

Woman in the Night

Author: Brian Wren Meter: D with refrain Appears in 10 hymnals Refrain First Line: Come and join the song Lyrics: 1 Woman in the night, spent from ... ; peace is on the earth. Woman in the crowd, creeping up ... free to live again! 2 Woman at the well, question the ... drink your heart's desire! Woman at the feast, let the ... with your hair! [Refrain] 3 Woman in the house, nurtured to ... Topics: Christian Year Baptism of Jesus; Christian Year Transfiguration; Jesus Christ Life; Women Scripture: Matthew 9:20-22 Used With Tune: NEW DISCIPLES (Fedak)

A Woman of Valor

Author: Ray M. Cook Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: A woman of valor who can find? Topics: Songs for Mother's Day Scripture: Proverbs 31 Used With Tune: [A woman of valor who can find?]


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Tune authorities

[A woman of valor who can find?]

Composer: Ray M. Cook; F. Piket Appears in 1 hymnal Tune Key: F Major Incipit: 51113 32127 13554 Used With Text: A Woman of Valor


Meter: Appears in 568 hymnals Tune Sources: Katholisches Gesangbuch (Vienna, Austria, 1774) Tune Key: F Major Incipit: 11117 12321 3333 Used With Text: Behold The Woman's Promised Seed


Composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1872-1958 Meter: Appears in 68 hymnals Tune Sources: English traditional melody Tune Key: F Major Incipit: 55345 32127 11234 Used With Text: As man and woman we were made


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Published text-tune combinations (hymns) from specific hymnals

Woman live a Moab lan' (Ruth and Naomi)

Author: Barry Chevannes Hymnal: Global Praise 3 #43 (2004) First Line: Woman live a Moab lan' Refrain First Line: Anywhere you go me ha fe go Topics: Holy Scripture Scripture: Ruth 1:16-17 Languages: English Tune Title: [Woman live a Moab lan']

God Made Man and Woman

Author: R. L. R. Hymnal: Living Grace #75 (1945) First Line: God made man and woman as His own children Refrain First Line: God made man and formed him in His own image Languages: English Tune Title: [God made man and woman as His own children]

A Woman of Valor

Author: Ray M. Cook Hymnal: Union Songster #368 (1960) First Line: A woman of valor who can find? Topics: Songs for Mother's Day Scripture: Proverbs 31 Languages: English Tune Title: [A woman of valor who can find?]


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Authors, composers, editors, etc.

Delores Dufner

b. 1939 Person Name: Delores Dufner, OSB Author of "Mary, Woman Weeping" in Voices Together Delores Dufner is a member of St. Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota, with Master's Degrees in Liturgical Music and Liturgical Studies. She is currently a member and a Fellow of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, the National Pastoral Musicians (NPM), the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), and the Monastic Worship Forum. Delores is a writer of liturgical, scripturally based hymn and song texts which have a broad ecumenical appeal and are contracted or licensed by 34 publishers in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and China. She has received more than 50 commissions to write texts for special occasions or needs and has published over 200 hymns, many of which have several different musical settings and appear in several publications. She is the author of three hymn collections: Sing a New Church (1994, Oregon Catholic Press), The Glimmer of Glory in Song (2004, GIA Publications), and And Every Breath, a Song (2011, GIA Publications). Delores, the middle child of five, was born and raised on a farm in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. She attended a one-room country school in which she learned to read music and play the tonette, later studying piano and organ. Delores was a school music teacher, private piano and organ instructor, and parish organist/choir director for twelve years. She served as liturgy coordinator for her religious community of 775 members for six years and as Director of the Office of Worship for the Diocese of St. Cloud, Minnesota for fifteen years. She subsequently worked as a liturgical music consultant for the Diocese of Ballarat, Victoria in southeast Australia for fifteen months. At present, she is preparing a fourth hymn collection and assisting with liturgy planning and music leadership at the monastery. Delores Dufner

Christina Georgina Rossetti

1830 - 1894 Person Name: Christina G. Rossetti Author of "Unselfishness" in A First Book in Hymns and Worship Rossetti, Christina Georgina, daughter of Gabriel, and sister of Dante Gabriel and William Michael Rossetti, was born in London, Dec. 5, 1830, and received her education at home. Her published works include:— (1) Goblin Market, and Other Poems, 1862; (2) The Prince's Progress, and Other Poems, 1866 ; (3) Poems, mainly a reprint of Nos. 1 and 2, 1875; (4) A Pageant, and Other Poems, 1881, &c. In addition, Miss Rossetti has published several prose works, as:— Annus Domini (a book of prayers for every day in the year), 1874; Letter and Spirit of the Decalogue, 1883, and others. She has written very few hymns avowedly for church worship, but several centos have been compiled from her poems, and have passed into several hymn-books. These include:— 1. Dead is thy daughter, trouble not the Master. The raising of Jairus's daughter. From her Goblin Market, &c, 1862, into Lyra Mystica, 1865. 2. God the Father, give us grace. Invocation of the Holy Trinity. From Lyra Mystica into the Savoy Hymnary, for use in the Chapel Koyai, Savoy (see No. 8 below). 3. I bore with thee long weary days and nights. The Love of Christ. From her Goblin Market, &c, 1862, into Lyra Messianica, 1864. 4. I would have gone, God bade me stay. Resignation. From her Poems, Hymns, 1884, &c. 1875, into Horder's Congregational Hymns. 5. Once I thought to sit so high. A Body hast Thou prepared Me, or Passiontide. Contributed to Lyra Eucharistica, 1863. 6. The Advent moon shines cold and clear. Advent. From her Goblin Market, &c, 1862. 7 The flowers that bloom in sun and shade. The Eternity of God. In Mrs. C. Brock's Children's Hymn Book, 1881. 8. What are these that glow from afar? Martyrs. Part of the poem "We meet in joy though we part in sorrow," which appeared in Lyra Mystica, 1865, and then in Miss Rossetti's Prince's Progress, &c, 1866. It is the most widely used of her hymns. No. 2 above is also from the same poem. Miss Rossetti's verses are profoundly suggestive and lyrical, and deserve a larger place than they occupy in the hymnody of the church. Her sonnets are amongst the finest in the English language. [Rev.W. Garrett Horder] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907) ============== Rossetti, Christina G., p. 978, i. The following hymns by Miss Rossetti have recently come into common use:— 1. A burdened heart that bleeds and bears. [Lent.] In her Time Flies: A Reading Diary, ed. 1897, p. 59, for March 26; and her Verses, &c., ed. 1898, p. 113. Included in Church Hymns, 1903. 2. Give me the lowest place, not that I dare. [Humility.] From her Prince's Progress, 1866, p. 216. 3. In the bleak midwinter. [Christmas.] In her Poetical Works, 1904, p. 246, as "Before 1872"; repeated in The English Hymnal, 1906. 4. None other Lamb, none other Name. [Jesus, All, and in All] From her The Face of the Deep, &c, 1892 (3rd ed. 1895, p. 176); and her Verses, &c, 1898, p. 36. It is the second of two poetical meditations on Rev. v. 6. In Church Hymns, 1903. 5. The shepherds had an angel. [Christmas.] In her Poetical Works, 1904, p. 187, this is entitled "A Christmas Carol. For my Godchildren," and dated 6 October, 1856. Repeated in the Sunday School Hymnary, 1905. 6. We know not a voice of that River. [The River of the Eternal City.] In The Face of the Deep, &c, 1892 (3rd ed. 1895, p. 523), as a poetical meditation on Rev, xxii. Also in her Verses, &c., 1898, p. 81. Additional works by Miss Rossetti to those named on p. 978, i., include Time Flies A Reading Diary, 1885; Called to be Saints, 1881; Seek and Find, 1879; The Face of the Deep, A Devotional Commentary on the Apocalypse, 1892; and Verses ... reprinted fromCalled to be Saints, Time Flies, The Face of the Deep, 1893. It must be noted that (1) the hymn attributed to her, "Dead is thy daughter; trouble not the Master," is not by her, but by Mrs. C. F. Alexander, with whose name it appeared in Lyra Mystica, 1865; and (2) her “I would be gone; God bade me stay," is from her Prince's Progress, 1866, p. 204. Miss Rossetti d. Dec. 29, 1891. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Mary Louise Bringle

b. 1953 Translator of "De Tu Cántaro Dame (The Samaritan Woman)" in Singing the New Testament


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Published hymn books and other collections
Page scans

The Woman's Hymnal

Publication Date: 1892 Publisher: Woman's College of Baltimore Publication Place: Baltimore, Md. Editors: Henry Schwing; Woman's College of Baltimore
Page scans

Missionary Hymns

Publication Date: 1874 Publisher: Woman's Foreign Mission Society of the Presbyterian Church Publication Place: Philadelphia Editors: Woman's Foreign Mission Society of the Presbyterian Church

Marching Songs for Young Crusaders No. 3

Publication Date: 1895 Publisher: Woman's Temperance Publication Association Publication Place: Chicago, Ill. Editors: Anna Adams Gordon; Woman's Temperance Publication Association


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